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Site promotion Tips to Increase your Visibility

Here are some helpful tips you can do on your own to promote your site visibility:

1. Use the power of your social network. If you haven’t already, create a business page on facebook and include the link to your website. Invite “fans”. Need more “fans”? Offer special promotions through your business that are only offered to “fans” on facebook.

2. Update your content constantly. if you want more traffic, you will want to continuously update your content. This is one purpose that blogs achieve—they provide fresh, updated content while upholding your professional reputation. Prospective consumers will not visit your websites if they do not have good and high quality content.

3. Get the repeat visitor. Use the “bookmark” tool and add it to your site so users can bookmark you. Make sure to always offer the customer an option to sign up for emails and special promotions.

4. Manage your links to find out what is working and what needs improvement. Link managers such as and can track visitors’ movements around your site, monitor clicks on links to your e-newsletters, email signatures, message board posts, search engine listings, etc. These managers can also check for invalid links on your site and show you how many visitors have downloaded something from your site.

5. Select keywords by brainstorming. What words are users going to type in to their search engine of choice to find your business? Brainstorm a list of keywords and type them in to a search engine. Who are your competitors? A good SEO campaign begins with smart keyword choices. Use these key words whenever possible in your blog and comments on other pages with links back to your site.

Make the Most of Your Facebook Fan Page

 For those of you who have ventured into the exciting world of social media to enhance SEO marketing , we want to share some tips with you to make sure that your Facebook fan page is really working for you. Even if you do not have a Facebook fan page (yet), you will find that these techniques can be used in other areas of SEO driven web site development to win fans and influence customers.

 If you are going to take the Facebook plunge, you really have to go into it with all you’ve got. Okay, maybe not all you have got, but you need to make an effort. Experts who have studied Facebook fan pages have found that many businesses only add new content about every two weeks. This is no way to influence your customers. When someone becomes a fan of your page, they are willing and waiting to learn more about you. Don’t disappoint them! (Plus, it is great for Top SEO

You need to post quality content everyday. And when we say quality content, this does not mean you have to post something about one of your products or link to your blog everyday. You can mention or post links to something that will affect your industry or your customer base. You can post photos or how-to videos. Or you can run a mini contest–ask people to respond to a question and promise a prize for a randomly picked winner.

If you don’t feel spontaneous enough to come up with something every single day, you can make an editorial calendar for your Facebook fan page or pick a topic that is similar to what you already have on your blog.

And if you think you are too busy during the day to stop and post, there are a number of online tools that will let you schedule posts ahead of time.

While Google and Bing Fight, You Can Win

Those of you who have heard that there are changes coming to the SEO landscape need not panic. While it is true that very soon that it is very likely that Google and Bing may be locked in some sort of battle, what you need to do to improve Orange County SEO  is not going to change all that much.

Good, solid orange county search engine optimization practices are still going to be what put you ahead of your competition, even as the largest search engines compete with each other.

You still need to:

Work to increase link popularity

Keep your website architecture in good shape

Optimize your HTML coding

Optimize your meta tags

While attending to some of the more technical aspects of keeping your website going, you also cannot forget content. With competing search engine giants out to dominate, you need to make sure that you have good, quality content for those search engine spiders to crawl through.

And you need to do all you can to diversify your content so that you have something to offer to the search engines on all fronts. This means not just having well-written text that makes good use to keywords, but thinking about images too. You want to have photos and video that is tagged correctly as well. And since the search engines are looking at social media too, make sure your blog and Twitter accounts also employ the most relevant keywords as well.

If this all seems like more that you want to take on right now, why not get some help with Orange County web site development ? You know that your website is vital to your business, but if you cannot devote the kind of time to it that you would like, hire Orange County marketing consultant Increase Visibility to help you get the job done.

Increase Visibility Earns Silver Award for Online Marketing from

Earlier this month, Increase Visibility was given a Silver Award for Online Marketing by TopTen And while we are very excited to be given such an honor for our work in Orange County SEO, we don’t want you to think that we are resting on our laurels–we will strive to be the number one Orange County SEO firm next year. We work hard to do the best we can for our clients, just as you do., which functions as a third-party review site that gives users background information, comparative analysis and client reviews, ultimately is geared to help it¹s visitors decide which company or service to choose from in the marketplace. As experts in Orange County search engine positioning  , we had to do a lot of work to get this kind of recognition, but we did not just do this to be noticed—we work as hard as we do because we feel our clients deserve the best.

When someone comes to us for help with affordable search engine optimization, we want to make certain that they are more than satisfied and that they get the increase in web visibility (and ultimately the increase in business) that they desire.

