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Increase Visibility Uses a Variety of Methods to Get Results

Variety really is the spice of life, as they say. And when it comes to marketing your organization on the web, and it is key to marketing yourself on the web as well. To delve further into our cache of cliches: you really do not want to put all of your eggs into one basket. Increase Visibility employs a variety of methods—keyword analysis, social media marketing and pay per click advertising to get results for their clients.


Some people want to get everything at no additional cost, while others believe that you really do get what you pay for. Who is right? When it comes to SEO and organic search placement–both sides are correct.


There are ways to get your name out there without paying extra for it. You already have a website, so you can start with optimizing the content on your website. Increase Visibility can analyze your website to see if you are using the proper keywords to promote organic listings. Once the organic keyword terms have been determined, we will optimize the website according to current search engine standards, incorporating in the key terms.


You can also make use of free directories. After all, if someone is willing to create a directory and let you be included at no cost, why not take advantage of this? We will submit your organization to the top free directories.


On the other had there are also directories that require payment. We can submit your website to these directories as well and this will send traffic your way and build link popularity.


Whether you prefer to try get as much free promotion as you can or don’t mind paying for it, there is one thing that is definitely worth pay for and that is  good help. Increase Visibility is an award-winning SEO firm that helps you grow your business by expanding your reach on the web, leaving you free to take care of that business. We were recently honored by being included in the top 3 in PromotionWorld’s Readers’ Choice Awards for the best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies. We have also been ranked #1 or #2 for SEO firms for August 2008 – February 2009 by by convincing the search engines to reward their clients with top search engine placements.


Visit our website and take a look at our SEO Plans. Then you can call us and find out how our Website Marketing Plans can help your online business succeed: 877 SEO ADVICE, 877 736 2384.

Increase Visibility Will Increase and Maintain Your Visibility

There are very few things in business that once implemented can be left on their own to take care of themselves. And, as you can imagine, effective search engine optimization is one of these things.


We have met people who thought that if they found out their most valuable keywords and sprinkled them throughout their website, then they would be finished. Any kind of marketing and self-promotional effort will require updates of some kind. Your business, the market and technology are all constantly changing and you will have to update your SEO efforts to keep up with these changes. Your search engine optimization efforts need to be maintained. You may take your business in a whole new direction. Or some new catchphrase that pertains to your products and services may become just the thing that everyone starts to search for and you will want to take advantage of this. And, believe us, when we tell you that this kind of vigilance requires work. If you are too busy to keep up with this yourself, why not bring in Increase Visibility to help?


Search engines are continually changing their algorithms, so the ways in which they register and process keyword searches also changes on a regular basis.


When you hire us we will:

1. Frequently evaluate your current web page placements against other ranked sites in their competing keyword category.

2. Regularly enact the hand-coded modification of your current web pages to climb higher or to maintain current positions.

3. Submit your web pages to the Search Engines during the month.

4. Use our unique tracking software to monitor your website around the clock.


This last service includes doing what is necessary to get your website back to its former position, should it fall for some reason. Our monitoring software is formulated to issue an alert if one of our clients falls in position. Then we work to get you back to where you were.


Your SEO efforts require some pruning and maintenance like everything else. You have to put gas in your car to get it going. You have to charge your cell phone so that it will have power when you want it. If you want to make the most of your search optimization efforts, get assistance from an SEO firm that will be dedicated to helping you keep the gains you have made.


Call Increase Visibility toll free at 877 SEO ADVICE (877 736 2384).

How to Win Customers and Influence Search Engines

On Tuesday, we talked about how sometimes you can find yourself disappointed with the results of an advertising campaign (If Advertising Hasn’t Worked, Try SEO). The rise of our internet culture put the power of choice into consumers’ hands. Really, the choice to buy or not to buy always rested with consumers, but some companies mistakenly believed that they could lead or sway consumers by blanketing the world with advertising.


The fragmentation of the media means that people are not watching one of three news channels during dinner at 6pm or deciding between a few major magazines. Now, everybody is looking for messages and products that are tailored specifically for them. And although it sounds chaotic, this is actually a good thing. Your next paying customer is not expecting you to knock on his or her door. They are actively seeking you. It is up to you to make sure that this person can find you.


