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Increase Visibility is a 12 year old, reputable Internet marketing agency that delivers comprehensive marketing strategies to increase your qualified daily traffic and rankings on the major search engines. We use advanced techniques to achieve top results for our clients.

Our primary core focus is SEO, both nationally and on a local level, PPC campaigns ( Google Ad words) and Social Media campaigns. We also handle website design, reputation management, mobile optimization, link building and content creation. With a team comprised of some of the best SEO consultants and trained industry experts you can be assured that you are in good hands.

If you are tired of other agencies promising the world and delivering nothing, give us a call and we’ll study your industry and analyze your competitors to tell you the exact online marketing strategy you’ll need to meet your business goals.

Maybe you need a usability and conversion review, or just want an SEO expert to audit the progress of another SEO company you are using, either way our industry-leading SEO specialists can assist you.

As of July 2015 we’ve been able to get many Google manual penalties removed as we’ve seen many companies hit by the latest Google updates including the Panda and Penguin update. We found the issues and then successfully brought their top positions back. We’ve developed detailed online marketing strategies to successfully position companies for long-term growth in search traffic with tens of thousands of first page Google listings (with keywords that really matter and actually drive qualified daily traffic!)

Tired of seeing the same sites ahead of you in the Google rankings? We’ll give you the strategy to beat them.

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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about changing Title tags and H1s anymore.

Search Engine Optimization

Though search engine optimization has been around for many years it has become increasingly complex with on-page optimization, content marketing, link building, social media marketing, and a number of additional factors including usability, performance, and authority status that must be taken into consideration. Now more than ever professional seo services must encompass a holistic 360 degree view of the business that integrated traditional online marketing strategies with web development, user experience, brand building, and more. Even how you monetize your site can affect your user experience and henceforth your search engine rankings. Search engine optimization consulting isn’t just about changing Title tags and H1s anymore. Of course you need to have the seo basics checked off and the familiar mantra of “content and links” still matter, but any search marketing e-book can teach you that. Increase Visibility will give you the a full digital marketing solution and explain how all of the pieces fit together.

Professional SEO Services

The best seo service companies will advise you to concentrate on delivering a great product to your user, focus on valuable content that enhances the user experience and is not only technically unique but conceptually as well. Ask yourself what makes your site, product, or service different from others in the market (other than price or customer service). Is it truly a unique offering? If there were 6 other sites offering the same or similar content, products, or services you need to ask yourself WHY you think Google or another search engine should rank you higher. If you take this approach and get to the fundamental core of what your business offers to differentiate it in the industry, you’ll lay a foundation for long-term search marketing success. After you have established a value proposition that will attract, engage, and retain your users the rest becomes much easier. Whether it is enterprise seo or small business seo services the core concept is the same — fill a need in the industry first, then you can build a comprehensive list of target keywords that position your company to increase rankings in relevant topics while using keyword groups to broaden the search visibility using variations. From there you can cross-reference that list to determine the competition threshold to prioritize the terms that you wish to give more attention to. With the keyword list in place, you can then overlay a content marketing strategy to encourage optimum link attraction and social engagement. Though this is (or should be) standard expert seo consulting advice what really separates the best search engine optimization firms from all of the pretenders is consistent and reliable execution.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Receiving website optimization services from a team of seo experts can make all of the difference in the world. You need an online marketing partner that isn’t just trying to sell you but rather give you the honest truth about your site, your market, your competition, and the cost associated with reaching your goals. I’m sure you can find a cheap seo service company, in fact there are many firms that promote low-cost seo services — you’ve probably received some spam emails from no-name offshore companies claiming “we rank you Google first page”. Just know that it is often true that you get what you pay for. Increase Visibility is a California SEO Firm that offers affordable search engine optimization services but due to the quality of the work we produce and the time associated with a detailed plan you should not expect to pay a few hundred dollars. SEO services in the modern search era consist of many disciplines that take time and expertise. If you are serious about building lasting value in your business please feel free to contact us for superior SEO and online marketing services.

