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Using SEO to Cultivate Influencers, pt. 2

Earlier in the week, we told you about how one very successful businessman noted the importance of cultivating influencers. Ted Leonsis now invests in film projects and other ventures, but he started out cutting grass. He was friendly enough with one of his clients to be able to ask the man to write him a recommendation for school. He made certain that he connected with people who would go out and spread the word about his businesses. And we imagine that he returned the favor so that people were happy to do what they could to promote him and help him raise his profile.

We’d like to point you to some of our influencers. As you can see, we have worked with a variety of our businesses and organizations. Of course, we do not require that our clients give us testimonials, but the businesses you will find on that page were happy to do so and in return, we are happy to give them some additional exposure. Many of our clients choose to remain anonymous and we are glad to respect their privacy.

On our website, you will see that we have outlined SEO plans to improve Orange County search engine optimization, but they are in no way one-size-fits-all. We tailor our efforts based on what your business needs. When we analyze your website and gather information about keywords to see what words and phrases will draw more clients to your site, we will work with you to formulate a plan for the best way to use this information.

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Using SEO to Cultivate Influencers

Businessman Ted Leonsis, who made $20 million selling one of his businesses before the age of 30, wrote a book about called “The Business of Happiness.” In his book, Leonsis talks about the path he took from humble beginnings to increasing his wealth by selling another business that he sold to AOL to buying into sports franchises and investing in Google.


Leonsis notes that one of the keys to his success has been working to develop relationships with “influencers.” He believes that little will happen for you without making connections–with individuals and with networks of people.


This principle works offline and online too. In fact, some of the smartest people we know do their best to cultivate “influencers” in all of the arenas that they possibly can. As experts in Orange County SEO, Increase Visibility cannot assist you at the next networking function you attend, but we can help ensure that influential people are learning about you through your Orange County ecommerce website.


While we don’t know exactly how Leonsis defines influencer, we think an influencer is someone who can influence others in your favor, but also influence you in positive ways as well. In the online world, you can’t meet people who do not know you are there. So if you want to increase your visibility, get the word out and try to forge connections, you may need some help. Part of cultivating relationships with people who will go out and tell others about you means knowing how to reach them. This is where the Orange County SEO consultants at Increase Visibility can help-we can do a keyword analysis that will let you know how you can help people find you.


Once you know how to communicate online with some of your likely influencers, you can work to reach them through pay per click advertising and through organic search engine positioning.

Twitter and Social Media Really Can Increase Your Visibility, pt. 2

Earlier in the week, we told you about a friend of ours who uses Twitter. A tweet she sent attracted the notice of a social media guru in her area. This social media guru quoted what she said in an online article and to his credit, also linked to her website so that anyone who was curious would be able to immediately access information about her.

The social media guru knew how important it is to give credit where it is due and although this mention was great, no-cost way for our friend to get some publicity, we are fairly certain that he got even more. Why? Because of what our friend did next–she told everyone that she knew about getting her name mentioned in an online article. By sending the link to more than a few friends, she guaranteed that a good number of people she knew would likely see the article and learn more about this social media guru and his services.

As they say, a little flattery goes a long way and this is an important lesson to remember if you are interested in search engine optimization. We imagine that the attention her received from our friend and her circle of acquaintances would not put anyone’s search engine ranking over the top, but we also know that every bit helps. If this social media guru makes a habit of mentioning and promoting others, we are pretty confident that his organization does reap the benefits.

And, as we have said before, the only way to win the game is to play. So if you have been sitting on the sidelines hearing about other people finding ways to make the most of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to SEO, now is the time for you to get in on it too.

When you employ the SEO services of Increased Visibility, we do out best to live up to our name. We will analyze your website to see where its strengths and weaknesses lie and help you figure out the keywords that will get you noticed by search engines. We can also assist you in using social media to promote your products and services.

Twitter and Social Media Really Can Increase Your Visibility, pt. 1

We have been telling you for a while just how important it is to get in on the social media scene to improve Southern California search engine optimization. And a recent story we heard from a friend only goes further to prove our point.


This friend is a regular user of Twitter and one morning managed to attract the attention of an area social media guru. This social media guru liked her tweet so much that he included it in an online article that he was writing and credited her, also including a link to her business. He then sent a tweet mentioning to her that she was included in his online article. She, in turn, tweeted to thank him. Then he tweeted back to let her know about a networking workshop his organization was holding, inviting her to attend.