People still tend to go with the recommendations of friends, relatives and sometimes even strangers. While search engines are not something people would call “a trusted friend,” they still pay a lot of attention to what search engines have to say about the companies in a certain field. A search engine basically makes recommendations based on the information that it has gathered after combing the internet. It takes the search terms that internet users type in and compares them to what it has found on various websites, looking for the closest match. Search engines also take into account how many other internet users have looked at various sites too. While this is a very simple breakdown of what search engines do, you can see how they act to recommend websites and why you need to get their attention.


Increase Visibility can analyze your website to see if you are using the kind of keywords that will lead eager customers to your site through the various search engines. If you are the best in the world, but they cannot find you, this does you no good. You want to make sure that customers can find you based on common themes.


At Increase Visibility we work to get you in place to be seen by those searching eyes. And to reach those human eyes, you first have to get the attention of search engines. We will determine the keywords that will get you noticed, implement these keywords as part of an SEO plan and report back to you with the results.

Increase Visibility Practices What It Preaches

Increase Visibility is an award-winning search engine optimization firm. We have met some professionals who say that they do not have time to help themselves because they are too busy doing work to help clients. Have you ever seen a doctor who had a terrible cold? Or met a hairdresser whose own hair looked terrible? Did you perhaps doubt their professional acumen?


Well, Increase Visibility does not work that way. We work hard for our clients and we know that we need to be example to them. If we are not getting our own message out there, how can we expect clients to think that we could do any better for them?


Check out this list of some of Increased Visibility’s awards and rankings from Some of them were just awarded as recently as this month:

    #1 – Best Reputation Management Company, February 2009.
    #2 – Best Organic Optimization Company, February 2009.
    #4 – Best Local Search Company, February 2009.
    #5 – Best Pay Per Click Management Company, February 2009.
    #5 – Best Social Media Optimization Company, February 2009.
    #1 – Best Organic Optimization Company, January 2009.
    #2 – Best Reputation Management Company, January 2009.
    #4 – Best Local Search Company, January 2009.
    #5 – Best Pay Per Click Management Company, January 2009.
    #5 – Best Social Media Optimization Company, January 2009.
    #1 – Best Reputation Management Company, December 2008.
    #2 – Best Organic Optimization Company, December 2008.
    #4 – Best Local Search Company, December 2008.
    #5 – Best Social Media Optimization Company, December 2008.
    #5 – Best Pay Per Click Management Company, December 2008.


Our focus is on getting traffic to your website and helping you turn a web surfer into a paying customer and continuing client. We go beyond making outlandish promises of getting you a high ranking and a large number of clicks. You not only want people to visit, you want them to stay and you want them to do business with you.


Visit Increase Visibility online and fill out the form for your free website analysis. Once we have reviewed your website, a search engine consultant will contact you within 24 hours to talk about what we’ve found and to talk about how we can help you increase revenue over the upcoming year.

SEO Industry Survey Reveals Misconceptions About SEO

SEO is more than a buzzword. It is a key part of doing business that is here to stay. The business you do on and off the web is affected by how much effort you put into your online marketing efforts.


One recent industry survey found that a very large percent of the respondees did not really understand the purpose of search engine optimization. At the same time a overwhelming majority said they used SEO techniques despite the fact that they really do not understand it and that SEO accounts for a larger percentage of the traffic they get on their websites.


It was also eye-opening to read that more that half of the respondees thought that practices that industry insiders consider to be unethical would bring results. Trying to trick search engines into boosting your rank will not have long lasting results. At the same time, they were also able to recognize ethical and effective SEO practices as well. So this points to a problem of distinguishing between honest SEO practices and ones that are underhanded.


Then again, maybe we should take heart: a good number of business owners actually know what SEO is. Now it is time for our industry to work on educating them about the best ways to increase visibility on the web. If they were totally unaware of any SEO techniques, then we would have that much more work to do.
With this news, we have to say that here are Increase Visibility, although we are the experts, we want you to understand what is going on as we help you plan and administer your online marketing plan.  AS our slogan says, we provide SEO you can understand and results that you can see.