Content Marketing

Great content will create more links, user engagement, social sharing, repeat users, greater Authority status and ultimately better rankings.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an inbound marketing tactic that uses valuable, unique, and relevant information to help attract users to your site, keep them engaged longer, build brand equity, and get them coming back. It is the ability to communicate with your target market without trying to sell them. We all know that if someone is trying to sell us we get turned off right away. Inbound marketing strategies through the use of content marketing will offer information of value to the user to help build your company’s standing in the virtual community which enhances your brand awareness and establishes brand loyalty. This isn’t unlike event marketing, sponsorship marketing, or charity donations done offline where business try to give back to the community or attach their brand to a cause. Though we would like to believe that everybody is doing it out of the goodness in their heart, there are also business incentives. You can change and elevate the perception of your brand through these marketing strategies. This is true online as well and Google recognizes it. Content marketing done correctly has wide-reaching impacts on your entire web marketing strategy. The added benefit from a search engine optimization perspective is to enhance many of the search ranking signals that Google uses to rank your site higher. Some of these include:
  • Increased social sharing
  • More social bookmarking
  • Higher site quality and Authority Rank
  • More natural inbound linking
  • Lower bounce rates
We could write a book on how search engines have looked at content over the last 15 years, how they have revised their definition of unique content, and even what they think is “valuable” or useful to the user. YOU may think your content is valuable but it only matters what the search engines think. They have tried to determine quality by analyzing the search preferences from billions of users and trillions of searches. They know the type of search listings people click on and they know if that user clicks the back button to leave. They know if the person shared the content or recommended it online to their friends. Ultimately, the search engines have developed certain criteria that are commonalities to the best sites and can now use these signals to determine the quality of content you have. You could possibly get downgraded if you have misspellings or extremely poor grammar. The type of vocabulary you use could effect this Quality Score. They can look at how much of the article is unique and even whether it is written “text” vs a list of bullet points. More recently they have added “Google Authorship” that allows an author to claim the content as their own thereby vouching for it. This content can also be seen as more valuable because it means that someone is willing to stake their own reputation on it. There are many ways that Google can determine quality and all of these need to be taken into consideration when developing a Content Marketing strategy. As a true California Digital Marketing Agency we offer all of the services you’ll need to take advantage of the most recent online marketing trends.

Social Media

What started out as a nice method to engage with users is now a search engine ranking signal that can not be ignored.

Social Media Management

A recent study shows that 56% of all sharing on the Internet is done through Facebook. That is more than email, bookmarks, Twitter, and Google +. All of these methods are important in increasing your social signal but it isn’t enough to just load a sharing plugin and hope for the best. You need a strategy. Many companies build social media strategies that consist of setting up your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube) adding some social sharing icons on the site and waiting for users to engage. For years social media consultants would tell businesses that they “had to get on Facebook”, or GroupOn or whatever the newest social media flavor of the month was. It was more about being hip than current than anything. Some companies might occasionally add some posts to those channels that act more as glorified RSS feeds. While the “setup” process is important it is not a strategy.

Social Media Strategy

A true social media strategy will consist of a lot more than a passive engagement with you customers. It isn’t something where you check a few boxes on a checklist and call it a day.
  • Social Listening: How are people in the community interacting?
  • What’s the Purpose?: What are you trying to Accomplish? Sales? Subscriptions? Brand Awareness? Customer Retention?
  • Key Performance Indicators: How will you determine success? It isn’t just about Likes or Followers.
  • Don’t be a Robot: Users are real and they want to engage with other real people.
  • What is your Emotional Message?: How are you going to engage with your market EMOTIONALLY? Great pricing or product selection is not enough. Find an emotional connection.

Social Media Monitoring

Many social media companies (and SEO companies for that matter) don’t want to do the HARD WORK it takes to be successful. Either that or the client has expectations of Internet riches while investing only a few dollars per day. To match this price point many social media agencies don’t actually do any social media but rather set you up then simply use social media monitoring tools to produce reports every month. These tools are important and can provide valuable information, but make sure you are aware if you are paying for a social monitoring service or actual social media management. The Honeycomb social methodology was created to define how social media services engage with the 7 primary building blocks of social media. Users engagement differently with the various social channels and require a unique approach. Some of the biggest challenges include the managing of social sentiment that can turn very quickly and become viral whether it be positive or negative.