“We are happy to see that our company is really beginning to be noticed in the marketplace for its quality of service, solid reputation and ahead-of-the-curve methodology and it is our aim to be in the number one position on this, and other websites. We are very honored to be recognized but we will continuing working to improve even in this,” said Increase Visibility CEO, James Lisi.

Increase Visibility is based out of Orange County California, and we have team members that serve companies all over the country.  Although many of us cannot remember life before the internet became a driving force in marketing, we consider ourselves veterans because we have been successfully optimizing websites with a combined 20 years of experience. We blend sound marketing principles with up-to-the-minute technological know-how to help organizations increase qualified web traffic.

Tips for Marketing Videos Created for Your Website

Earlier in the week, we gave you our top tips for incorporating video on your website. Now we want to talk about publicizing those videos. Just because you put a video up on your website does not guarantee people will look at it. If you want to improve your Southern California SEO , you will have to not only create a video, you will also need to direct people to it.

Spread the word about your video
Write articles that relate to your video and include a link to the video. Just as we advised for the video: keep it simple. You want to get people’s attention and have them move on to the video.

If you have a blog, do not forget to mention the video on your blog. You would be surprised at the number of organizations that do not do this, as if there is some reason they need to separate these two promotional mediums.
Again, make the blog post a simple call to action that encourages people to click on a link and watch the video.
You can do this periodically or whenever there is something in the news that relates to the topic discussed in the video.

If you use any social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) and belong to industry-specific listservs, you can also use these forums to let people know about your video or video series.

And of course, anything you do to publicize the videos on your website will help improve your overall Orange County search engine positioning .
Take the video offline
You can take the video you made for your website and put it on a DVD as a giveaway. Be certain that somewhere on the packaging, you include your website address. That way people who watch the video (or even those that just get the website off of the package) will know how to find you online.

For some of you, creating a video may be easy, it is the marketing part that you find difficult. If that is you, contact Increase Visibility, an Orange County SEO consultant .

Negative Keywords and Pay Per Click Advertising

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that we like to talk about the importance of keywords when it comes to Southern California search engine optimization . These are the words that internet users can type in to find your business and pages on your website that mention certain products and services.

Well, if you can believe it, negative keyword really do exist. And no, this does not mean that you should use unflattering descriptions of your business and products as a way to improve Orange County search engine positioning.

Instead, negative keywords are sort of like photo negatives: they show a different view of the same picture. By including negative keywords in your pay per click ad program, you are actually making sure that those who really want to find you on the internet can do so. With some of your more general keywords, your business can show up in all kinds of searches and although you want to get your name out in front of many pairs of eyeballs you want it to be the right pairs.

If someone who is not looking for you clicks on your ad, you will pay even though that person has no intention of ever patronizing your business. When that happens over and over again, your pay per click ad campaign costs more without yielding you the results you really want. You want the attention of qualified leads.

Here’s is a very simplified example of how it works:

If one of your company’s keywords is “photo” and you are appearing in searches where people type in “photo key ring” and you do not sell products like key rings but do high end photo refinishing, you could make the phrase “key ring” one of your negative keywords.

But before you can get into negative keywords, you first need to be aware of your regular keywords. If you’re not contact Increase Visibility  so we can assist you with a keyword analysis.

Ad Age Predicts Facebook Domination


A recent Advertising Age article entitled “Facebook Will Rule the Web During the Next Decade”  gave us some food for thought. Even if you do not agree with its bold prediction, the article has a bigger message: it points to the impact that social networking has had on the way we live and the way we do business. Whether or not you use Facebook, you have to be aware that many internet users turn to Facebook not only to connect with friends, but to get information and increasingly, to conduct business transactions.

The article mentioned that some businesses let consumers purchase products via Facebook without ever sending them to their individual websites. Other businesses do not actually conduct transactions via Facebook, but they do use it as a tool to build relationships with and get feedback from customers.

Depending on the nature of your organization, using Facebook may or may not be a good idea for improving and get more business. However, using the internet to do all you can to connect with the public is a great idea.

Have you found that you are really not sure what your customers want? Do you wonder if certain products are being well-received? Even if you have impressive sales figures, you still need to reach out to your customers. You may learn surprising things: for example you could find out that customers have found new uses for your products. You could make the most of that information using Orange County search engine optimization , if you were aware.

Whether you want to delve into social networking, or improve your customer outreach through your current website, the Orange County SEO consultants at Increase Visibility can help. We can help you with Orange County SEO  so that more people find your website when they are online.

Want More Comments on Your Blog? Try These Tips, pt. 2


Earlier this week, we gave some advice to those of you who have followed our recommendation that you start a blog to improve Southern California SEO . Once you have started the blog, you have to put in a little work to make it an interactive forum. Engaging your customers and the general public (some of whom you may be able to convert into customers) is a great way to increase your online visibility.