One of the reasons that you do not want to fall for an SEO scam is that not only will you not get results, you will not be any further ahead than you were before. In fact, you may actually be behind because you will have wasted valuable time and money. Signing on with a dishonest SEO firm may also cause you to enact marketing practices that could possibly offend your clients and colleagues.


The other part of the survey that disheartened us was learning that some survey respondees felt they could not afford to get help from an SEO firm. At Increased visibility, we offer different levels of SEO plans and will work with you to tailor a plan to suit your needs.

Don’t Fall for an SEO Scam

When it comes to search engine optimization there are a lot of people out there trying to make a quick buck. Since the new year recently started and many people have decided to make 2009 the year to optimize web visibility, someone out there is looking to prey on your new year goals.


Be wary of anyone who promises you a lot and guarantees that you will be at the top of the search engine rankings very quickly. Search optimization that has lasting results takes time. You did not grow up overnight. No one can come in, add few codes and make your website the top ranking site in your industry in few days, either.


Watch out if the staff at an SEO firm you are considering:


-tell you that can get the number 1 Google ranking, guaranteed


-are very certain that adding just one thing, like Google Adwords, is the key to great search engine optimization


-encourage you to use a metrics program that they have created and cannot explain to you how it works


-have an amateur-looking website


-tell you that you must buy ancillary products like their book, DVD or CD in order to complete their SEO program


-cannot give a clear explanation of how they optimize their own website


-proposes payment terms that do not seem fair or honest


-suggest you add sexually suggestive terms to your meta tags since these are the terms typed in more than any others


The staff at Increase Visibility includes a large team of marketing professionals who will work with you to customize an SEO plan that suite your organization, your industry and your marketing goals. We are continually studying the latest SEO trends and keep up with the changes in our own industry to we can do our best to help you get your message out to your new and existing customers.


We deliver comprehensive reporting on measurable results because we understand that you have to give an account for how your marketing budget has been spent. We will give you the web analytics that you need to measure our processes, as well as any of your other online marketing initiatives. This way you can clearly demonstrate how your marketing efforts have translated into increased visibility for your organization.


We can help you reach your Internet marketing goals in 2009 and for many years to come so call us today at 877 SEO ADVICE, 877 736 2384 or email us at

Is the Press Release Dead?

Not too long ago, a marketing guru came to speak at a rather prestigious venue in town and boldly declared that the press release as we know it was dead. Making this rather surprising announcement of course produced its desired effect: it threw the room into a tizzy. The blogger in the back of the room of was blogging and twittering the event of course sent out that information immediately. Within a few seconds the speaker had a whole roomful of people and possibly untold numbers of internet users buzzing about his latest prediction.


What he had done, in essence, was use a verbal press release to create instant buzz. So really the press release is not dead, but it may appear in different forms. And this was essentially what this marketing guru went on to say after he grabbed everyone’s attention with that opening headline.
And really, the press release is not dead because people still use them and continue to expect companies to produce press releases outlining news and developments.


The writers at Increased Visibility have more than fifteen years of experience with creating attention-getting press releases. When you combine this with our firm’s knowledge of how to optimize a press release foe the web, you will get results. The press release has evolved over the years. There was a time when people would mail press releases. Then they would fax them. Now press releases go out over the web with relevant, quality reciprocal links.


These days press releases put out on the web serve a dual purpose: They inform readers about your latest news and give them an overview of your organization while at the same time they serve to better your ranking with search engines. Having an optimized press release on a newswire service that includes links that lead back to your website serves will do wonders for your search engine optimization. An optimized press release can further help a business’s search engine ranking when they are placed on the business’s website thereby increasing the website’s size and content. For a search engine, the bigger the site, the better it is.


Increase Visibility offers different levels of press release services. Call 1-877 SEO ADVICE (1-877-736-2384) to learn more about how we can help you to expand your reach through press releases.