PPC Management

The nuances of conversion tracking, ad copy, keyword pruning, ad group creation, landing page optimization, and increasing your Quality Score can save you thousands of dollars.

AdWords Management

Technically PPC management encompasses many different pay-per-click platforms including Bing’s AdCenter but Google AdWords has become so synonymous with PPC marketing so we will focus on that ad platform in this context. Successful PPC Campaign Management goes far beyond bid management and keyword research. If done correctly you can be ranked higher and get more traffic than a competitor that is spending twice as much as you. A good PPC management firm will split the process into three phases:
  • PPC Research: Define the business goals and target audience then do the keyword research to find the phrases that reach that audience.
  • Implementation: Create Ad Groups, develop Ad Copy that can be split tested for greater effectiveness, and optimize the landing pages for maximum on-page Quality score and conversion.
  • Optimization & Analysis: Review the analytics, optimize the keyword groups that are not performing including adding negative keywords, and manage the bids to reach an equilibrium between generating traffic and optimizing ROI.
The process is ongoing and must constantly be monitored. New competitors are always entering the market or user tendencies change. You can also do A/B testing or multi-variant testing of landing pages to increase conversion and quality scores.

PPC Management Services

We can go over the bid ranking formulas and the calculation for the “real cost” you pay in Google AdWords that is often different than your bid price but ultimately you are likely looking for a PPC management agency that is competent, cost-effect in their management fees, and trustworthy. We will clearly explain the entire process and give you insight into the strategy so you know exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. Whether you use our PPC management services or another company just make sure you are asking the right questions so that you know what you are getting.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC advertising is just one facet to an overall internet marketing strategy. It can generate targeted traffic to your site quickly while you work on your long-term strategic goals in SEO. With so many important pieces of the Pay-Per-Click management strategy you’ll need a firm that understand that it doesn’t stop with PPC account management which includes managing bids and campaigns. You may be paying thousands of dollars more than you have to simply because you are targeting the wrong keywords or haven’t optimized your ad copy or landing pages. Call us today for a free consultation.

Web Development

Visual design and web development are often polar opposites but both are vital to the process. While one evokes an emotional response the other enables functionality.

Web Development

Countless books have been written about web development but the term itself is really a broad categorization of many disciplines. When people this of website development they are really thinking of two distinct genres.
  • Web Programming: This could include server-side scripting, database developing, HTML coding, CSS scripting, web application development and all of the other offshoots that involve the technical implementation of a web site.
  • Website Design: This alone can be broken down into visual design, interaction design, CMS theme building, wireframes, interactive prototyping, and all of the elements and involve the visual LOOK and FEEL of the web site.

Website Development

From a web development perspective involving the functionality and implementation of a web site or application, it is important to note that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. Many features come standard in modern content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and others. Web site development has largely been modularized allowing cost-effective, feature-rich solutions for small businesses that previously only large companies with teams of web developers could afford. It isn’t terribly difficult to find a quality web development company. Unfortunately, you end up contracting many specialty companies that may not work together and each are fighting over and defending their own work. The key is to find a single development firm that has extensive experience and knowledge of how web development, user research, usability, and website design all fit with SEO, social media, and content marketing to form cohesive Internet Marketing Strategies that work in perfect harmony.

Website Design

In the last 4-5 years the advancement in web design has leaped forward with the emergence of many quality content management systems. With WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal leading the way there are many quality sites that can be built within a cost-effective budget. The best web design services know how to customize these platforms for a unique experience and look. Unfortunately, there is often a stigma with website templates because people have it in their mind that they are low-quality, “drag and drop”, websites that a high school kid did for a class project. With some of the premium web page templates on the market this is far from the truth. Many of the Premium templates available today would have cost $20k or more to build years ago. And a professional web design company will still customize the CSS for a custom look, custom design the banners, custom build the carousels or sliders, create the content, optimize the pages, create the categories, add and configure key plugins and more. It isn’t a process that just takes a few hours. There is still a lot of work to be done but rather than taking 6 months or longer to design, script, and program a web site from scratch you can often get it completed anywhere between a 2 – 6 weeks depending on the complexity and customization.