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Use SEO to Fight ‘Black Friday’ Blues

“Black Friday” looms large for retailers and its effects are felt across America’s entire economic landscape. High sales volume on the day after Thanksgiving can put a business “in the black” and ensure a healthy bottom line for the year. Poor sales mean a ledger spotted with “red ink” and can spell “doom” for retailers. The effects of Black Friday filter down through suppliers, manufacturers, transportation providers, service industries, and, in fact, every corner of the American economy. As the current economic crisis has made clear, we live in an inter-connected economy. What happens in one industry affects the outcome of many others. Even if you’re not in the retail business, what happens today in America’s stores will impact your business. The fear that U.S. consumers worried about the economy will hang onto their cash instead of spending it today has everyone from the owners of small neighborhood stores to the nation’s top economic experts worried.


So what does this have to do with search engine optimization? Websites are a business marketing tool. Their purpose is to draw Internet traffic and, thereby, potential customers to your business, with the ultimate goal being increased sales. A difficult economy increases competition for every consumer dollar. A website that isn’t attracting sufficient traffic isn’t bringing potential customers and their all-important dollars to your door. A website that isn’t increasing sales isn’t working for you. It puts you at a competitive disadvantage that could turn out to be disastrous to your business.


Search engine optimization can give your business the competitive edge necessary to succeed in today’s challenging economic climate by turning your website into a powerful marketing tool. A professionally-optimized website will drive a greater volume of traffic to your website that is specifically targeted to be interested in your products or services. Because targeted traffic has been proven to result in greater sales volume, this gives you a distinct marketing advantage over your competition.


There is a caveat, however. There are a lot of so-called SEO companies out there right now claiming to provide amazing results in short periods of time. Jumping on the SEO bandwagon, these johnny-come-latelies employ tactics that show noticeable but extremely short-term results. You may see a one-time increase in statistics, but they’ll disappear not long after your check gets cashed. Optimizing a website to produce consistent, high-level results takes expert technique, proven experience and a little bit of time. If you want to optimize your website to position yourself ahead of the competition, talk to the SEO experts at Increase Visibility today.

Let the Experts at Increase Visibility Analyze Your Online Marketing

When you hear another company talking about how much traffic their website gets or going on about just how much business they do on their website, you could dismiss it as bragging…or you could decide that you might want to do the same for yourself. Just because someone else inflates their numbers does not mean that you cannot achieve the same and more.

Sometimes other people can make things seem easy and we don’t see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Anyone who claims to be a “natural” at Organic Search Engine Placement probably has some help. And there is nothing wrong with getting some assistance.

You need to run your business and you probably do not have time to continuously monitor your website’s traffic and statistics. At the same time, you know you need to improve your web traffic to bring in more of the business that you spend so much time managing.

This is where Increase Visibility can help. We offer comprehensive SEO plans. Not only do we provide services to help you get more business; we take the time to monitor your existing web traffic to get information on your customers’ viewing habits.

Some SEO firms promise yo get you lots of visitors and tell you that they will promote your site in the right places without taking the time to get to know something about you, your business and your customers.
When you let Increase Visibility analyze your  online marketing, we can help you target your efforts effectively. We look at:

-Page views (by hour, day, week, month, quarter, and year)
-Unique visitors (In other words, are your page views coming from the same people or from many different people? Who are your repeat customers?)
-The pages that get the most hits
-How internet users find you (Which search engine leads the most people to your site? Are people visiting you after seeing your company mentioned on someone else’s website?)
-What time of day brings the most hits?

Answering questions like these can make the difference between a successful and a so-so internet marketing campaign. When you know something about who is visiting, why they are visiting and when they are visiting your site, you can craft a plan to keep existing visitors coming back and find ways to bring even more people to your website. Request a free website analysis from Increase Visibility to get started.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising works pretty much they way it sounds: an advertiser pays  only when a viewer clicks on their ad.  But you may be thinking that it really cannot be that simple.

