10 Simple Experiments for Improving The SEO Health


Improving your SEO health is all about trial and error.  You try something, you wait and you check the results.  A lot of bloggers – and I do really mean a lot – will put a lot of emphasis on certain SEO techniques and will swear that these techniques are the absolute best.  But how do you know something works if you don’t test it?  How do you know to start using a different technique if you are not 100% sure of the effect of the previous technique?  No two businesses are the same which means that there is no way an SEO technique can possibly have the same promising result for your business as it had for another.  So how can these claiming SEO experts tell you that this technique will work for you if they didn’t test the effect on your business?

It is relatively easy to employ SEO techniques. Testing the success rate of these techniques is, however, a whole different story.  But it is not impossible.  Testing an SEO technique simply involves experimenting and a bit of research work.

Here are 10 simple experiments that you can try to boost the SEO health of your website;

1. Keyword Blog Title Test

Everyone is raving about the importance of keywords but do keywords work in blog titles? Here is a simple test you can do.

  • Take a blog article that doesn’t have a keyword title and measure the traffic over the last ten days.
  • Change the title and include keywords in your blog title. Repost the article, let it sit for 10 days and see what the traffic is like now.

If you want a good answer for your keyword efficiency you can do this test on a few different blogs and measure the effectiveness.

2. Keyword Content Test

Next you can do a test to establish the effectiveness of your keywords within content.  You can do this test with another blog article or even your website content.

  • Monitor the traffic of your website without keywords or a blog without keywords for about 10 days.
  • Edit the content and include keywords in your website or blog and monitor for ten days.

Again, it might be wise to do a few experiments on different articles or web pages and to monitor the effect a few times but in the end you will either be able to tell a difference – or you won’t.

3. Keyword Website Test

Here we are going to test the effectiveness of using keywords on your website.  Check your web traffic – continue doing what you normally do – and then change your meta descriptions, page info, image descriptions and more to include keywords.  Is there any difference?

4. Influencer Effect Test

Establish what you are doing right now to market your business online and check your online ranking on Google’s cached page as well as your web traffic.  Now start spending a certain amount of time every week on contacting influencers.  Is there any change?

5. Test Link Building

Link building involves guest posting on other websites and blogs with a referral link that redirects back to your website.  For this test you can establish your web traffic and start guest posting on other blogs with backlinks.  Did you see any change?

6. Test Using More Images And Multimedia

Is your blog and website mostly image free?  Well, go bold and try using more images, relevant multi media and graphs on your blog articles and website.  Remember to also incorporate your keywords in your image description.  Is there perhaps a positive change?

7. Try Using Number On Headlines

You can do this test on an older blog article as well.  Check the success of the article, switch the title, repost and see if there is any positive change.

8. Switch To Another Content Type

Are you used to focusing on a certain type of content?  Then perhaps switching to another type of content could be a great idea.  If you usually only use adverts and blog articles then try switching to infographics and videos and monitor the result.  This test is not just great for establishing the success of your SEO strategy it is also great for giving your clients something new and fresh to see.

9. Test Frequent Posting

If you only post about once a week try posting on a daily basis for about a month. Are you getting more client engagement?  Is your social media site populating?  Does your website enjoy more traffic?

10. Give A Different Type Of Blog Article A Try

Most businesses create blog articles to explain their products and services or the benefits of their products and services.  A different approach towards your blog information could be useful for boosting your website rankings.  Instead of the usual blog article why don’t you give a different article type like the following a try;

  • How to or tutorial articles that provide useful information to the reader
  • Articles that list things
  • Articles with plenty of resources or links to other sites
  • To do list articles or check list articles
  • Review articles on products relevant to your business
  • Interviews with interesting people related to your business

You can choose to view this experiment in two different ways; as hard work or as an exciting way to improve your business and to expand your marketing skills.

In the end the information you generate from these experiments will be invaluable to both you and your business.  These experiments are easy to execute, they only involve a bit of time and effort and will without a doubt provide you with good information on your current SEO health.  The experiments will also be fantastic for improving your general website and blog content and will give your clients something different and exciting to look forward to the next time they visit your blog or site.  Research always pays off and these experiments are bound to give you great SEO results without costing you much more than time.