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The Right Keywords Can Make a Difference

No matter how wonderful the copy on your website is, it won’t do a lot for you if you are missing important keywords. Your message can be crystal clear, and yet that will not help increase sales if the people who you want to reach cannot find you on the internet. The inclusion of just a few words can bridge the gap between sluggish sales and a higher profit margin.


It is funny, as unique and individual as we all are, when we speak the same language and watch the same television shows, we have a tendency to use the same set of words when looking for specific things on the internet.


Yes, the metaphor is obvious, but we want to emphasize that keywords really do open doors. For internet users they let them find exactly what they want. For businesses and organizations that really on their web presence, the right keywords let people in on what you have to offer and let you benefit from more sales and more customer contact.


Part of what Increase Visibility does as a California SEO service is provide clients with a competitive keyword analysis. While some keywords are easy to figure out on your own, you might be surprised when you see just what people are typing in online to get to your competition. A competitive keyword analysis gives you a breakdown of the terms people are using to search for products or services. You will also see the average amount of times each month those terms are searched on so we can determine which terms will provide the most traffic and this highest ROI.


When it comes to California SEO, you do not want to leave any stone unturned, so if you have never analyzed keywords or if it has been a while since you done this, contact us. As a top-rated California search engine optimization company, we know what it can assist you in reaching the next level.

Increase Visibility Monitors your Pay Per Click Program

If you are looking for a Bay Area SEO company, then look no further than Increase Visibility.


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, it is important that you don’t forget pay per click advertising as you seek to improve SEO. We specialize in bay area internet marketing, so we are a complete search engine optimization firm and not just a bay area pay per click firm, but when it comes to making the most of your bay area pay per click program, we are the ones to turn to for help.


We do not just set up your pay per click program and let it run wild–we monitor it and make adjustments as they become necessary. We advise that you utilize the benefits of a pay per click advertising program for at least 3 months. After that, we can reevaluate the program. Sometimes we find that a client’s needs or desires have changed. And while the basic components of pay per click operations remains the same, at times providers of this kind of advertisement alter their programs and this means that you may also need to make some changes.


This is why, although you are perfectly capable of setting up a bay area or San Jose pay per click program on your own, you might find it more useful to have someone else both set up and monitor it for you. It is our job to keep up with what is happening in the industry, so we can advise you if and when you should alter the pay per click advertising portion of your SEO internet marketing campaign.


Call us at Increase Visibility today to speak with a Silicon valley SEO consultant and find out if Pay Per Click Advertising is right for you – 877 SEO ADVICE (877-736-2384).

You Must Attract the Attention of Google and Other Search Engines

When it comes to California SEO (and search engine optimization everywhere else), everyone knows that Google is at the top. However, you still have to give the search engine giant a helping hand. As amazing as Google is and as many tools as it has for searching through the World Wide Web, Google is not bigger than that internet. The amount of information on the internet grows exponentially on a continuing basis. Here are a couple of ways to be sure that you are attracting the attention of Google and other search engines–

  • Make certain that links to your site and those that are a part of your site use the keyword phrase that is most relevant for your business. You hardly see it anymore, but we want to remind you not to use “Click here” as the wording for your links.
  • You may have pages on your website that are similar, but need to exist separately for some reason. If you think that Google and other search engines will view them as duplicate content, the make sure that the one that you think makes the strongest case is the one that gets included in sitemaps.

If just reading these tips has you thinking that perhaps your website needs an update, why not call on Increase Visibility, top-rated California SEO service? If you don’t think that you would know which pages on your site may be in danger of being considered as duplicate content or if you have no idea what a sitemap is, we will be glad to help. In fact, we can start you off with a free website analysis.


This will allow our trained technicians to see what the search engines see and determine what needs to be done to improve the success and top positions of your website. An experienced search engine consultant will email you the findings within 24 hours of your request and then contact you to discuss your options and how we can help you increase your revenue this year from your company website. We are a California search engine optimization company that wants to see our clients succeed.

Video Can Do Wonders for SEO

During a recent screening of the 1986 film “Pretty in Pink”, some of the computer savvy members of the viewing audience debated over whether or not it was possible for one high school student to send an image to another via computer as quickly as one character did in the film. We have certainly come a long way since then. Images and even video appear to internet users at lightning speed these days. And if you are at all concerned about California SEO, you would do well not to forget that unique and relevant online content is not just words, but images too.


If your website is lacking in video, consider adding some, but keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t just throw videos up on your website because you can. You want to make sure that the videos you include have useful information that would benefit from being presented in a visual format.
  • Busy website users prefer videos to be brief, so try to edit your videos so they are no longer than five minutes. If you find that you have a lot of material, serialize it as a video series.
  • Make the most of the video space and the captive audience by including your logo in the corner of the screen.
  • Your videos are more likely to attract the attention of web crawlers if you have a video sitemap. It is also a good idea to list them in your Google Webmaster Central account.
  • We talk a lot about Google, but it is not the only search engine to consider. In that same vein, we want to remind you that YouTube is not the only place to upload videos. Don’t forget to upload your videos to MSN, Yahoo and other reputable sites.
  • Make sure your videos are in good company. In other words, anchor them with text that contains relevant keywords. A search engine does not consider the video in a vacuum; it also examines the text that surrounds it.