Although Pay Per Click Advertising is now a staple of internet marketing and SEO plans, it is only about ten years old. This kind of target marketing allows you to draw in consumers who demonstrate tangible interest in your products and services.

Here is one example of how Pay Per Click advertising could work:

-An internet user types in a search term,  let’s say someone types in “football jerseys.”
Then when they get their search results, they also see sponsored links or sponsored ads on that same page. Since the user typed in “football jerseys,” the sponsored ads of links they see will likely relate to the sport of football, to jerseys for various sports, and to actual football jerseys.

-(The people selling footballs may hope to attract this person’s attention since they are interested in jerseys for that sport. And the people who sell hockey jerseys may be hoping that internet users who want football jerseys are fans of hockey too.)

-Since you sell football jerseys, and have opted to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, your ad is one of the internet user’s options.

-When that person clicks on your ad, you will have to pay the PPC provider a fee.

This type of advertising is certainly not one-size-fits-all and is priced accordingly. More popular search terms on cost more and the providers who can guarantee the most visitors can charge more.

Although Pay Per Click Advertising can boost your web traffic rather quickly (sometimes even in a little as a few days), Increase Visibility recommends sticking with it for a few months if you don’t see results right way. So if for some reason you don’t see the spike you were hoping for in the first few days, do not give up.
And as always, we work with you to get you to where you really want to be. So if after a few months, you do not feel that Pay Per Click Advertising has been a real benefit to your business we are more than happy to re-evaluate the program with you.

Social Media Marketing Is Ticket to Lucrative Young Consumers

With an aggregate income of more than $600 billion, young consumers have money to burn. The buying power of America’s 15- to 29-year-olds, who love to shop and spend, has made them the ultimate target group for the producers and providers of goods and services. However, crafting marketing programs that reach this lucrative young consumer group has presented a unique challenge for marketing companies.


Raised on instant messaging and fast-paced video games, America’s young consumers are tech-savvy and tech-driven. Connecting with people who spend a significant portion of their day on computers and cell phones and look to the Internet for all their information has required marketing firms to develop new strategies to catch the attention of these consumers. Social networking is revolutionizing U.S. marketing. Product manufacturers and service providers who want to reach the lucrative young consumer market are adding Facebook, Twitter, My Space, You Tube and podcasts to their marketing arsenals.


Midwest restaurant chain Bob Evans is one long-established firm that is attempting to bridge the digital divide between its traditional family/senior customer base and young consumers who comprise the fastest growing segment of potential new customers. Consumers in their teens, 20s and 30s eat out more often and more regularly than any other consumer demographic. In an effort to attract their business, Bob Evans has teamed up with a students from nearby Ohio University to create a social networking campaign aimed at attracting young diners.


“Students are really into social media right now and are more actively learning new applications as quickly as they come out,” said Bob Evans Farms spokeswoman Chelsea Hamilton. “We’re challenged every day with keeping the brand relevant. And one way to do that is to understand how the younger generation receives messages,” Hamilton said in explaining the decision to partner with collegiates. In return for resume experience, the students will create Facebook and Twitter pages for the heartland restaurateur.  


The trend to social networking as a marketing tool is growing. According to a survey by, a unit of the National Retail Federation, 25% of U.S. retailers plan to create Facebook pages to boost holiday sales. Of those, 43% plan to add product videos and 33% will post customer reviews. Instant connection and interaction with consumers are among the unique advantages of social networking. “It’s about getting that raw feedback, an out-of-the-box site, and learning how to launch our business into that next step,” said Stephanie Busack, a digital marketing manager for Bob Evans.


Increase Visibility’s Gold and Platinum level SEO marketing plans both offer podcast and video marketing services to help you increase your social marketing presence. And all three of our SEO marketing plans provide important social bookmarking services to help drive traffic to your website. Talk with one of our search engine optimization specialists today about how you can maximize your connection to lucrative young consumers.