Are you starting to see how this all works? Those of you who think you do not have time for social media have to remember that you only need devote a small amount of your time to it and you can still get big returns. The interaction we mentioned above was not back-and-forth. If you need help managing a social media initiative, contact Increase Visibility, we would be happy to help.


When it comes to Orange County search engine positioning, you really cannot afford to ignore all of the promotional possibilities that are at your fingertips because of social media sites like Twitter. Our friend made a connection (she knew of the social media guru, but he initially knew little of her) and learned about more opportunities for strengthening that connection and meeting others. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, their online interaction was helping both of them to attract more notice from search engines because as we have mentioned that you should take advantage of Google’s inclusion of social networking.

Pay Per Click Ad Programs Require Maintenance

We recently read an article in which an internet expert talked about how it is absolutely critical to review your keywords to really have success with a pay per click advertising program. And this is so true: pay per click advertising requires attention to detail – it’s not one of those things you can start and leave to manage itself. The rewards of can be great, but it does take some work.

We understand that some are quite capable of implementing a pay-per-click program, but do you can dedicate a sufficient amount of time to keeping in running smoothly? Is this time well spent?

One very important aspect of the services that Increase Visibility offers is that we will maintain your pay per click ad program so that you are free to concentrate on other aspects of running your business. And while we monitor the positions of your keywords in the search engines and make adjustments as we see necessary to assure that we achieve top positions, we do not keep you in the dark. Once each month, you will receive a detailed report showing the current positions of the keyword terms we are promoting for you.

Even though we want to take some of the burden off of your shoulders, we  work to partner with you. We send you the reports so that you will be fully aware of what is going on with the pay per click ad program. If you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss those with you.

Increase Visibility is your expert in Southern California search engine optimization. We work with companies that vary in size and our customers range in their level of expertise.  if you are looking for an Orange County SEO company just give us a call.

Want to Improve Your Marketing/Advertising/PR Efforts? Increase Visibility Can Help!

Sometimes we can get confused about the distinctions between marketing, advertising and public relations.


We once heard someone explain it this way–

If a man wants to date a woman and he compliments her, telling her how great she looks and how wonderful and smart she is, that is marketing.


When this same man tells a woman he wants to date about all of his amazing qualities, how smart and successful he is, that is advertising.


If a mutual friend or even a stranger tells the woman who smart and successful the guy who wants to date her is, that is public relations.


When it comes to Orange County marketing perhaps you have the person-to-person thing all figured out: you know how to market your goods and services to people you meet and know how and when to place ads in local newspapers, directories and other publications. But how do you fare on the web?


If you need help with Orange County web site development, you can turn to Increase Visibility. We know that it takes the right mix of marketing, advertising and public relations to win people over online. We can analyze your website and help you figure out the best ways to use the site to market yourself to internet users. We can help you implement a pay-per-click advertising program to draw more potential customers to your website. And we can advise you on social networking techniques that will get other people talking about your organization at what it has to offer.


We are the experts to turn to for help with website marketing in Orange County. You can call us at 877-SEO-ADVICE (877-736-2384) or contact Increase Visibility via the web and we will help you get increase your online visibility and connect with more internet users.

SEO Success Still Means Impressing Google

While Google is not the only search engine around, we all know that it is the biggest. Yes, Bing came on to the scene and made a big splash, but the key to great Orange County search engine optimization is still catching the attention of Google. And usually if you are doing what you need to do to catch Google’s eye, then you will also attract the attention of web crawlers from other search engines.


Google does not reveal many of it secrets, but it does make some announcements let people know when it is making big changes to its ranking criteria or ranking methods.


Increase emphasis on social networking sites
At the end of last year, Google announced that it would incorporate real-time news feeds into its results. This meant that things like Twitter, Facebook and blogs would become even more important since Google is now paying more attention to them.


Our advice that you add a blog, Twitter feed or Facebook account to your repertoire is still on point. You do not have to add all three (although that would maximize your efforts at Southern California search engine optimization). You can choose a social media platform that really suits you.


Increased emphasis on website efficiency
Another big thing that Google announced that you may or may not be aware of is that they will now be looking at the time it takes for pages to load on your site. Google’s mission is not only to provide its users with the most comprehensive information possible, it also wants to make certain that Google users get this information as quickly as possible. You know that modern computer users want what they want and they want it fast. A page that takes too long to load will frustrate internet users, so Google will reward people with websites that are speedy and have relevant content.


If this seems like too much to figure out on your own, contact Increase Visibility, your Orange County SEO experts.