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Hospitals Use Social Media to Increase Visibility

A while back we told you about how businesses like Comcast are using the micro-blogging site Twitter–both for publicity and to expand customer service. But did you know that hospitals are also getting in on the act? That’s right, hospitals. In order to attract new patients and generate interest in medicine, health and medical techniques, hospitals have turned to social media. This week The New York Times reported that according to one media researcher, over 250 hospitals make use of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and blogs. This expert went on to note that some of the more conservative-leaning hospitals are among that number. So this newfangled notion of using social media for promotion had caught on in even rather reserved circles.


These hospitals know that they must increase their online visibility in order to remain viable. Sure, everyone knows what kind of services that hospitals provide, so it is not as it people are unaware of the medical field as a whole. Still, when it comes to making the choice for where to go for medical care, this is where social media can make a difference. Some hospitals as letting observing residents use Twitter to provide information during surgery. One hospital found that using social media engendered what is called “the halo effect,” where people felt that if a hospital could do a good job with a complicated procedure, such as a heart transplant, then that same medical facility would be a good choice for surgery that carried fewer risks.


Hospitals are also search social media outlets like Twitter and blogs to see what the public is saying about them, and then responding when it is appropriate.


If hospitals are doing what they can to make the most of their presence on the web, shouldn’t you do the same? As we said, people know what hospitals do, but if you are in a field that is not so obvious, you need to get the word out there. And as the case of hospitals proves, you can be a business that is well-defined, but you will still need to differentiate yourself from the pack. Increase Visibility can help you do this. Call us today at 877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384) to learn more about our SEO plans and how we can help you to harness the power of social media.

Good Content Can Boost SEO and Reputation

Not too long ago, we stressed that content is king and we are constantly reminded just how true this is. One reason why we advocate having quality content, such as press releases, available on your website is that you never know who will decide to pick it up. You may get a call from a news organization hoping to interview someone on your staff or a mention in a prominent publication (online or print).


One business owner we know posted a white paper on her website and was very happy to learn that it has been picked up by one of the top websites for her industry. While people outside of her industry may not know much about this particular website, it is widely read within her industry. And getting recognition within your own field is a big deal because it establishes you as an expert. Despite what some people may think, sharing information with colleagues is not counterproductive. Sometimes people who do exactly what you do are your best advertisers. They tell people inside and outside of your field about you and may refer business to you.


But in order for them to do this, they have to know that you are around. This is why online visibility is so important. Good content and SEO go hand in hand. If you have great content, but know one know that your website it there, then all of that helpful information just sits without really reaching an audience. On the other hand, if you are doing all you can to optimize searches for your website, but you have not touched the content in years, you will reach people who stop by and do not return because they are disappointed.


Increase Visibility wants you to have the complete package. We want you to increase your reach and customer base through your website and we want your website to be an important resource for people who are interested in organizations like yours. We offer a free website analysis and examine your website first. There are companies that will promise you great search engine rankings and start submitting your site to directories and set you up for pay-per-click ads without having a clue about what it is you do. Increase Visibility does not do this. We know that we need to know something about your business in order to tailor an effective SEO and organic search placement campaign.

More on the Changes to Google’s Search Options

On Tuesday, we looked at some of the changes that Google has recently made to its search options, included letting internet users pick from lists of which media they want to see and letting them decide just how far back in time they want to go. The ability to go as far back as one year (and probably further) means that what you do to optimize your web presence today can have an effect on how people perceive your organization in the future. When you build your web presence and work on improving your search engine ranking, you are helping to build an archive of relevant data about your operations and your field.

Google users are now also able to change just how they view the information they request in searches. They can choose:

Related Searches: This means that a Google user can get a several lists with searches that relate. Some people would tell you that you should just optimize for every possible thing. We would not advocate that approach. You should, however, be certain to optimize for a range of subjects that are truly related to your business. Increase Visibility offers a free website analysis  to see if your website is making the most of the keywords used to find organizations like yours.
Timeline: With this option, a Google user can see search results grouped by dates. For those who are searching for time-specific content, this will make things a lot easier.
Wonder Wheel: If you have read up a little on education, you know that some people are visual learners. For this people, lists don’t quite work. This is where something like the Wonder Wheel comes into play. The main topic is in the center of the wheel and related topics are spun off onto spokes.
Take some time to play with these new search options to get a feel for the many ways in which someone can come across your organization. This will help you to understand more about the importance of organic search placement. You want to be in the places where people who are looking for you will be able to find you, but you don’t want to force it. If you try to stuff your website with what you think are popular keywords just because. Doing that means that people who are not looking for you will get to your site and may not find is useful. In the meantime the people who would benefit from connecting with you, may not get to you.