Organic Search Placement Starts with Resources You Already Have

When you watch some of those home makeover shows, you’ll see that most have a budget. There are a few shows that give a designer free reign and an unlimited budget, but more often than not, the designers end up using some of what is already there as they work their magic.


It is probably the same with you and your web marketing budget. And when we say budget we are not just talking about money; we are also talking about time. You do not have the time or the money to scrap everything and start from scratch and this is not advisable. See what you can do with what you already have and build on that.


One of the social media marketing services that Increase Visibility  includes in its SEO Optimization Plans is Article Marketing. If you have any articles that you have written about your company, products or services, we will submit those to top article marketing sites, blogs and social bookmarking sites. This is making good use of resources that you already have.


Another way to get the most out of the work you have already done, is to add hyperlinks that will take internet users back to articles, press releases, and text that are already included on your site. When you write something new, it probably has some relation to something you have discussed in the past, use anchor text to let people know that you have already provided information on a related topic.


Doing this creates balance in your website and ensures that no sections or pages go untouched. While there are some people who will naturally meander to other parts of your site, others will need some encouragement. When they see all that you have to offer, they are more likely to get on board and purchase your products and use your services.


This also positions you as an expert because it shows that you have been discussing certain topics that relate to your industry for a while.


Don’t forget to use this tactic when something related to your industry is front and center in the news, too. People need to know that you can help them with the issue of the day or that you sell just the thing that everyone wants this very minute.

Tips for Improving Your Website’s Crawlability

Creating a crawlable website is one of the primary goals of effective search engine optimization. In order to drive traffic to your website, your site must not only lure search engine spiders, but maximize their ability to access and index the information on your site. No matter how fabulous your content or graphics, if they can’t be “crawled” by search engine spiders, they can’t help drive traffic to your site.


There are a lot of things that can impede crawlability. One of the important functions of search engine optimization is to maximize the crawlability of your website. An experienced search engine optimization team knows the tricks to ferreting out the content and technical errors that interfere with search engine spiders and bots. Linking errors can be a major impediment to search engine optimization. Last week we talked about some of the linking errors that negatively impact crawlability. Today we want to share some tips that will improve your website’s crawlability.


> Use search engine friendly CSS code when creating navigation elements on your website. CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a HTML feature that defines how design elements like headers and links appear on a web page. By ensuring design and linking uniformity, CSS provides better control over how pages are displayed and links are formatted, improving crawlability. CSS creates a more universally searchable site than Flash, JavaScript or Ajax while offering nearly the same dynamic functionality. 


> Use text links to create alternative navigation paths in the footer or breadcrumb navigation. Adding linking opportunities to non-content page elements increases spidering options, improving crawlability. Including a sidebar list of clickable links to your website’s main category and sub-category pages, as well as footer links to important pages, produces additional opportunities for spiders to crawl your site. 


> Add specialized text link pages to your HTML site map. Each text link page can list 100 or fewer text links to important pages on your site. You can create more than one site map page; the key is that each contain less than 100 links. Spiders regularly crawl HTML site maps. By providing links to interior pages within the HTML site map, you increase the opportunity for spiders to discover and crawl those pages. Spiders that miss or have trouble navigating to interior pages via content or other site links will nearly always be able to follow links through your HTML site map.


> Create a XML site map list of all the URLs from your website that you want search engines to crawl. Again, you want to give the search engine spiders as much help and direction as possible. Providing a list of important URLs to supplement information the spiders find on their own is one more way of maximizing the crawlability of your website.

Relationship Advice Works for Organic Search Placement

Many people choose to keep their business and personal lives separate, but that does not mean that you cannot apply advice from one sphere to get things going in another. Some of the techniques that work in your professional life can be beneficial for your personal life and vice versa, if you tailor the advice correctly. 


Be honest and upfront Good relationships, whether it is a friendship, a romance or a customer-business interaction rely on honesty. So use your homepage to tell your customers who you are. 


