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Improve SEO with Keyword-Rich Page Titles

In order to improve Your Site SEO , you need to make certain that titles for each page of your website contain important keywords. To do this, you may need to get rid of filler words (the, and, an, of, etc.). You want to minimize these words while ensuring that your page title still makes sense.

There are times when “the” really is not necessary; why not replace it with a keyword that will improve your chances of getting noticed by search engines, which in turn will improve your chances of being noticed by prospective clients and customers?

Your page title is very important because it is what people see when they look at a certain page. It is also visible in the bar that is at the very top of a web browser. You never noticed that, you say? Take a little time to visit a few of your favorite sites and check out the page titles.

As we mentioned, the better your page title, the more likely that search engines will notice you. And since it is the function of a search engine to make introductions and act as a go-between for you and internet users, you need to grab their attention.

So not only do you want to make sure that your page titles are keyword-rich, you also want to make sure that you lead with the words that people are likely to type in first while searching for an organization like yours.

If a business called “Grandma’s Attic” sell homemade quilts and blankets, then those items should come first in a page title. An SEO-friendly page title would be “Homemade Quilts and Blankets–Grandma’s Attic” and not “Grandma’s Attic Makes Some of the World’s Best Homemade Quilts and Blankets” because you want the main search term to be first to boost Your Site search engine positioning.

Selecting the Best SEO Firm to Increase your Site Visibility

Need to Improve SEO Quickly? Turn to Increase Visibility

 While good things come to those who wait, the team at Increase Visibility understands that you may need to get your Site SEO  improved in a hurry. While it is necessary to allow time for some of the organic search optimization techniques that we recommend to take affect, there are some things that we can do rather quickly to increase your online visibility.

 Free Website Analysis

We can run a free analysis and free ranking report, services which most companies charge at least $399 for. An experienced search engine consultant will email you the findings within 24 hours of your request and then contact you to discuss your options and how we can help

 Pay Per Click Advertising

While everyone does not have these kind of results, it is possible to see a difference in web traffic using pay per click advertising in a matter of days. We utilize paid inclusion campaigns through major search engines to assure that your website is indexed within 24 to 48 hours rather than the traditional 15 to 30 days.

 Directory Submission

Search engines use hundreds of human edited web directories from around the world to gather quality websites. With our directory submissions, we assure your site is listed in these directories.

 We mention “human edited web directories” because we want you to know that connecting with these directories also requires a human touch. Although much of what we do on the web is automated, sometimes you still need people working for you.

The Orange County SEO consultants at Increase Visibility are the kind of people you need to help if you want to see results quickly and do not have the ideal amount of time or employee resources to devote to improving Your Site SEO .

Web Marking Techniques to Increase Your Company Revenues

Search engines do not like it when you play hard to get, so it is important to be up front with them and do all that you can to make sure that the focus of your website and the focus of specific pages is obvious.

And even though search engines don’t read your content the way people do, if you make your site friendly to search engines, it will be friendly to people too since humans also like it when your message is not hidden and this will improve Orange County search engine positioning.

Here are some tips to make sure you get your message across to search engines and people alike–

Put keywords first

Sometime we follow old-fashioned writing techniques on the web when the internet differs greatly from a grade school composition. Instead of writing a generalized introduction in the first paragraph of a body of text, and waiting until the second paragraph to mention your focus, make sure you put your keywords in the first paragraph.

Now you cannot just fill a first paragraph with keywords because search engines like Google examine keyword density and this will raise a read flag. Get your keywords in early, but do not go overboard.

Use keywords in hyperlinks

As we mentioned earlier, search engines scan for clues and you don’t want them to have to search too hard. Hyperlinks are an indication that certain information is important. Hyperlinks stand out to readers as important information that they should pay attention to as well.

Now if you have read this and thought–keywords, what are keywords–have no fear.  SEO firm  Increase Visibility is here to help. We can perform a competitive keyword analysis to give you a breakdown of the terms people are using to search for products or services. We can determine which terms will provide the most traffic and this highest ROI.

Don’t Forget the Value of Reciprocal Links

With all the talk about social networking, some of the older methods that we use to boost SEO can fall by the wayside.  Getting reciprocal links and working to increase link popularity  was social networking before there were sites dedicated to this practice. It seems strange to even think that there are Orange County SEO  practices that can be considered old, since the internet and SEO itself are not ancient. Still, it is important not to put all of your eggs into one SEO basket.