Google Offers Internet Users More Search Options

As we have mentioned before any you are likely all too aware, Google rules the roost when it comes to search engine optimization. Just last week, Google revealed that they were giving users more options to let them further personalize their searches. Some people get thrown for a loop anytime Google mentions the word “change,” but really there is no need to panic.


One of the things that Google has done is to add a “Search Options” feature. When someone goes to Google to do a search, there will be a link below the search box with the words “show options.” When a internet user clicks on this, a menu will appear on the left side. This menu will then let the internet user choose from several categories–online forums, reviews, videos. And within these categories, there is an option to pick a time frame that best suits your search. A person can decide to look at recent results, results from the past day or go as far back as one year.


SEO experts did not sound the alarm at the news of these changes. Instead they reiterated the fact that SEO is hard work and that business have to continue to put in the necessary effort to get the results that they want. Giving people more options for how they view content does not mean they you won’t be found; it just means that you must continue doing all that you can to increase your online visibility.


For those of you who want to stay at the top of search engine rankings and want to ensure that customers know that you are there, this may mean getting some help. This is where Increase Visibility comes in: you have to run your business and our job is to make sure that you are getting that business through organic search placement, pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing. You can count on use to keep your business in view on the web, while you take care of your day-to-day operations.


Here are just a few of the components of each Search Engine Optimization and Ranking Campaign:
-A Baseline Web Site Ranking Report  
-Keyword Density Analysis – KDA for your current web site 
-Design, develop, optimization and/or re-optimization web pages.
Call us today at 1-877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384) to learn more.

When it Comes to SEO, Content is King

When it comes to improving SEO, content is king. Yes, you should be submitting your site to relevant directories and using pay-per-click advertising…but if the content is not there, what will people click through when they come to your website?

Some people have the idea the content really only matters if your main product is some kind of service. They figure that service providers need to demonstrate knowledge and expertise through articles or a blog. This is true, a service provider certainly does want to use their website to show just how that they are an authority and provide evidence of how they can be of assistance…but this does not mean that people who are selling a product rather than a service have no knowledge or expertise to share. High quality content is a must for your website no matter what kind of business you are in because good content draws people in and brings them back.


As they say, knowledge is power. When your website has quality content, people are drawn to it and will tell others what they have learned from your organization. They may do this live and in person. They may also do it by forwarding something they have read on your site to someone else or by linking to your site from theirs. Either way, you win. You can see an increase in link popularity and traffic if you have interesting, relevant content that relates to your product, expertise and sphere of influence.

One way to start is by issuing press releases and this is something that Increase Visibility can do for you. Press releases are often one of the main ways a business attempts to get its message out to the public.  Issuing press releases on a regular basis will ensure that there is fresh content on your website (something that search engines love) and it will inform visitors about the exciting things your organization is doing. Furthermore, creating additional web pages specifically for press releases and spider crawling will also provide the search engines with more pages to index and users more ways to find a business’s website. Our press release programs work hand in hand with our SEO programs.

Press releases not only drive traffic based on the content and targeted market but they will also help to create link popularity, which is a very important part in determining good positions in the search engines.

If You Focus on SEO, Website Visitors Will Come

An international powerhouse in IT research recently issued a report which stated that online retailers would see the most improvement if they focused on SEO instead of trying to build a website with all of the bells and whistles.


This by no means indicates that they are telling people that how their website looks and function is of little importance.  They were also not saying that site design means nothing. You want to get more visitors and make sure that when they come to your site the stick around and maybe even return. However, depending on your business, getting new graphics or adding a video may not be the best way to do this.


What they are saying is that the best way to grow your business is to increase visibility and get your name out there. Even if your website is rather plain-looking, as long as it is not sloppy, it makes more sense to build web traffic than it does to spend tons of money revamping a website that is not drawing a lot of visitors. This is one time when saying, “if you build it, they will come” does not necessarily work all that well. Putting a site up on the internet brings no guarantees.


