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Cyber Criminals Try to Profit from Haitian Earthquake

In a very sad turn of events that is adding insult to injury, some dishonest SEO experts are using the earthquake in Haiti for their own gain. By hacking into search engines and making use of common keywords that people are using to get information on the tragic events in that island nation, some disreputable people have managed to redirect people to false sites they have set up. Doing this have allowed some cyber-criminals to spread viruses in this way. Others have set up places for the unsuspecting to donate to help those who are suffering in Haiti, netting the proceeds for themselves.


As experts in Southern California search engine optimization, we were saddened to hear about this. We use our knowledge of Orange County search engine positioning techniques to further legitimate businesses. The criminals out there could also use what they know to gain profit in legal ways, but they choose not to do this and that is very unfortunate, especially in light of the calamity that is taking place on the Haitian portion of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.


We can tell you that there are so many legal ways to get people to patronize your business in order to increase visibility and profits. Why turn to crime? While we know that pay-per-click ads and other marketing techniques do require some investment, they are worth the costs. When you combine paid advertising with organic search techniques, which include social media, you will find that you will reach the customers you want.


Increase Visibility, an award-winning Orange County SEO firm, will use sophisticated analysis tools to identify the searching behavior of your industry’s prospective customers/clients. Armed with this data we will then develop effective search engine friendly web pages that will be used to attract targeted, high converting consumer/clients to your website.

Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Website Marketing

Although someone declares that traditional media outlets are soon to be extinct every other day, they still manage to survive. But that does not mean that you can afford to ignore the face that that Southern California SEO landscape is changing, even when these dire predictions do not come true.


Some people out there are still watching morning television news shows and picking up a newspaper every morning, but the numbers of people who do this are shrinking. Increasing numbers of people, who may or may not be looking for news at all, are finding it on websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Earlier today, some of us logged on to Twitter and learned of breaking national and international news/ We may have learned of things later while reading the newspaper (we pay attention to all media), but since turning on the computer is one the first things we do in the morning, we got the news there.


This is to say that if you want it to increase visibility, you need to be where people are, and often they are looking on the web. Sometimes they are looking for information and this is where having relevant keywords for search engines to pick up is invaluable. At other times, they are on the web passing the time, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot still take advantage of this with pay per click ads that might entice them or a presence on a social media outlet like Facebook or Twitter that may catch someone’s eye.


If the notion of Orange County search engine positioning remains a mystery to you, contact us at Increase Visibility. We are Orange County SEO experts who can help you make understand more bout how search engine ranking in Orange County works. Yes, we will make optimizing your website something you do not need to worry about, but we will not keep you in the dark while we do it. Educating our clients about Orange County SEO goes hand in hand with helping make sure that they are reaching customers via the internet.


Let the experts at Increase Visibility show you how successful your web business can really be. If you do no other marketing this year, search engine optimization can account for 90% of your website traffic… so don’t miss out.

Stick to Tried and True SEO Practices

Things are definitely changing out there in the SEO landscape, what with the arrival of Bing to keep search engine king Google on its toes and the constant whispers that web 2.0 will rapidly become web 3.0, 4.0 etc., etc. Here at Increase Visibility, we know that you know that no matter what has changed in the world, solid business practices still work. Well, it is the same in the world of SEO: The Orange County SEO practices that have worked in the past will continue to work in this New Year; it doesn’t matter if the search engines are slugging it out.


There is no need to be dismayed or panic when you hear that Google or Bing are going to change the way searches are conducted. Remember that, just like your organization, these companies ultimately must make their customers happy. So they are doing all that they can to provide the best search engine data possible. For example, when they say they are going to give internet users “blended results,” this means that instead of just searching text, they are searching through pictures, graphs, videos and whatever else may be on a website to get the information that someone needs.


What does this mean for you? Rather than worry, you can just make certain that your website is in peak form. Make sure that you are using relevant keywords in content and to label pictures and videos.


If you need help, in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us at Increase Visibility. Our key employees have, on average, more than ten years of experience in working with the web and Orange County search engine positioning. It is great to be up on the latest, but when you have been in the game for a while, you have seen many trends come and go, and have the experience to know what will really alter the landscape and what may just be a passing fad.

