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Small Businesses Need SEO to Increase Visibility

If you are running a small business, please do not think that search engine optimization is just for the big guys–firms with thousands of employees and offices all over the country or all over the world. Sure, international conglomerates certainly do need to make the most of their web presence, but so do you.


There may be someone across the country who would love to purchase your gourmet cookies, rare car parts or made-to-order handicrafts, but they cannot because they are not aware that of your business and all that it has to offer.


And not to scare you or anything, but there are any number of small businesses that are offering items that are similar to yours. What you have unique to be sure, but if someone does an online search and comes across something in a similar vein and they have never seen your products, they will not know that they are missing out on the real thing.


This is where Increase Visibility can help. We know you have great things to offer and with the holiday season fast approaching, we know you want to get your name out there and your products in front of as many people as possible.


We recommend a two-tiered approach that involves organic search methods like building link popularity and using social media with paid advertising. While organic search marketing can take time, we can get you started with a pay per click ad program that will advertise your business right away. It is possible that in a few days, you could see an increase in online traffic.


We have three different Pay Per Click packages; they can be purchased separately or are also included in our full SEO packages. The packages differ in terms of keywords. The higher the level, the more keyword terms will be promoted. No matter the package you choose, you will be included in the major pay per click search engines and get monthly click-thru reports from Increase Visibility so you can see who has been visiting your site.

Giving Thanks

Today is a day to give thanks and think about all of the wonderful people and things you have in your life. At Increase Visibility, we are grateful to all of our friends, supports, customers and to those who read and enjoy our blog. We know that some people belong to all of those categories. No matter where you fit in, if you are reading this, we are happy for the opportunity to communicate with you.


So to say “thank you” to all of you, we would like to share some tips for those of you who blog using WordPress as a blogging platform. (And if you have not started blogging yet—what are you waiting for? It is a great way to increase your online visibility.)


There are a lot of different plugins for WordPress, but here are some of the most helpful:


All in One SEO Pack-This ensures that your WordPress blog plays nicely with search engines.


Broken Link Checker-This is an amazing tool that will search your blog for any broken links and alert you if it finds any. It works so you don’t have to!


Permalinks Migration Plugin-This will let you alter permalink structure while leaving old links to your website intact.


Akismet-This will help you be on the lookout for comments that may be spam, alerting you if it sees possible spam so you can check it out.


SEO Title Tag-This tool takes the guesswork out of optimizing title tags.


Do Follow– Part of social media involves, well, being social. This is hard to do when “no follow” is attached to your comments, so this plugin gets rid of all that and paves the way for exchange.


And if all of this seems like it is written in a foreign language that is okay. Increase Visibility is here to help. For those of you who are not currently blogging and cannot imagine handling a blogging program on your own, we can get you started. We know that if your first foray into online social media is an unpleasant or seemingly complicated experience, you will be hesitant to return. And part of our goal is to get people feeling comfortable with and accustomed to harnessing the power of the internet to expand their businesses.

Starting out with Twitter, pt. 2

Earlier this week, we gave some tips for people who are a little nervous about getting into Twitter. You might have also been nervous when you first set up shop in your business, but you took that plunge and surely you can navigate the waters of Twitter with ease after you get used to it.


With time, you will find that you can create meaningful interactions online, just as you do in real life. It will be easier to decide who to follow and who you want to follow you as well.


One of the things we hear from a lot of people is that they simply do not have time for Twitter. As with other search engine optimization techniques, you can invest a little time in Twitter and see a big payoff. It is all in your hands. If you want to set aside 10 minutes a day to send (or schedule) tweets and to send out quick replies to those tweets that catch your interest, you will be doing more for your online marketing campaign than if you spent those ten minutes on the phone talking to someone about how silly you think all of this social media marketing stuff is.


Your audience and bank of potential customers is much more fractured than it used to be and it is up to you to employ various methods to reach them. If you join Twitter and give out useful information as well as present your business in a genuine way, interested web user will come to you. Then you can ask questions refer them to your website or even sponsor contests via Twitter–these are the same kinds of things you already do, but in a new format.


