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Increase Online Visibility Can Increase Word-of-Mouth Advertising

If, as the new year approaches, you find that one of your goals is to do more with your website and increase customer outreach by increasing web traffic, you need to hire orange county seo consultants who can help you get the results you want. We provide affordable search engine optimization in orange county and beyond that is well worth the investment. The benefits of becoming highly ranked for your industry’s specific search terms are enormous, including higher sales volume, better brand recognition and increased market share. Increase Visibility excels in providing SEO services and our clients include many Fortune 1000 companies.


But you don’t have to take our word for it…visit the Testimonials or Case Studies page on our website, and you may find that one of the companies profiled there is somehow similar to yours. Whether you perform a service, manufacture products or offer consultation, we can help you to get your name out there in front of more and more people. In fact, it may not have escaped your notice that by including clients on our Case Studies page we are giving them additional exposure.


And while we have the capabilities to measure the online effects of our orange county search engine positioning, what we cannot measure is the word-of-mouth effect. Yes, there was a time when you had to rely solely on word of mouth to generate leads, but now you can boost the chances that someone will tell others about your business by reaching an increasing number of current and potential customers online. There are untold numbers of people who would be more than willing to act as ambassadors for your company and your products and services, if they only knew more about you. When you employ the orange county seo services of Increase Visibility, you can make sure that more people are aware of what you do best and some of those people are certain to mention you in conversations with others (be they face-to-face or online).


You can contact us via the web by filling out a brief form on our website or if you prefer, you can call 877 SEO ADVICE, 877 736 2384 and speak to an experience orange county seo consultant.

Take Advantage of Google’s Inclusion of Social Networking, pt. 2

Yesterday we talked about how it is important to take advantage of social networking websites because they offer the opportunity to improve orange county search engine optimization.


And we recently read an article about how if you decide that you want to use social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook you need to get some expert assistance. In fact, “What Google’s “Real-Time” Search Means to SEO” clearly states:


“In order for a company to ensure that they are using Google’s real-time search properly and above board,” says Crisafi, “businesses should only hire a search engine optimization firm that not only has experience in social network marketing, but also adheres to organic, white hat search engine optimization practices.”


Increase Visibility is such a company. We were recently voted the most highly ranked SEO firm out of 2,500 competing firms for customer service and rankings achievability on, the only place online to research and find a reputable SEO firm. Increase Visibility delivers unmatched and customized search engine marketing services to meet all the unique needs of our clients. We handle many different kinds of websites, industries, audiences, and marketing goals, no matter how large or difficult the project. We are the only search engine marketing firm that offers marketing services focused specifically on driving qualified traffic to your website and then converting them into customers.


This is what separates us from other search engine marketing firms because we know that creating orange county search engine positioning plan is not one-size-fits-all. We take time to learn about your company, your products and services and your goals. Increase Visibility does have SEO plans and we use these as a framework because we know that each organization is unique.

Take Advantage of Google’s Inclusion of Social Networking, pt. 1

We have already mentioned that Google will now include real-time information from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace in its search results. If you are re-examining web site marketing in orange county, this is definitely news you can use.


So those of you that have avoided using social networking sites because you do not see the value or think you do not have the time, need to reconsider. Whereas before that information was mainly available to people who spent time on them, now more people will see it. This information will show up in searches that anyone using Google does, whether they actually use social networking sites or not and you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get more exposure for your business. Now more than ever, it is important that orange county ecommerce websites take advantage of the search engine optimization opportunities afford them by social networking websites. People on the social networking websites will learn about you and people doing Google searches will also read about you, plus your search engine ranking will benefit.


Although costs nothing to set up a page on sites like Twitter and Facebook, you will need to put some time and effort into the content you include on your pages. When you sign on for help from orange county seo consultant Increase Visibility, we will analyze your website and give you information about the keywords people use when they are searching for products and services such as those you offer. With our help, you can use this information as you decide what kind of content to include in social networking sites.


Get started today by contacting us for your free website analysis to learn more about what you can do to improve your SEO.

Increase Visibility Beats Out 2,500 SEO Firms for Top Honors

When it comes to Orange County SEO, look no further than Increase Visibility. Just recently, Increase Visibility was voted the most highly ranked SEO firm out of 2,500 competing firms. As Orange County SEO consultants Increase Visibility received this honor from for customer service and rankings achievability.


Our name was not just picked out of a hat for this honor, either. conducted a poll, in which they interviewed people who were customers of each firm that was under consideration. Getting feedback from customers is the true test of the merit of Orange County SEO consultants. It is one thing to ask employees; getting information from people who have paid for a company’s services will really tell you how they conduct business.


To read more about who some of our clients are, visit the Case Studies page on our website. Then, you can visit our Testimonials page, where we let our clients speak to the quality of our affordable search engine optimization services.


There are a lot of groups out there that will promise you that they can increase web traffic and get you a high page ranking, but can they really help you revamp your website and your online marketing campaign so that you see continued growth? Some of these groups will make great promises and they may even be able to get you some of their promised results, but then they may be gone before you know it because they do not want you to realize that they do not have the ability to help you gain lasting success.


Increase Visibility delivers unmatched and customized Orange County search engine optimization to meet all the unique needs of our clients. We handle all different kinds of websites, industries, audiences, and marketing goals, no matter how large or difficult the project.


Contact us today via e-mail ( or via phone (877-SEO ADVICE or 877-736-2384)

Let Customers Find You via Pay Per Click Advertising

Recently a friend was telling us that while she was at her computer, diligently doing her work, which involved some internet research, she found herself distracted. You see, a link appeared on her screen that promised to show her a new real estate venture, one that she had been pondering. Before she knew it, she had followed the link to spend some time looking at the real estate venture. She asked us, “How did they know that I had been thinking about real estate? Who told them?”


We asked her if she had done any searches on real estate lately and she admitted that she had. So as you can see, there was no magic performed and no one read her mind. Our friend was the one who set things in motion because she had been looking into this topic herself.


While we are certainly not in the habit or recommending that you distract people from their work, we are in the habit of helping you increase your visibility on the internet. The little tale we just described illustrates the beauty of pay per click advertising. Of course you will still have to spend some time going after customers in the real world and online, but as you do that you can let some of them come to you via pay per click advertising.


Earlier in the week, we talked about why keywords matter and one of the ways in which knowing relevant keywords can pay off is in having an effective pay per click advertising campaign. Pay per click advertising offers a way to target a pre-qualified group of web users and increase your website traffic in as little as 48 hours.


Increase Visibility can administer your pay per click advertising campaign. We have three different pay per click advertising packages which can be purchased separately or are also included in our full SEO packages.