And be aware that this notion is catching on among online retailers. A different research firm polled members and found that 70 percent of the retailers who responded indicated that they plan to keep or increase their budgets for online marketing. That means a majority of your fellow online storekeepers will not be slashing their online marketing budgets or doing less to reach people via the internet. They will be doing more and more to got to customers online.


If you want to know more about how you can increase your online visibility, reach more customers and boost sales, let us help. Start with our free website analysis. This will allow our trained technicians to see what the search engines see and determine what needs to be done to improve the success and top positions of your website. One of our experienced search engine consultants will email you the findings within 24 hours of your request and then contact you to discuss your options and how we can help you increase your revenue this year from your company website.

Increase Visibility through Twitter and Reciprocal Link Exchange

Without even trying the micro-blogging site Twitter found that getting the endorsement of some celebrities helps Increase Visibility.


We’ve mentioned before that Twitter and social media can expand your reach, and as if to prove this celebrities have signed on in a big way. If you hadn’t heard, actor Ashton Kutcher is on Twitter, and at one point he challenged CNN to see who could get up to one million followers the fastest. Now of course Mr. Kutcher was not out to gain attention for Twitter or even for CNN; he is a celebrity and businessperson who knows there is a need to feed the publicity machine to keep his name out there. The actor won, as you may have guessed (if you didn’t already know–hey, even Ashton Kutcher can’t reach everyone).

Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you are limited to writing just 140 characters for each post. Now someone may thing that you cannot say much in 140 words, but people are exchanging useful information and making important business connections via these short communications.  Those of you who are intimidated by the thought of writing blog posts that consist of complete paragraphs should consider Twitter, where communication is quite brief.

Twitter has received endorsements and lots of press because of celebs that Oprah and Diddy, as well as from everyday citizens who use this micro-blogging service. And as we mentioned before, (as far as we know), Twitter did not pay for or go out and seek these endorsements. Twitter made its presence known and soon word spread, until the mainstream media caught Twitter mania. Now articles about Twitter pop up in newspapers, magazines, online–everywhere.

You may not be able to get a Hollywood star to spontaneously endorse your business or product, so you will probably have to be a little more deliberate about increasing your visibility online. One way for you to do this is to engage in Reciprocal Link Exchange. When you seek our help to increase link popularity, this will greatly aid in boosting your natural positions and give you some targeted traffic from other sites of interest. This will drastically improve your PR and search engine position over a period of time if used correctly.  With the assistance and guidance of Increase Visibility, your link exchange campaign can help to make your site a winner. Building a good set of reciprocal link exchange partners can be a long task, which is why our service is competitively priced.

We have 4 different link monthly packages, they can be purchased separately or are also included as part of our full SEO packages.

Increase Your Internet Visibility Around the World

Deciding where to focus your energies and marketing budget can be tough. Depending on the type of business you are in, you may find that a lot of your revenue comes from on kind of source and you may be reluctant to venture out into new territory. Yet, if you do not, you may find yourself in big trouble if your traditional sources of revenue disappear foe one reason or another.

If you are a part of an organization that has been reluctant to make a big push on the web, now may be the time to reconsider and throw more weight behind your website and online storefront. For example, if you are fairly certain that you get a lot of walk-in traffic or that yours is a primarily locally supported business, it will not hurt to reach out to the broader region, the country and even the world. You never know when a construction project will complicate access to your store. Or you may find that what you are offering falls out of favor with local consumers, but that people in other areas are still very much interested in your products.

According to Internet World Stats, only 26.2% of internet users are based in the United States. The other 73.8% are in countries other than the U.S. We cannot break down just how many speak and read the same language as you, but we are willing to be that if your website is primarily written in English, you will be able to attract a global following.

The great thing about the web is that it is on 24/7, so you do not have to be concerned with shop hours and time zones. People at home and abroad can get on their computers and read and see all about your business…

…at least they can if they know that you are there. And this is where Increase Visibility comes in to the picture. If you want to make sure that more and more people are introduced to your business through the world wide web, you need to do more to establish your online presence. We can help you through our comprehensive array of search engine optimization services, including pay-per-click advertising, directory placement, and keyword analysis. Check out our SEO plans to see which one may be right for you. Feel free to call us as 1-877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384) with any questions that you may have.