Leave a trail…but don’t be too mysterious
One time-honored piece of advice for romantic relationships is to keep ’em guessing and preserve the mystery. Well, you do not want your customers to have to wonder where they can find information on your products and services. What you do want to do is leave a trail so that they can get to you. You can do this by using meaningful keywords that will lead them to your website when they type these words into searches on search engines. 


Maintain their interest
Sometime relationships get stale when it seems like there is nothing new going on. When customers think they know all there is to know, they may lose interest. Keep things fresh by sending out periodic press releases about the great things that are going on with your business. And update your website with current information about new products, awards, and industry happenings. 


 Just as you’d do with a significant other in romantic relationship, you can remind your customers of what a great thing it is to be in business with you. Use anchor text to link to pages in your website that may not get a lot of attention.  


Seek expert advice
We thumb through magazines, read books and turn to television shows to get advice for how to relate to friends, relatives and significant others. We can do the same for our business dealings. If you want to know how to make your company and your website more visible and increase traffic, turn to Increase Visibility. With a staff of 11 different optimization teams at our disposal no job is ever turned down, no matter how big or how small. Call us today at 877 SEO ADVICE (877-736-2384).

Problems That Impact Your Website’s Crawlability

Making certain that search engine spiders can crawl your website is one of the goals of effective search engine optimization. Your site can be well-designed and contain great content and graphics, but if the links to and within your website don’t allow search engines to access and index all of the pages in your site, you’re paying for a lot of dead space. Pages that aren’t crawlable are pages that aren’t actively contributing to your Internet marketing program. The more material on your website that is accessible — crawlable — by search engine spiders, the higher your potential ranking when Internet users initiate a search. One of the primary goals of search engine optimization is to maximize the amount of material accessed and indexed by search engine spiders.


Spiders, also called bots or ants, are software programs initiated by Internet search engines to find content, including web pages, images, videos, pdf files, etc. Spiders revisit website on a regular basis searching for new material. When spiders can’t follow links to or within a website, the destination page is not included among the index of web pages available to satisfy search results. As far as the search engine is concerned, that page doesn’t exist. Which means that the information contained on that page will not be available to potential customers initiating a web search.


What are some of the linking errors that negatively impact crawlability?


> Embedding navigation links in Flash. Although Flash indexing is expected to be available in the future, most search engine spiders cannot currently crawl links in Flash files.


> Embedding navigation links in JavaScript or Ajax. Googlebots and other spiders just don’t seem to like the taste of JavaScript or Ajax and are not able to crawl pages that use them.


> Embedding site navigation links in forms. Most search engine spiders don’t have the capability to interact with or make the selections required by online forms so they avoid them.


> Failing to provide authoritative links. Links provide the path by which search engines discover new websites. Inbound and reciprocal links from one site to another positively impact SEO rankings. Internal links lead from a website’s home page into important interior pages. A site that fails to provide authoritative links, while not uncrawlable, diminishes the frequency with which it is crawled which, in turn, negatively impacts SEO rankings.


Search engine optimization corrects these linking errors to make your site more crawlable and improve your SEO ranking.

Next Tuesday: Tips for improving your website’s crawlability

Anchor Text Secures Your Place with Search Engines

On Monday, we discussed how the word “blog” was derived from nautical terminology. Blog came from “web log” which in turn came from log, a record that a ship’s captain kept about the ship’s dealings at sea.


Another term with nautical roots that has great significance for organic search placement is anchor text. When it comes to making your website more and more visible, you need to make sure that your website is making good use of anchor text. Good content can do a lot for you, but not if no one can find you.


Words, phrases, and even sentences that appear underlined and often highlighted in a different color on a website are anchor text. Just as an anchor was very necessary to keep a ship from drifting, anchor text is a key element in keeping search engines from drifting past your website in favor of the competition. When you connect certain words to the URLs for pages in your website, you are anchoring those words. A search engine will notice that your website has been pinned down to these words and will inform internet users that your website has some connection to the words you chose.


With that in mind, it is very important to choose anchor text wisely. There was a time when websites all over the internet, simply connected a hyperlink to the words “Click here.” After all, we have been told to use verbs and suggest action to customer, right?