Have you been lax about trying to get reciprocal links lately? If so, don’t forget to look for website you can link to and ask if they would consider returning the favor.

Here are some suggestions for getting more reciprocal links-

1. Make comments and submit suggestions on online forums and blogs that include a link to your website.

2. If someone links to an article on your website, don’t simply thank them and end it there. Try to establish an ongoing connection with them.

3. Make sure your website is listed in relevant business directories (both online and offline). Periodically check to see if these directories still exist and look for new ones.

4. Give something away online. People live giveaways and will spread this word. This will get you more links.

5. Invite prominent people in your industry to write for or be interviewed on your website. These people will certainly publicize their appearance on your website and this will probably lead to more links for you.

Remember that no matter what methods you are using to boost your online presence, you need to have good, high-quality content that will keep people interested and make them not only want to return to your website, but also have them telling everyone they know to visit your website as well.

Social Media Optimization is a Part of Search Engine Optimization

As SEO experts, we can tell you that these days a big part of SEO is SMO. Now you know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, but what is SMO? SMO stands for Social Media Optimization.

We have talked plenty about some of the more well-known social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Perhaps you already use those or have never felt that these social media site were for you.

That is okay because there are so many sites out there and you may find that one of the lesser known ones will work well to promote your business and improve your site search engine positioning .

If your business has a spokesperson or a very charismatic leader, you may want to focus your social media campaign on that person, letting people get a glimpse into their everyday work life. Many of these sites connect to and allow you to share updates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here are some social media marketing sites for you to consider:

Vimeo- This is a community where people can share videos

Flickr- Lets you share photos. You can refer people to Flickr pages via your website or another social media site like Twitter or Facebook.

FourSquare- This site lets you connect with friends, find out where they are, tell them where you are, earn points and get special badges when you discover new things.

Gowalla- This site lets you inform your friends where you are and then you can earn rewards.

Loopt- Keeps you informed about what is going around you and allows you to connect with people you haven’t met yet so you can make new friends.

PlanCast- This resembles FourSquare Gowalla and Loopt, except that instead of telling people where you are, you are letting people know where you plan to be.

Twitter Will Now Accept Advertiser-Sponsored Tweets

There is some big news in the social media world: Twitter is now going to display tweets that are supported by advertisers at the top of search results. They are calling with new program “Promoted Tweets.”

Although Twitter is used by many individuals and companies for promotional purposes, this is the first time that the company itself will step into advertising in the same way other websites do. For a while, the company resisted having advertising, but now they will join other social networking sites, such as Facebook, in displaying ads.

 Presumably, companies that do not want to pay for Promoted Tweets, will still be free to open Twitter accounts at no cost and send out as many messages as they like without paying for it. So if you have yet to start a Twitter account, we encourage you to do so , since it is a great way to improve your site SEO .

Ads that show certain products will be visible when an individual conducts a search that relates to those products. Promoted Tweets will be labeled, so that people know that the tweet has been sponsored.

What do you think? Some feel like this is the beginning of the end for Twitter. Other think it is just a part of the natural evolution of any social networking site. Like many sites, social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter start out small, but then grown exponentially. Although they fight to hold onto that “homegrown” feel, it is hard to maintain operations in the internet without some kind of advertising.

Twitter made this grand announcement without saying much about the fee schedule for this new program. Companies pay for pay-per-click ads [ when someone actually clicks on the ad, but we somehow doubt that Promoted Tweets works in that same fashion.

Does Your Website Speak to Both Genders?

One of our friends recently pondered the difference in what men and women look up on the web. When she typed in one word and Google gave her suggested search terms, she had no way of knowing which gender was more likely to type in “does he like me” or “does the wii play dvds,” but she was willing to hazard a few guesses.

You have surely heard before that men and women each seemingly come from different planets and that we need to learn the language of both to communicate successfully. This idea applies not only to in-person conversations, but to the dialogue that you are trying to develop with your customers and prospects online.

While both genders use the internet to gather information, buy products and communicate with others, they are doing these things in different ways and it would be beneficial for search engine optimization projects  for you to take some time to consider who your internet audience is and how you can best reach them.

