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Twitter Reaches Agreement with Microsoft and Google

We’ve said it before, Social Media Works to Expand Your Exposure and Reach and with each passing year, we find there are more and more ways for you to increase visibility through social media and other organic search engine optimization.


Last week, Twitter made an agreement with Microsoft and Google that will allow these companies to mine Twitter data for their search engines.


What does that mean for you if you are Twittering and make your tweets public? It means that any tweets you compose could appear in searches that people conduct for a topic related to your products and services. If you are not tweeting or your tweets are protected and your settings only allow certain people to see your tweets, then you will not be able to benefit from the possible additional SEO boost.


(By the way, these same rules will soon apply for Facebook status messages as well. If your status messages are can be viewed publicly, they too will pop up in search engine results.)


Just as with websites, tweets are ranked. For example, Microsoft’s Bing will be looking at who wrote the tweet, its content, and if the tweet gets re-tweeted at all. (If you don’t know, a re-tweet is when someone decides to pass along your tweet, in the form of a tweet). So just any old tweet cannot make it to the top, the same way any old web page cannot be at the top of search results.


If you want to take advantage of these new outlets to increase SEO, but are reluctant to let your personal Twitter or Facebook account become public, why not create accounts just for your business? That way, you can let those be viewed by all and control the content, without having to put your name out there. Company accounts can be created and managed by more than one person, so you don’t have to be burdened with trying to do your job and write all of the updates yourself.


And if you are confused and don’t know a tweet from a twitter, contact Increase Visibility, we would be more that happy to get you started in social media.

Writing for the Web, pt 2

Earlier in the week, we started giving tips on how you can keep fresh, relevant content on your website if you cannot hire people to write for you.


Increase Visibility can help you with all aspects of your online marketing campaign, but we know that this is not an option for everyone. We can help you analyze your website and figure out the keywords that people use to find you and let you take over from there.


Here are more tips for web content that will keep them coming back for more:


Cater to your Customers
Even though the internet is widely available, you must remember that more often that not, people will find your site because they are looking for it (thus the importance of using keywords all over your site).


With this in mind, you need to write with your customers in mind. You probably already have researched just who your customers are–don’t forget to write about topics that will appeal to them. This means you do not just write about your products and services; you can also write about news that will interest them (and tie it into your products when appropriate).


Good Formatting is Crucial

  • Create blogs and articles that group text into small chunks.
  • Divide those chunks even further with bullets and subheadings.
  • Remember that we don’t read on the web the same way we read on paper.
  1. Avoid cluttering your web pages with lots of pictures.
  2. Pick fonts that are easy to read. Sometimes we find a fancy font that we think looks great, without realizing that reading more that a few lines in the font can be difficult. You want your web page to have a clean look.
  3. Pick backgrounds and text colors that are easy on the eye. For example, it is difficult to read light text on a dark background. You don’t want those who visit your site to get frustrated and leave.

Writing for the Web, pt 1

We have often talked about how important it is to seek help, especially with search engine optimization. However, we know that this is not always possible because of budget and/or time constraints.


For example, if you do not have a marketing/communications department, it would be best to hire professionals to help in this area. Let’s say that you have contracted with Increase Visibility to analyze your website and provide you with relevant keywords and monitor a pay per click ad campaign. This is a great start, but you are not able to hire extra help to provide ongoing content for your website. You can get help for big projects, but you will have to rely on the staff that you already have to provide content most of the time. That is okay, we have some tips to help you and your staff.


Continuous Content

You need to have fresh content on your site and you need to keep it coming. If you do not want to keep adding more and more pages to your site, consider a blog that is update on a regular basis by an employee. Since it is a blog, you can take a more casual tone than you would in another format, such as an archive of press releases for example. Even though your blog can take a more casual tone, remember that it is supposed to represent your company in the best light, so don’t let it get too casual.


Encourage readers and customers to participate through comments and testimonials. You can set up your blog to preview any comments beforehand, so you can publish only what you think will be beneficial.

How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Presence, pt. 2

Earlier this week, we reminded some of you that what you get out of social media platforms liked LinkedIn depends on what you put into them. Social media platforms are great tools for improving SEO, but you have to do more than just register. You also have to put some time and effort into presenting yourself.


If you feel like you do not have the time to devote to promoting your organization on the internet, there is nothing wrong with getting some help. Increase Visibility can offer you some assistance.


Whether you choose to do it yourself or decide to get some help, we want to offer you some tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn.


