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Control Your Online Image with Quality Content

All of us know that things from the past can come back to haunt us. And this seems to be especially true in the internet age. If something embarrassing does not appear for the first time on the web, then someone has gone back to find it somewhere else and post it online.


On the social networking site Facebook, I have found that some high school friend have a fondness for posting less-than-flattering pictures. None of what has been posted would be considered criminal or horrible, but these pictures are simply not as polished as I would like them to be. And when it comes to your image, you want to be in control. In those cases, I can simply un-tag myself or politely ask that the pictures me taken down.


With all of the worry and concern about unflattering pictures and other things that can appear on the web, we often forget about the positive aspects of having a rich web cache. If your company website has a lot of pertinent links, good information and well-crafted press releases, then you have a distinct advantage.


Sometimes organizations are so afraid of having the wrong thing up on the web, that they do not put enough information up on the web. You want to put things up on the web so that people who are looking for information related to your industry can find you–be it tomorrow or a few months from now.


All of the work to build key-word rich pages, set up reciprocal links and get your website listed in pertinent directories is much more beneficial when internet users are lead to your website and find that it is filled with useful information.


Increase Visibility can help. We will work with your development team to optimize source code, text content, heading, titles, descriptions, keywords and more. And we can also help you with press releases and social media marketing options such as a blog that will provide relevant, updated information on a continual basis.


You want your presence on the web to be full and rich. With great content, you can make sure that you are getting your message out in the way that you want to. Do not let others dictate what is said about your industry and your company on the web. Take control and craft the information that internet users read about you.

Visit Increase Visibility Website for Info on SEO Basics

A while ago we advocated doing research to get to know more about your customers. We also advocate doing research to get to know your vendors and service providers. We want to help make your website a top destination in your industry and to lead by example, we would like to point out some parts of our own website that provide our customers with valuable information on what we do.


Doing your homework can help you make an informed decision when choosing an SEO firm and help you to avoid dishonest SEO firms who often make big promises that are not fulfilled. This leaves you with less money and with a website that may be underperforming or doing even worse after their unscrupulous intervention.


One place to stop if you are interested in learning about some of our customers is our Case Study page. There you can read brief descriptions of how we have helped business increase their visibility on the web. You can also download PDFs with more details and analysis to see just how these improvements were accomplished.


If you would like to read direct quotes from some of our customers, stop by on Testimonials page. There you will see that we have assisted organizations of varying sizes that span a range of industries.


And when you start at our home page, you will see links to information on basic SEO tools like Pay Per Click Advertising and Press Releases, as well as information on concepts like increasing link popularity. From our home page you can click on a link that will lead you to our Corporate Profile to learn more about who we are and why we can deliver the results you are looking for and sign up for our newsletter.


The Increase Visibility website exemplifies what is needed to effective SEO and organic search placement. There is immediate visible contact information for those who want to get started right away. There is also plenty of background information for those website users who want to get more informed before making a decision. And of course, the entire website makes use of relevant industry keywords.


Increase Visibility employs a large team of marketing professionals to analyze customer behavior and is tie suggestion directly to your specific business goals. So visit our website or call us today at 877 SEO ADVICE (877 736 2384) to learn more about how we can help make your website a much more effective marketing tool.

No Need for Organic Search Guesswork, Let Increase Visibility Help

Years ago, I worked in an industry that had a hard-to-define product. Well, perhaps the product was not hard-to-define, but public reaction to it could be unpredictable. For that reason, people in this industry took an intuitive approach to marketing, using instinct to guide them rather than cold, hard facts. Once, I even had a boss tell me that it was like “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.”


Today, this industry is in trouble. I’m sure it will survive, but there is no doubt that things will have to change in order for it to thrive. I will also add that this notion of “seeing what sticks” pre-dated serious internet use, so that it was not possible to use to web to learn consumer habits the way it is now.


As much as we are in favor of “doing what comes naturally” and “going with the flow,” you should know that improving your search engine optimization in an organic way does involve some analysis of data and an examination of website usage.


When it comes to your website and web traffic, there is no need to play guessing games. You do not have to keep throwing up new things to see if they work. We can help you look at your site usage to determine how people are using your site, which pages are “sticky” (keep internet users interest for the longest periods of time), and the most popular keywords that people use to find your site.


Once you get an analysis with a breakdown of the terms people are using to search for products or services, we can help your organize your site in a way that goes with and not against the natural tendencies of your customers. You will also see the average amount of times each month those terms are searched on so we can determine which terms will provide the most traffic and this highest ROI.