Well, the days of using “click here” as effective anchor words are over. This tells search engines that your business is related to “click” and “here.” Unless those two words represent your key products and services, you do not want to use them. An internet user is very unlikely to type in those two words to find your business.


What you want to do is choose anchor text that highlights the kinds of words and phrases that your customers will use when they are looking for your business online. Increase Visibility can help you determine proper keyword terms to promote for organic listings. You may think that you know how potential customers are looking for you, but it is entirely possible that they are using search terms that you never even considered. Our SEO plans include expert keyword analysis. Once, Increased Visibility zeroes  in on the search terms that people use to find you, we can help you optimize your website to that these keywords are being used effectively on your website.

Are You Focusing on the Right Keywords?

Keywords are the specific words that appear in the titles, tags and content on a website or in a blog or in an ad that identify who you are and what you do to Internet users and search engines. Like signs on a freeway that direct you to gas or food or lodging, the right key words will direct Internet traffic to your website. But choose the wrong keywords and traffic will whoosh on by, never even aware of your existence.


One of the goals of search engine optimization is to find those specific keywords that will attract the attention of search engines and drive the most traffic to your website. It may sound simple, but there’s actually a lot of research, science, technology and experiential know-how that goes into determining the precise words that will best attract search engines. And that’s important because it’s the search engines that produce the list of responses when a potential customer asks for information on the Internet.


It’s like advertising on the freeway. It’s the businesses with the most and biggest signs that get the most customers. For example, if a driver is hungry, he’ll look for a “food” sign at the next exit and head for the first familiar eatery he spies from the end of the exit ramp. But if he’s been passing signs for “Grandma’s home cooking,” “Grandma’s homemade pies,” “Grandma’s stick-to-your-ribs comfort food,” you can bet he’ll be looking for the “Grandma’s” sign when he exits, even if he has to pass several other restaurants to get to it.


Search engine ranking is your “sign” on the Internet superhighway. The closer to the top of the first search page your website appears, the bigger and better your “sign.” Choosing the right keywords and combination of keywords (keyword phrases) is one of the critical factors in determining how search engines rank your site. As in our freeway example, it’s not the mundane words “food” or “cooking” that have you salivating by the time you reach the exit ramp, it’s their combination with “Grandma,” “homemade pies” and “stick-to-your-ribs” that conjure up a picture of food worth stopping for.


Just like freeway advertising, there are tricks and techniques in selecting keywords and keyword phrases that will lure search engines — and customers — to your door. Search engine optimization specialists use sophisticated analysis tools to identify the specific searching behavior of an industry’s prospective customers. Because every industry has its own unique set of buzz words, linguistic research is conducted to determine the specific keywords and keyword phrases most used by potential customers. Determining and using the precise words used by potential customers when they search for products or services like yours is vital. After all, your website won’t get many hits if your customers are searching for “apples” but you’re using “fruit” on your website. The more precisely your keywords match consumer search terms, the higher your search engine ranking — and that means more traffic coming to your website.

Blogs Do More Than Skim the Surface

It is interesting just how many of the terms we use in everyday life were originally nautical terms. Many of us have spent little time on the seas and probably could not steer a ship if we had to, however we do know something about navigating the uncertain and unchartered waters of running a business. When it comes to weathering the storms that come up in running a business, we would do well to understand how nautical terminology relates to running a business.


For example, you know that a blog is a useful tool for gaining better placement with search engines, but did you know that blog is a shortened version of the phrase “web log?” And that “web log” is a modern variation of log, as in the captain’s log that was used by a ship’s captain to record important data? Even after a ship’s captain was no longer in charge of a certain ship, the log was a record of what happened aboard ship.


In some ways, a blog functions that way too. You hear a lot of people speak in worried tones about how things on the internet do not really disappear. If you have high quality content on your website and blog this can be a good thing. You never know when a blog you wrote that addressed a very specific topic will come up in a search someone is doing down the road. Sometimes an issue or industry is thrust into the spotlight because of current events. If you have covered a related topic in your blog or on your website, people will be able to find your content and are likely to seek you out for your expertise.