You Can Change Your URL
You have the option of customizing your URL on LinkedIn and you are not limited to the default URL. Changing your URL is one way to bring more people to your website and increase your online visibility.


Make Some Connections
The whole point of being on LinkedIn is not just to present yourself and your company, but also to connect with others who are doing the same. So as we said, you have to do more than sign up, you also have to connect and communicate with others. Remember that the more connections you have the more people who are exposed to your organization. Your connections are linked to you directly and the people who they are connected to also have the opportunity to find out more about you.


You should choose your connections wisely of course, but if you are normally shy or very restrictive in your acquaintances, consider making your profile one that you will not mind sharing with the world. That way you are free to connect on LinkedIn with a lot of people.

How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Presence, pt. 1

If you have been working at improving your SEO then you know that the more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it. This is why it is so important for those of you who have signed on to use social media platforms put the time in to reap the benefits of these opportunities. Just signing up is not enough.


Some of you may be already using LinkedIn, but even if you are not, we want to tell you just how to really harness the power of this social media tool.


Use Keywords in Your Profile
From the very beginning, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile connects to your message and mission. When you compose your LinkedIn profile, be sure to include relevant keywords in your headline, summary, job descriptions, etc. This way your LinkedIn profile is one more way for people to find you on the web. Of course you need the text to flow, so do not just stuff keywords in randomly; rather you should include them so they are a natural part of the prose.


Anchor Text and Links
The links that are a part of your LinkedIn profile are another opportunity to bring people to your website. So when you mention your website in your profile, it is important to use anchor text that attracts the attention of search engines. You do not want to use text like “My Company Website” because that is not a boost to your SEO; instead you want to make use of keywords that will aid search engine optimization.


If all of this talk of keywords has you confused, no worries. You can call on Increase Visibility for help. We offer a free website analysis to help you figure out what keywords will help drive more traffic to your website.

How AdWords Ranks Ads

When it comes to getting the most out of your pay per click advertising campaign, some of you will consider it a success only if you see the difference in the bottom line. Still, we know that many of you may want to know a little more about how these things work because understanding more about it will make you feel better about your initial investment.


Some of the factors that a program like AdWords uses to rank ads are: keyword relevance, ad relevance, landing page content, click through rate (or CTR), historical performance and other relevancy factors.


We want to look the first three factors because those are the ones over which you have the most control. After all, you are the one who picks your keywords, right? And it is your company that composes (or hires someone to compose) your landing page content. And when it comes to ad relevance, that is under your control too because it is up to you to tailor your ad copy to each ad group.


These are all areas in which Increase visibility can provide you with assistance. You can initiate a pay per click program on your own, but you may want some expert assistance. We can analyze your website to tell you what the search engines see and determine what needs to be done to improve your success. We can also set up and administer a pay per click program for you if you do not have time to keep up with a pay per click program yourself.


We have several different levels of pay per click programs and you can choose the one that will best suit your needs. Call today to speak with one of our Internet Consultants and find out if Pay per Click Advertising is right for you 877 SEO ADVICE, (877 736-2384).

Social Media Works to Expand Your Exposure and Reach

Search engine optimization service firms focus on garnering you organic or unpaid search placement but did you know that social media works in tandem with search engine optimization to drive traffic to your site and can bring you prospects and new leads?


The name of the game when it comes to search optimization and social networking is to get your message out to the most number of people and fast. Whether you do that with a vial YouTube video, a Facebook Fan page, or even with Twitter the “people power” that you can harness from these various social networking sites can be extremely valuable. Not only can these new avenues work with your search engine optimization program back on your website, but they can enhance to your overall web visibility and web marketing plan expanding your reach and boosting your online exposure.


For example, once we have identified your top keywords, we recommend using these keywords in your tweets on Twitter, we sprinkle these same keywords throughout your blog posts, and beef up your website content. This seemingly simple strategy can help your website to become positioned as an authority in the eyes of search engines on these specific terms.


By building on this concept over time; creating keyword density and an overall social media strategy, the focus is refined and reinforced. Even something as simple as inputting the same special keywords as meta tags in YouTube for your video helps to reinforce your ownership and authority on those phrases.


Social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos, and even bookmarks on Digg can dovetail very nicely with a search engine optimization program that we create for you as the top San Francisco Bay Area search engine optimization firm. When you’re ready for better placement on Google have your first phone call be to Increase Visibility as we ARE the experts when it comes to SEO.