Improve SEO One Step at a Time

We sometimes idly toss around all those old says like, “A little goes a long way” or “Some is better than none” or “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure” without really considering that there is some valuable knowledge there. Consider that some effort to expand your online marketing efforts is a lot better than sitting back and waiting until you can it all.


There are so many ways to give and receive the same advice, so here is our bid to get you to get started in improving orange county search engine positioning for 2010. The same way we are told that we can get our homes and offices in order by developing the habit of tacking small projects on a regular basis is the same way that we can work out way towards Orange County search engine optimization. Sometimes incremental improvement beats out an exhaustive all-at-once overhaul.


You really do not have to tackle your entire website and all of your SEO practices at once. Here at Increase Visibility, it is our job as Orange County SEO experts to help you improve Orange County SEO and we understand that you may not want to do it all at the same time.


Once we have conducted a comprehensive website analysis on your site, we can advise you on which pages of your website you should tackle first. There may be some pages that need to get updated content that makes good use of keywords right away and some pages that are less of a priority. The same applies to images on your site. You may find the need to replace and tag some images using relevant keywords right away, while you can leave others as they are for a little bit while you attend to other aspects of Orange County SEO.


Contact us today to get started. We are committed to affordable search engine optimization in Orange County are happy to provide you with an professional website analysis at no charge to you.

Reach More Customers This Year with Increase Visibility

Here at Increase Visibility, we are excited to usher in a new year and a new decade. Like you, we could not have imagined the changes that the ever-expanding internet has brought to our lives over the last ten years. The internet has truly changed the way that people around the world to business and we cannot imagine what we would do without it. When the decade started, many people feared that a compute glitch would bring our modern way of life to a grinding halt. The much-feared Y2K crisis passed us by and ten years later we find that we rely on computers more and more.


Your potential customers are no different from you–they are logging onto social networking sites, downloading apps to their various electronic devices and relying on the internet to get directions, tell them movie times and to recommend what they should buy and where they should shop.


And you want to be right there with them, so that when they seek some information on a product or service, they will see your organization as a provider of what they want. As a top Orange County SEO firm, Increase Visibility wants to help make sure that you show up in searches and online meeting places through standard Southern California search engine optimization practices and innovative organic search techniques.


We have learned a lot about what works in Orange County search engine positioning and what does not and we are ready to put that knowledge to use by helping you. We have worked with a wide range of companies, from mid-size businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, and can tailor an online marketing program to fit your unique needs.


Contact us online at or if you prefer to talk it over, call us at 877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384).

Improving Orange County SEO Means Doing More to Reach A Targeted Audience

As we mentioned earlier this week, if you want to improve Southern California search engine optimization, you can turn to Increase Visibility to help you increase your word-of –mouth advertising. And even though we are in the business of helping people gain customers on the internet, we do not underestimate the power and persuasion yielded by friends, family and acquaintances. As an orange county seo firm, we know that the work we do with pay-per-click advertising and reciprocal links are ways to heighten the old-fashioned power of a referral.


Whether someone asks for the information directly or an enthusiastic ambassador volunteers it without prompting, the recommendations that people give to one another person-to-person are invaluable. No matter what an online banner or landing page may say or no matter how well-crafted the content, a personal recommendation carries much more weight. But how can you make sure that people are out there telling others about your company? Well, it is a numbers game, so the more people the reach, the more potential there is that these people will tell someone else about your company. Sometimes, the people who act as your spokespeople may not even have direct experience with your organization and that is okay. As long as they know you exist and are able to mention you to someone else, you are much further along than you would be if they had never heard of you at all.


This is why we really encourage our clients to take advantage of all the social media opportunities that are out there. There are so many ways for you to get your message across—Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn are some of the more well-known forums, but there are others. Within professions and industries there are untold numbers of online forums and listservs. Some people will tell you that listservs have died out, but they haven’t; they are simple more specialized and niche-bound than ever before.


Part of orange county search engine positioning involves doing the research to effectively reach your target audience. Although we did say it was a numbers game, Increase Visiblity can help you target your orange county seo efforts so that you reach not simply large numbers of people everywhere, but large numbers of people who are a part of your specific audience.