This is why you need expert help to come up with a strategy for shaping your online content. Content that is created with a goal in mind can help you gain new customers, encourage current customers to return, and position you as an industry leader. When you have good blog content people and search engines are drawn to you. Still, they may not always find you right away. That is where Increase Visibility comes in: as part of the services we offer, we can link you with other websites that will complement your products and services. These related websites will be industry specific and non-competitive.


Come back on Wednesday to read more about how you can make sure that people are able to find your high quality content.

Increase Visibility Named ‘Best SEO Company’

It’s always a pleasure to have your hard work rewarded so we’re pleased to report that Increase Visibility has been selected a Best SEO Company by PromotionWorld this month. Designed to recognize the best companies in the industry for both the quality of their services and their ability to deliver for their clients, the Best SEO Company Awards provide a valuable service to consumers seeking the best value for their internet marketing dollar and set an industry standard for excellence. With more than 10,000 internet marketing firms worldwide, Increase Visibility is honored to be recognized as one of the best of the best.


PromotionWorld’s Best SEO Company Awards are a prestigious monthly ranking of the nation’s top 10 SEO companies. The awards are based on offered services, package diversity, value, customer service, feedback and website popularity. In ranking Increase Visibility No. 2 of the 10 best internet marketing companies, PromotionWorld noted:


“Increase Visibility leads the industry in providing superior website optimization results for our clients, whether they are a Fortune 1000 company or a medium-sized business. We deliver unmatched and customized search engine marketing services to meet the unique needs of different kinds of websites, industries, audiences and marketing goals, no matter how large or difficult the project.”


Our professional skill, commitment to quality and dedication to our customers has also garnered Increase Visibility a No. 1 this month on TopSEOs monthly ranking of the 30 Best Organic Optimization Companies. TopSEOs is a highly-respected independent industry authority that provides impartial information on internet marketing companies to both consumers and the industry.


TopSEOs’ prestigious monthly Best Organic Optimization Companies rankings are based on competitive advantages, services and pricing levels, availability of customer and technical support, response time to resolve client problems, innovative services, quality of customer service, efficiency and performance. Because it actively solicits and places an emphasis on customer input, TopSEOs’ rankings are an excellent indication of customer satisfaction. Increase Visibility is proud to regularly rank at the top of TopSEOs rankings. We work hard to maintain our high client retention rate — currently 96% — by delivering unmatched and customized search engine marketing services to meet the unique needs of our clients.


To find out more about what Increase Visibility can offer you, please visit our website.

Search Ads, Display Ads…or Both?

Here at Increase Visibility we advocate a combined approach to achieving success with organic search placement and reaching out to consumers.


With that in mind, we have to remind you that although Google is without any doubt the biggest player out there, you cannot forget that there are other search engines and that you need to be on their radar as well.


Recently, Yahoo experts had some interesting things to say that follow along the lines of this same theme: it is important to make a combined effort when it comes to marketing. Their advice was that companies and organizations use both search ads and display ads. Contrary to what you may have heard, one method does not reign supreme over the other and you should not throw all of your weight behind one just one of these advertising tools.


There are some people who have been advised to put all of their eggs into the search advertising basket because it is easier to measure the results of search ads. We are certainly not knocking the idea that it is important to be able to measure results. We do think it is important to have all of your bases covered, though. So if you choose only one kind of advertising, you may have a blind spot in your advertising program, one that the competition may be all to ready to fill.


Just as you don’t want to only use posters or only advertise on the radio, it pays to diversify when it comes to your internet ad campaign.


Yahoo gave the following scenario: a potential customer clicks on one of your display ads, views it, but leaves without making a purchase. Then some time later, this same person does a search through Yahoo by typing in one of your search keywords. This time the potential customer becomes an actual customer because after they see your ad, they decide to buy this time around.


