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Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One SEO Basket

As much as we all want to get results and get them quickly, you should know that it takes time to see the results of a successful search engine optimization plan. You should be wary of any Bay Area SEO Company who tells you that you can start today and get results tomorrow.


This does not mean that you should wait an inordinate amount of time either. We encourage our clients to take a two-pronged approach to bay area internet marketing, employing a bay area pay per click program while at the same time using organic search techniques.


Pay per click advertising means you are paying to have your link to organization be visible in certain search engines.


Organic search techniques include things like link building and other tactics that are not paid advertising, but rather concentrated efforts to reach a wider audience using the tools you already have at your disposal.


Pay per click advertising will allow your site to be found within 48 hours of the start of your promotion. Organic search engine promotion can take up to 90 to 130 days to really get going. This is why we advise you to try both approaches. It is possible that your organic search campaign will gain momentum immediately.


At the same time, while pay per click advertising can increase traffic in as little as 48 hours, we advise our clients to keep their pay per click program going for at least three months. It takes at least that long to get a complete picture of whether or not the program has been beneficial. If you see an increase immediately after starting a pay per click program that does not mean that you are all set and that you can now end the program. Companies have to promote themselves constantly online, just as they must not stop promoting themselves in the offline world. Plus, if you are spending $1 and making $2 – keep it going!


By choosing to employ both paid advertising and unpaid organic search techniques, you ensure that all of your eggs are not in one SEO basket. You want to employ a variety of methods and reap the benefits of all of them.

Link Building Requires Learning More About Your Company’s Strengths, pt.2

Earlier this week we discussed ways that you can improve search engine optimization San Francisco work to attract more links. Although it does help to know what the competition is doing, it does not help to focus on that or to try to imitate their strategy. Once you get beyond the basics of good customer service and reliability, you need to concentrate on your strengths and what your company has to offer. And when you have figured out what makes your organization unique, you can work on making certain that everyone is aware of what you have to offer. One way you can do this is by creating content that internet users will want to read and share with others through linking.


It’s called “linkbait” for a reason

This may seem obvious, but many of us forget that we can publish articles, blogs and press releases that are designed specifically to attract links. We have mentioned before that everyone loves lists. They are quick to read, easy on the eye and if they have relevant information will draw links very quickly. There may be a topic related to your industry that you think everyone already knows about, so why go through it again? You go over it again because we all need reminders and if you can provide great primers on the basics, people will turn to your site as a resource.


If you feel that you want to do more with San Francisco SEO, but feel that you are stretched thin, you can turn to Increase Visibility, a top-rated San Francisco link building company. We can analyze your website and tailor a unique strategy that we can help you implement to get you more links and spread the word about your products and services. Call Increase Visibility at 1-877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384).

Link Building Requires Learning More About Your Company’s Strengths, pt.1

Perhaps when you were in high school you had a crush on someone who as it turns out, was interested in someone else. And for the life of you, you could not figure out just how that person managed to attract the person that you liked. Later, you probably met someone who you felt connected to and were unaware that another one of your classmates was asking themselves why you chose the person you did.


When it comes to attracting people to you, you have to know that you have a unique combination of qualities that is yours alone. It is the same when it comes to search engine optimization San Francisco and attracting clients and new business. It is very rare for someone to be the ONLY person that is in their field. Instead, what will make you a success is making the most of your unique attributes.


If you want to work on the link building aspect of your internet marketing campaign, you need to concentrate on what you can offer that those around you cannot.


Go where no one has gone before

For example, you and all of your competitors have the opportunity to create articles for websites that aggregate hundreds or thousands of articles on a variety of topics. And while you should definitely take advantage of this marketing opportunity, you might want to take it a step further. You can set yourself apart if your articles not only appear on the sites where everyone else is, but if you can get a site that normally does not take such articles to write about or feature you.


And of course you need to promote content that feature you, whether it appears on your website or not. If you are unsure about how to do this, contact Increase Visibility, a San Francisco link building company that can assist you in growing your customer base through the power of link building.

Increase Visibility Wants to See You Succeed

If you’re looking for SEO assistance in the bay area, look no further than Increase Visibility. We have won awards for our work and we are a bay area internet marketing Services Company that continues to grow, even in a slow economy. Over the summer we added staff with a wealth of experience to our team, including a new Chief Technical Officer. Our two new account managers not only bring solid backgrounds in SEO and project management, one of them has been a life coach and both are competent professionals who know how to work with people. They will ensure that your working relationship with Increase Visibility is not only professionally satisfying, but enjoyable as well.


We do this because we want to see our clients succeed. This is why we take the time to learn about our clients’ needs and put effort into tailoring an internet marketing plan that fits each client. One size does not fit all, so we do not just roll out a cookie cutter program for each client as some bay area website promotion services might. The internet marketing landscape is constantly changing and we stay on top of it so we can give you useful advice and ultimately help grow your business.