When you employ Increase Visibility, you will see the enormous benefits of becoming highly ranked for your industries specific search terms. Some of these benefits include: higher sales volume, better brand recognition and increased market share. Increase Visibility excels in providing SEO services and our clients include many Fortune 1000 companies.


Call us today at 877-SEO ADVICE (877-736-2384) to learn more about our SEO plans.

Beware of Unsolicited Offers of SEO Help

As much as we all like (and need) offers of help, sometimes we have to be careful about accepting that help. It is one thing for a visitor to offer to assist you with the dishes. If someone is in your home, then you trust them, at least on the most basic level. It is another thing entirely to have that same person knock on your door and proceed to point out the flaws with your cooking, parenting or decorating style.


Have you ever watched one of those makeover shows where they surprise people on the street and offer them a new hairdo or outfit. In some, the person has been set up by a friend or relative. With others, the person is just minding their own business when a style expert pounces on them unawares.


We’ve heard the this second scenario is what has happened to some business owners with regards to their websites. They are happily minding their business when they receive communication from an SEO firm that tells them that this firm has seen a number of flaws in their website and knows exactly how to fix them. If this happens to you, proceed with caution! It is possible that they could shed light on a way to improve your website…but it is also possible that this is a disreputable firm looking for its next victim.


You’d gladly accept that offer of help from a friend whom you had already invited in, but you would be very wary of anyone, friend or stranger who shows up suddenly at your door saying they know how you can improve things.


At Increased Visibility, we are happy to analyze your site and look for ways to increase your online traffic, if you ask us to do so. As much as we like to help people optimize their web presence, we are not in the habit of taking the time to do an analysis in the hopes that someone will sign on for more services. What we will do is perform a website analysis at no cost to you, once you have requested it and we get some very basic information that is vital to understanding your business.


You can request a free website analysis on our website, call us at 877-SEO ADVICE (877-736-2384) or send us an e-mail at

It Pays to Know Your Customers

For those of us who are very careful consumers, we take the time to do a little digging before we get ready to spend money on a product, especially a big-ticket item. We want to know something about the company that makes it, how it is made and whether or not an organization we want to give money to is known as to be trustworthy.


Any company worth its salt knows that even if they complain that the buying public is fickle, they still have to do their own research to retain their customer base and attract new consumers. Not knowing the tastes, preferences and internet habits of your customer base can hurt your business.


Take the case of Tropicana. After spending millions of dollars on a new package design, they learned the hard way that sometimes people do not like if you mess with a good thing. Who could have imagined there would be such an outcry about the packaging of orange juice? And yet there was, so much so that Tropicana ended up scrapping the new multi-million dollar packaging and promising to bring back the old design. Even the publicity they likely gained from the debacle probably won’t offset their frustration at having spent all that money only to keep the packaging they already had. They increased their visibility, but not in the way they had hoped.


Increase Visibility can help you get noticed on the internet, in a good way. We believe that a solid website marketing plan includes accurate, timely and complete reporting on the campaign – daily, weekly and monthly. Information is power and the more you know about the people who visit your website, the more empowered you will be to assist them.


Our marketing plans will give you:


1. Historical Reporting
-Get website statistics about who is visiting your web site, including the browsers they use, which operating systems they run, what countries they are in and what languages they speak.
-Find out what time of day people traffic your web site and when bottlenecks occur.


2. In-depth Analysis
-See how visitors navigate within your web site.
-See how many orders were placed by marketing campaign, search engine placement or other search engine marketing techniques.
-Get graphical analysis of traffic trends.


Call Increase Visibility at 877 SEO ADVICE (877 736 2384) to learn more about how we can help you keep up with internet users who visit your website.

All Search Engines are Not Created Alike

All search engines are not created equal (as you probably already know). For the most part you want to get the attention of big search engines such as Google, but it does not hurt to be aware of the other search engines out there.


Metasearch engines
With a metasearch engine (Dogpile, Webcrawler), you can search more than one search engine at a time. Many experts will tell you that metasearch engines really do not give better results than looking up a term in just one search engine. Web users figured this out even without expert advice and just tend to go straight to their favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo!, etc.). We mention metasearch engines to tell you that they are not an area where you need to focus since the replicate the results of the search engines you are already wooing.