Video can help with SEO, but not if the rest of your website is not up to par. When it comes to California SEO companies, Increase Visibility is highly rated. So if you are looking for a California SEO company, call us at 877-SEO-ADVICE (877-735-2384)

More Tips for Effective Social Networking

Earlier this week, we mentioned that since we are a top-rated California search engine optimization company, sometimes the people who come to us for help with California SEO are not always well-versed in the ways of the internet and online social networking. Even if you are an internet pro, you might forget just how instantaneous the internet is in the heat of the moment, so these tips are for you too–

Post in haste, repent in leisure
If you are in a hurry to get some news out via Twitter or your blog, you may very well make a mistake. You may have spelling or grammar blunders that look sloppy. Or worse, in your rush to get the news out, you may not get the story right or there may be unpleasant fallout if some important detail is omitted.

The beauty of the internet is that you can get news out so fast, but this can be a blessing and a curse. Unless the news is so amazing that it cannot wait even 15 minutes, write up your post and set it aside for as long as you possibly can. Have someone else read it or re-read it yourself to make certain that the post says exactly what you want it to say.

Point to a hazy future…unless you’re sure
Be careful when you write posts about new products and services. If a new company initiative is close to being finished, find a way to talk about it that won’t get you into trouble later. In fact, giving tantalizing hints may be a great way to build interest.

Play to your strengths
Sometimes people forget that a blog, Twitter account or LinkedIn Profile is your chance to shine in the SEO California landscape. If you’re in business, it is not a medium for stream-of-consciousness meditations on your flaws (unless of course you know your audience really likes this sort of thing). Talk about all the great things your organization is doing and remind people of your triumphs.

Tips for Effective Social Networking

At Increase Visibility, we certainly encourage our clients to embrace social networking and make the most of the some of the low-cost ways that you can harness the power of the internet to improve California SEO. What kind of California SEO service would we be if we did not?

People come to us because they need help with internet marketing and SEO. Some of those who come to use are new to the internet–either they have not really used it all or they have used it so infrequently that they are not completely aware of the nuances of online culture. Since the internet is a different medium for communication, it can seem alien or strange. Sometimes those of us who use it all the time can find it perplexing. Good business practices from the physical world carry over to the virtual world, of course. Still, there are some things to keep in mind when if you start to blog or use Twitter as part of your internet marketing campaign.

Social networking is a two-way street
If you go home and set out appetizers for a party, but have sent no invitations, how can you expect people to come? Even though people are aware that your business exists, they will not follow you on Twitter, read your blog or check out your company’s Facebook page if you do not tell them that these things are there. If you want to make your online social networking campaign a success, you need to spread the word.

You also need to reciprocate. Leave comments on blogs that are related to your industry. Follow and interact with people of influence in your industry on Twitter. When people see that you are willing to support them, they will start to support you too.

If you are looking for a California search engine optimization company to help you get started with making the most of the internet to boost your business, call us at 877-SEO-ADVICE (877-735-2384) or send an e-mail to and we’d be happy to help get you on your way.

Don’t Forget Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With all of the buzz about the impact of social networking, it is easy to forget that an effecting internet marketing campaign really involves tools that you can get for free and tools that you must pay to use. It is a combination of these two elements that will make your California SEO efforts worthwhile and allow you to really increase your organization’s visibility.

Depending on your budget, you may or may not be able to make use of several pay-per-click programs. Either way, you should definitely be using Google AdWords, so if you can only afford to spend money on one pay-per-click program, Google AdWords is it. Why Google AdWords? Well, Google is one of the top destination sites on the web. They are a strong and growing distribution network, not only from their own Google sites but also through affiliates like America Online, Ask Jeeves, Earthlink, Lycos Canada, Netscape, Compuserve, AT&T Worldnet and They also provide targeted sponsored links to Walt Disney Internet Group Web Properties –,, and

And you need to be reasonable when it comes to setting up a pay-per-click account. You really cannot get something for nothing. Some people start Google AdWords accounts on their own or employ the services of a California search engine optimization company such as Increase Visibility, and set their budget so low that the program cannot be a success. If you have not done it before, it will not do you much good to cripple your pay-per-click advertising campaign from the start.

If you are unsure of how to set up a Google AdWords account or prefer that someone else be in charge of administering and reviewing your pay-per-click program, why not count on Increase Visibility? We are a top-rated California SEO service that is dedicated to helping our customers reach and exceed their full potential.

Increase Visibility Named one of’s 30 Best SEO Companies for August 2009 recently issued a press release to announce what it considers to be the “best of the best when it comes to SEO”. is an independent authority on search engine optimization and they created this list after putting hundreds of applicants through tests and evaluations.

Can you guess which California search engine optimization company was at the top of the list for August 2009? Yes, that is right; Increase Visibility rose to the top above 30 other California search engine optimization companies. This is quite an honor and we do not take it lightly.

The evaluation process includes interviewing three or more clients of each California SEO service that applies. So part of the criteria for this rating comes from the best source: customers who benefitted from these SEO firms’ knowledge and expertise. You too can hear what our clients have to say when you visit our website and look at the Case Studies there.

Some of you may be shy about tooting your own horn, but we say that is what internet marketing is all about. It is not good to brag about yourself if you can’t back it up, but if you can point to positive reviews from others, you are really letting your work speak for itself. However, this cannot happen until you put some effort into getting the word out. This is where good SEO practices come into play. We have no doubt that a lot of you out there are doing a fantastic job providing helpful services or making wonderful products, but you have many eager customers who do not know that you exist. You current customers may be very loyal, but circumstances can change. They may not want to stop supporting your business, but they still may end up moving on for a variety of reasons. This is why you need to promote your organization on a continual basis.

Let us show you that you can promote yourself in a positive fashion through organic search and SEO. Call us at 877-SEO-ADVICE (877-735-2384) or send an e-mail to