Call us today at 1-877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384) to speak with a bay area SEO consultant who will talk to you about what your company needs and figure out just how we can be of assistance to you. That’s right, when you call us we take the time to talk with you to find out what kind of business you are running and get a sense of your promotional goals. In fact, we offer a free website analysis that will give you and us a sense of how you are doing with your internet marketing campaign.


Once you give us permission to analyze your site (we would never presume to do this without your consent), our trained technicians will take a look at what the search engines see and determine what needs to be done to improve the success and top positions of your website. An experienced search engine consultant will email you the findings within 24 hours of your request and then contact you to discuss your options and how we can help you increase your revenue this year from your company website.

News Organizations Get SEO Tutorial at SES San Jose

San Jose SEO was a hot topic last month members of the news business gathered in San Jose to get advice on how they could use search engine optimization techniques to improve there business outlook at the SES San Jose Conference. (If you are not aware SES stands for Search Engine Strategies.)


The print news industry is struggling, and while plenty of people turn to online news sources for information, many news organizations have yet to find a way to monetize their online ventures. As a whole, the industry is unsure of what to do next since print journalism is declining but has not completely been wiped away.


Writing for print and for the web are not the same and in order to get noticed by search engines, newspapers and magazines cannot simply re-publish print material online. News organizations were advised to include keywords in article headlines, as well as in the opening paragraphs, to make them search engine-friendly. Doing this may require that headlines be more straightforward. This is change since news outlets sometimes favor using puns in headlines.


It was also suggested that they train current staff in SEO techniques and hire new staff that already knows how SEO works. Some really great writers are not aware of the power of keywords and taking the time to get them up to speed can really help a news organization increase readership because when search engines find articles, more readers can find them too.


These efforts can pay off–according to one source Reuters saw a 500 percent increase in online traffic as a result of its efforts to improve SEO. That is an amazing amount of improvement and that high number shows what can happen once an organization decides to put improving SEO on its list of priorities.


Paying heed to SEO techniques does not only work for news organizations–it can work for you no matter what your industry may be. If you are looking for a San Jose SEO service to help you improve your online presence and SEO, look no further than Increase Visibility. We are a San Jose search engine optimization company that works with clients to help them reach their business goals and get an expanded customer base.

A Good Title (Tag) Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes is fun to read about the original titles that movies or TV shows or books were supposed to have until someone changed their mind. For example, there was talk of calling the television show 90210, “The Class of Beverly Hills”. And at one point, television’s smash hit Desperate Housewives was called “Wisteria Lane”.

Do you notice something about those throwaway titles–they are descriptive and maybe a little bland. The titles that those shows eventually ended up with seem hipper and everyone may not “get” them right away. 90210 is a Beverly Hills zip code. The title Desperate Housewives is a kind of cultural commentary, while “Wisteria Lane” seems to indicate a place, but does not give a clear picture of what might be going on there.

When it comes to titles and SEO in San Francisco California, you want to do the opposite–you do not want to be hip or mysterious–you want to be descriptive.

A good title tag will let a search engine know what a web page is about right away. You do not want your title tags to contain any hip shorthand; you want them to do a concise job of summarizing just what a certain web page is all about. You also want them to contain important keywords as well.

If you are not sure how to go about doing this, you can get help from the team at Increase Visibility, an award-winning San Francisco search engine optimization company. When it comes to San Francisco website search engine optimization, we know how to get the job done. Visit our website and read testimonials from some of our satisfied customers and then give us a call at 1-877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384). One of the first things we can do is offer you a free website analysis to give you an idea of your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

Use Your Website to Show Professionalism

Some of you may feel that you have your marketing program well in hand and may wonder why you need to employ the services of a San Francisco SEO firm.

Don’t regular marketing principles apply whether you are marketing in the online or offline? Well…they do and they don’t. While it is true that honesty and integrity transfer no matter where you go, the methods used to convey this do change depending on the medium of delivery. When you are face to face with someone you can uses eye contact, tone of voice and overall body language to let a customer or client know that you are knowledgeable trustworthy. On the internet, you are not able to use any of these things. Instead you would need to demonstrate your professional competence so that a potential customer would give you a chance so they can see that you are trustworthy. Linking to and getting links from reputable organizations is one way to demonstrate your professional acumen online.
Another way to demonstrate your competence is through a higher search engine position.
We know that rankings have become unpopular in some circles, but let’s face it: a high search engine ranking shows that you have put some effort into promoting your business. While it is possible for some people to just stumble upon a good search engine ranking, it is highly unlikely. Even if you did just happen to land at the top of the pile, it will take work to stay there. Knowing when to ask for help is a sign of intelligence. If you internet marketing campaign is not bringing you the results you want, why not seek the San Francisco internet marketing services of Increase Visibility, a top-ranking SEO firm? Call us today at 1-877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384) to speak with a San Francisco specialized SEO consultant about your internet marking program today.