A 2009 study found that over half of the female respondents considered the internet their main tool for keeping in contact with family members. The same study found that an even higher percentage of women who responded (nearly 2/3) looked to the internet as the main way to inform themselves about products they wanted to buy.

Of course, this does not mean that men do not use the internet to do these same things, but perhaps they do not consider the internet as a prime communication or pre-shopping tool.

Consider gender in your web site development : Does your website have a variety of ways that users can get information and get in touch with you? Do you include a variety of topics on your blog–ones that would appeal to both genders and some that appeal specifically to one gender?

How to Get More Readers Reading More of Your Blog Posts?

They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. True…but you can definitely increase the chances that he will take at least a sip if you can get that horse to the water.

Sometimes that is how you have to approach your SEO marketing  campaign. If your blog exists but you do nothing to encourage people to read it, how will it help you with your web site development ?

Here are some tips to get people to your blog:

Mention the blog in your e-mail signature- E-mail is not obsolete. People still read and send e-mails everyday. Why not slip in a reference to your blog in your e-mail signature? Everyone won’t take the bait and click on the link, but some folks will. And speaking of e-mail…

Send an e-mail blast with a link a new blog post- While we know that you work to make sure each blog post has content of the highest quality, you should only do this every once in a while for really good blog posts. Make sure you ask people to comment and e-mail the blog post to friends and colleagues.

Encourage people to subscribe- True story: After getting an e-mail with a link to a new blog post, a friend said someone asked her to send them an e-mail with every new blog post. She encouraged that person to subscribe to her blog so the posts would arrive automatically.

With so much to read on the web, people are more likely to read your blog if it arrives in their inbox. This benefits you in many ways: First, you get regular readers who increase Your site SEO by visiting your blog on a regular basis. You also create an audience and boost your credibility when you can boast of having a good number of subscribers.


Special Guests Can Boost SEO

A recent trend among casinos has been to invite TV stars to make guests appearances or perform. Casinos traditionally give singers lucrative contracts for long-running engagements, but before now they did not book a lot of celebs for one-night-only appearances.

Big-name celebs do not just drop by for free; they do have to be paid. However, casino owners have said that the cost of paying the celeb for an appearance is a small expense in comparison to the revenue that is generated on those nights.

The regulars and tourists who are in town specifically to visit casinos might have come anyway,  however these businesses get an additional bump in sales from people who come specifically to see the famous chef or reality show star.

These folks may stay for dinner or gambling. The hope is that they will not make their first trip their only time there and that if they have a good time, they will return to enjoy what the casino has to offer.

While, you may not be able to get a big name celebrity to make a special appearance on your website, you can still make this idea work for you to improve your site visibility.

Are there people who are experts or well-known in your industry or part of the country?  Or, is there are charity that is near and dear to your heart? You can connect with them as part of your Orange County marketing efforts.

Why not reach out to these people with a proposal that they collaborate with you in some way?

Although your main concern may be boost your site visibility, make sure that you highlight how this collaboration could be to that person’s advantage. The most likely lure being increased publicity and the opportunity to connect with your customer base.


Repurpose Content to Reach Different Audiences and Improve SEO

USA top SEO firm  Increase Visibility can help you analyze your website and figure out the keywords needed to attract more internet users to your website. Once you have this very vital information, don’t sit on it! Make the most of it by incorporating it into the text on your website and content that you create for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We know that for some of you content creation can be one of the more overwhelming aspects of search engine optimization . In fact, we can help you write press releases  if you want to delegate that task.) One thing about content creation is that you do not have sit with a blank screen and write masterpiece after masterpiece.

Your readers want clean prose, but they are not looking to you to entertain them the way a novel would. They want information and are looking for ways to connect with your organization. Social media is a way to show the human side of your business.

One of the smartest things you can do is repurpose content in different areas. Just as you do not recall an event to your mother, child and best friend in the same way, you do not have to speak to all of your readers the same way either.

While you may have some really diehard fans (and kudos to you if you do), the people who read your blog, are not necessarily the same people who follow you on Twitter or subscribe to your e-newsletter.

Now, you cannot use the exact same content for each of these formats, but you can start with the same topic and present it a little differently to each audience. A tweet can announce a new product, while a blog can ask users for feedback on it or sponsor a giveaway. The e-newsletter can get into the nuts and bolts and explain just how that product works.