Check keywords: Make certain that your blog posts include relevant keywords so people who are looking for information on a topic that relates to you can find you. (If you need help indentifying keywords, you can request the Orange County SEO  services of Increase Visibility.

Be responsive: If readers see that no one from your organization has responded to existing comments, they may not get the feeling that you are interested in dialogue. When readers see that they can engage you through your blog, they will be more likely to comment.

Assume readers are taking your advice: This is the best scenario. If your posts direct people to take action, they may be doing just that. People may finish reading your blog posts and get to it. It is hard to know if that is the case, unless you are talking to your customers in different forums and in real life. You can take the advice mentioned above and ask readers to return and share results once they’ve followed your advice/bought your produce.  Or you can write a post where you ask readers directly what happened if they followed your counsel in certain situations.

There are any number of reasons that your blog is not getting tons of comments—some of theses factors may be out of your control. Check your blog’s statistics and make certain that pages are being viewed.  If that is the case, then consider your blog to be just one of many ways that you can communicate with your customers and the public.

Want More Comments on Your Blog? Try These Tips, pt .1


If you have followed the Orange County SEO  advice from us and others that starting a blog is a great way to improve Orange County search engine positioning  and connect with current and potential customers, you may feel disappointed if you do so and find that there are no comments on your blog.

After looking at the stats for the numbers of people who read your blog, you may find that people really are visiting your blog. (And if you want help with this and other stats related to your website, contact Orange County SEO consultant of Increase Visibility.  But if you want connection, here are some things you can do

Make commenting simpler: If internet users have to jump through a lot of hoops, register or remember passwords to comment on your blog, they may get discouraged and give up. Think about what security measures you must have and what you can do without. You can set things up so that you must approve any comments before they are published. That way, you can learn what people are saying and then decide what comments you want to let the general public read.

Check your writing: Is what you’ve written clear? It is possible that your readers have little to say because they are not sure of your message.

Also, look at the length of your posts—are they extremely long in comparison to other blogs? Try to make posts no longer than 500 words. If your posts are very short, as in a sentence or two, consider using a micro-blogging application such as Twitter  instead.

Extend an invite: You can simply ask readers to comment or pose a question at the end of a blog post. They might just be waiting for you to ask.

Tips for Incorporating Video on Your Website, pt. 1


If you have not been using videos on your website as a way to market your business and Orange County ecommerce website, what have you been waiting for? While we do not advocate throwing videos on your site just to have them up there, we are fairly certain that you can find a way to incorporate video into your plan to improve Orange County search engine positioning .


Here are our top three tips for using video on your website:


1. Keep it simple
A lot of people get in front of a camera and get a little goofy. If you are just beginning to use video, you can get more elaborate as you go. For now, keep your video short and to the point. Start with just one person talking in front of a simple background.


2. Tell people why they are watching
We have started to watch many a video online and been unclear as to the purpose of the video. State the reason you made the video and what you want people to do (order a product, attend a seminar, etc.).


3. Ask people to comment on your video
You do not want your video to be a static thing that just sits on your site; you want it to be part of a dialogue. So encourage people to leave comments because then they will feel as if they are connected to your organization and other people who use the site. Some people may come back to your site to read the comments of others. It takes different mediums to reach different people. Someone who may not comment on a blog, may have something to say about a video and what they say may give your organization insight into how to do more to connect with your customers and the community.


If you need help getting started, the Orange County SEO cosultants  at Increase Visibility are here to help.

Why Keywords Matter

We know that you know your industry, your products and perhaps even your customers inside and out. However, can you name the top three keywords that internet users type in when searching for the kinds of products and services that you offer?

Even if you have an accurate profile of your ideal customer, you still may not be aware of how those who do not fit that profile think. It is great to know your ideal customer, but when it comes to sales you want to reach as many as possible, even those demographics that you think will not be interested.

This is why keyword analysis is so very important. Getting expert help in determining the search terms that internet users type in to find you can make all the difference to your online marketing campaign, which in turn can have a great impact on your bottom line.

This is where Increase Visibility can be of great assistance: We offer a comprehensive industry-specific linguistic research including keyword/keyword phrases and keyword/keyword phrase stemming analyses. Increase Visibility will identify the searching behavior of your industry’s prospective customers/clients. Armed with this data, we then develop effective search engine friendly web pages to use for attracting targeted, high converting consumer/clients to your web site.

Shakespeare said that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. That might have worked for Romeo and Juliet, but it doesn’t exactly work when it comes to search engine optimization. If you website does not contain the words that customers type in when they have your kind of company in mind, then there will be a disconnect. Potential customers that might otherwise have considered your organization, will instead be directed to the websites of other companies because your company will not appear in their search results and you do not want that to happen.

Give us a call…

Jim Lisi,
Increase Visibility