Local search engines
On the other end of the spectrum, are search engines that do not aggregate results from different sources, but instead concentrate on one specific region. An example of this would be the Yahoo! Yellow Pages, which will look up terms as they relate to a particular area and not do a worldwide search for a particular term. Some global search engines have the technology in place to incorporate the location of the web user into the search, so someone in the United States looking for a tailor in Birmingham, will not be given listings for tailoring shops in Birmingham, England, but shops in Birmingham, Alabama.


Specialty search engines
Various industries have their own search engines as well, narrowing down the field of possible results. One rather prominent example of this is Technorati, which is a search engine for blog content.


No matter where you are trying to fit into the range of search engines, Increase Visibility can help you stand out and get noticed. Contact us today at 877 SEO ADVICE (877 736 2384) and visit our website to learn more about our SEO plans.

We can help you increase your online sales, qualified traffic and general business exposure through our quality search engine optimization programs. Because you are not making the most of your web presence if search engines don’t even know your name. Each one of our search marketing programs include full website optimization and we make sure to custom design a program to fit your specific needs based on your target industry and your marketing goals.

Pay Per Click Advertising

On Tuesday, we talked about organic search placement and the trust factor involved in that. But of course, we did not intend to downgrade the use of paid advertising in any way. Advertising that you pay for, such as Pay Per Click Advertising can be an important part of your online marketing strategy.


How will all of those internet users find out about you so that they can visit your site and help increase your search engine ranking? If you are new to the game (and even if you are not), you will find that having a quality website just is not enough. One way to reach enthusiastic internet users is to target a pre-qualified group of them through Pay Per Click Advertising. With organic search placement, interested internet users will find you. When you add Pay Per Click Advertising, you are going out and introducing yourself self to selected internet users who are likely to be the most interested.


It will take time for organic search engine placement to take hold and while you should continue to make use of relevant keywords, social networking and increase your link popularity, you can also get an extra boost through Pay Per Click Advertising.


You have likely heard of Google AdWords since it is one of the top programs for this kind of advertising, but you should know that there are others. Other Pay Per Click Advertising programs include: Overture, Lycose InSite AdBuyer and Overture. Increase Visibility can help you get started with all of these programs.


Our Pay Per Click packages include getting your website into major pay per click search engines, daily, bid maintenance, monthly click-thru reports and different levels of keyword term promotion. You can purchase one of our Pay Per Click packages on its own or as a part of one of our full SEO packages. Remember that Pay Per Click Advertising is just one part of a comprehensive SEO plan. It is the combination of different elements that allow you expand your reach and increase visibility that brings lasting results.


We think that you should use a pay per click advertising program for at least 3 months. After that time, the program can be reevaluated to see if it is really a worthwhile effort and if it is really helping you to accomplish your business goals.  At Increase Visibility, we like to say that if you are spending $1 and making $2 – keep it going!

Build Trust (and Your Customer Base) with Organic Search Placement

Trust Factor

People tend to put more faith in organic search results than in paid or sponsored results. This does not mean that sponsored results do not get attention, however. What it is does mean is that although a search engine is not a trusted friend, people treat it as if it were. Web users rely on search engines to work as a virtual grapevine that sifts through the plethora of available information to let them know what really matters most.


You ask your friends to recommend service providers because you trust their judgment. You figure that they won’t steer you wrong because if they had a good experience then you will too. It is the same with organic search results. Unlike paid advertisements, organic search results let someone else sing your praises. This is why web users like to relay on organic searches to present them with the options that seem most legitimate. The algorithms behind search engine results are complicated, but in part they do reflect website options that were preferable to large numbers of internet users,


Trust Translates into Transactions

Even if a consumer does not immediately go to your website and buy a product or sign up for a service the first time that your organization appears after they conduct an online search, this does not mean that they will not do so.


It is important to continue to optimize your web presence because you will see the difference over time. When you use targeted keywords, you should find that organic searches translate into sales.  Increase Visibility can provide an insightful analysis of your website to help you narrow down exactly what are the most relevant keywords for your business.


However, it does take effort on your part to get noticed by the people and search engines that can publicize your brand, product and message. You may be absolutely wonderful, but if no one knows this, then it does you little good.


And this is where Increase Visibility comes into the picture. Let Increase Visibility assist you in getting your name out there by optimizing your web presence and helping to increase link popularity. We can make sure that search engines know that you are there and that you want to help people who type in searches on specific topics that relate to your business.