As you can see display ads and search ads can work hand in hand to help customers find you and encourage them to purchase your products and services.


If you are wondering about the effectiveness of your current website marketing efforts, call Increase Visibility. We can help track your marketing to let you know who is visiting your website, where they are coming from and what pages are the most popular. And we can give you the insight to interpret these results in a way that you can decide what is working and what is not working as you grow your business.

How Blog Linking Improves Search Engine Placement

Adding a blog to your internet marketing arsenal is an excellent way to improve search engine placement. Blogging provides you with another opportunity to attract search engine spiders that will direct traffic to your blog. By adding keyword-dense links to your blog that point directly to your website, you channel more traffic to your website via direct linking while at the same time creating the kind of focused links that search engines gobble up, further improving the search engine ranking of your website. It’s a power play that provides dual benefits.


Links come in all flavors. Some will “taste” better to search engines than others. Outbound links are links you provide in your blog that point to other sites. Often they link to a source site for a news item or quote. Their purpose is to provide helpful additional information to your readers. Inbound links (also called back links) originate from other sites and point to your blog. Google search spiders appear to have an appetite for Inbound links, and many people believe that the more inbound links you have, the better your Google ranking. 


Creating outbound links isn’t hard because you’re doing the linking. Getting other sites to link back to your site is harder because you have to rely on the generosity of others. Probably the fastest way to attract inbound links is by submitting your blog to web directories. Directories are like an internet phone book that lists websites and blogs. By listing your site on a directory, an inbound link from the directory to your site is created. But the real value lies in alerting other bloggers and web writers to your existence. Bloggers use directories as a source when looking for information on a topic they are writing about.


You can use directories to find likely sites for reciprocal linking which can be used to create a wealth of inbound links to your blog. In reciprocal linking, you agree to link to another party’s blog and they link back to yours. While this sounds like a win-win scenario, it can be a dud if you choose reciprocal linking sites unwisely.


Before implementing a reciprocal link, check out the quality of the blog. It should offer plenty of fresh content that supports or augments the content in your own blog. The more relevant a reciprocal link, the more good it does you in search engine placement. One way to judge a potential reciprocal site is by its page rank. A good ranking indicates the link will provide positive value to your site.

Going Beyond Basic SEO Tips


One thing to remember about organic search placement and SEO is that great results do not happen in an instant. You have to put in the time and energy that it takes to really grow your place in the search engine world. And if you find that you do not have the time to do this yourself, then you need to hire a reputable and responsible firm like Increase Visibility to take care of this task for you. Just as you cannot plant seeds and get a bumper crop overnight and you cannot throw your website into directories and search engines and get high ranking in a week.

Good organic search placement begins with research and lots of it. Even if you start out with a heavily researched SEO plan, you need to continue that research. Search engines change their algorithms on a continual basis, so you need ongoing research and analysis to keep up with search engine changes. Even if you consider yourself to be quite resourceful, you may not have all of the expertise required to keep pace with ever-changing search engines.

Unless you are dedicated to working on search engine optimization and following the trends, you may not realize when the techniques you are using become old news. In about six months, some of the SEO tips and tricks you will read about this week will become ineffective because search engines will have switched gears.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that while you are going all out to get noticed by customers, your website has to be customer-friendly enough to get them to stay (and keep coming back). Often a company will follow tips they have come across the emphasize using a lot of keywords, without realizing that overloading in a primary keyword can hurt their ranking much more than it helps.

A search engine may see the constant repetition of certain words and conclude that a website is spam. Then that site gets penalized with a lower search engine ranking because it has been deemed less than legitimate.

You certainly do not want this to happen to you. After all the hard work you do, you want to make sure that it is recognized. Increase Visibility can help you go beyond basic SEO tips to get the search engine ranking you want without sacrificing readability on your site. It takes a special balance of creativity and the tactical employment of SEO techniques to achieve successful search engine optimization.


Call Increase Visibility at 877-SEO ADVICE (877-736-2384) or send an e-mail to with your questions.