As much as we love Twitter, we know it is only one part of an effective online marketing campaign. So if you want help figuring out a complete online marketing plan that includes Twitter, contact Increase Visibility at 1-877 SEO ADVICE (1-877-736-2384) for a free consultation.

Starting out with Twitter, pt. 1

Not too long ago we mentioned to you that tweets were going to be indexed in search engines like Bing and Google. If you have ignored Twitter or felt as if it was not worth your time, now may be the time to consider taking advantage of this very useful social marketing tool.


It is very amusing when people make fun of Twitter and it can be misused the way any other networking tool can, but if you are serious about search engine optimization, then you should not ignore Twitter, especially now that it is being indexed and tweets can show up in online searches.


This means that while you may have a pay per click ad program and use reciprocal links, if the competition is on Twitter, they are able to be even more present online than you are. And you certainly don’t want that do you? You want interested new customers and even loyal current customers to be reminded of what you have to offer in as many ways as possible. That is what it means to increase your online visibility, something that the staff at Increase Visibility works hard to help our customers do, so if you need some help, we are here.


It can be a little intimidating to put yourself and your business out there into the Twitterverse (that’s the Twitter universe, for you newbies). So if you are nervous, first spend some time looking around Twitter’s public pages. Go to and do a search for topics that relate to your products and services to see what people are saying. Some of it will be relevant and useful and some of it won’t, but this will help you think about how you want to shape your own tweets once you start to participate.

Increase Visibility with Reciprocal Links

When it comes to networking, they always say that it is better to make a few quality connections than to connect with a large number of people with whom you really cannot build a relationship. They say when you go to networking events; it does no good to throw your business card at everyone you meet. It is better to give your card out after you have spoken someone a bit and feel confident that you have something in common.


When it comes to networking online, you can transfer this advice, but you do need to alter it a bit. When you are looking to increase link popularity and increase the number of inbound links to your website, you do want to get a quantity of links and perhaps make more connections than you would make in the physical world. However, while you may want to go for more online connections that you would in real life, you still want to make sure that sites that link to you have relevant, high quality content.


Taking the time to work on increasing reciprocal links provides two primary advantages for a website owner:

  • Reciprocal links help you to increase link popularity for your website.
  • Reciprocal links also help to generate direct traffic. Direct traffic is the traffic or potential customers that are referred from the other sites that you have provided a link to. And you never know who will tell who about your company and website, so more links increases your chances of referral.

    Increase Visibility has Reciprocal Link Exchange Plans that will help improve your website’s ranking by connecting your site to website that address the similar topics and themes. Doing this can raise the page rank of your website and get the word out to more people since you will be reaching a wider audience when your website is mentioned in more places.

Improving SEO Involves Clear Communication

Just last week, we saw an interesting article online–it was about communicating with an SEO consultant. One point it made was that when you are contracting with someone for services, it is a good idea to be clear with them about what you want so that they can do their best to deliver. We agree with that. Although, we do know that sometimes you can be sure of the results you want (increased online visibility) without really knowing what you want to do to get there.


Part of what we do is help you outline what steps it will take to achieve the results you want. For example, if you really want to increase your website’s traffic quickly, you can initiate a pay per click advertising program and also use organic search engine optimization methods for sustained growth. Or you may not be at all interested in seeing quick results, but you do want to spend more time and energy on building relationships with customers and other businesses through organic SEO.


Another thing this article did was to define a lot of the basics of SEO. Again, there is nothing wrong with arming yourself with information so that you are not dazzled or fooled by a company that seems to know a lot but fails to deliver.


At Increase Visibility, we are impressed with clients who know their stuff. We also have no problem educating clients who are not well-versed in SEO terminology because we consider this part of our work. Whether you come to us knowing a lot or a little, our main goal is to help you succeed and to ensure that you are getting the most out of the energy and resources you put into your online marketing campaign.