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Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page to Help Optimize SEO Efforts

After a recent visit to a friend’s Facebook fan page, we have to say that we were surprised to find that our friend was not making better use of this free tool to promote and attract more people to her business. She had not even filled in the “About Me” section on the page.

According to one article we read, people are only updating their Facebook fan pages about twice a month. When you think about all of the time that people spend on Facebook and the great opportunity it provides for you to promote your business, you would think that businesses and organizations would take advantage of this.

While it is true that many people will “Like” a fan page on Facebook only to show their support, you can turn their momentary support into an ongoing interaction by continuing to update your Facebook fan page with relevant content. There is no need to reinvent the wheel–if you want, you can link to blog posts or even link your Facebook fan page to your Twitter account and have your tweets be displayed on both sites. The main idea is to not let your Facebook page be a wasteland.

Of course a Facebook fan page is just one component of a website optimization campaign. By using posts on your Facebook fan page to link to blog posts and other pages of your website, you will be improving search engine optimization, but you need to do more.

If you are not sure where to start, number one search engine optimization company Increase Visibility can help. We recently made we made’s #1 position for top online marketing service and we’d love to help your website get accolades and an improved SEO rating too.

For Link Building, Choose Quality Links

When it comes to link building , the idea of quality over quantity definitely applies. You will not be doing yourself any favors if you have a slew of reciprocal links that partner you with less than reputable sources or with sites that are not related to your business.

This may actually do more harm than good. And when it comes to getting links, you can start with the vendors and other businesses that you currently have relationships with. Once you have secured links from sources you know well, you can then branch out further.

In fact, it makes sense to work on link building with businesses you are already aligned to since search engines look for relevance.

For example,  a real estate site that exchanges links with a site that sells custom-designed dolls, does not have the impact that a link exchange between two real estate sites, or a real estate site and a mortgage site would have.

That is not to say that there may not be a legitimate connected between a real estate site and a site selling dolls, but while you may be able to explain that connection to internet users, you will not have the opportunity to explain it to a search engine.

Once you have done some work on your own to reach out to website that you feel align with yours, you may still want to do more link building. This is where website optimization firm Increase Visibility can help.

Our Reciprocal Link Exchange Plans are designed to improve the ranking of a website by linking it with other websites that have the same theme.

Increase Visibility was recently given the #1 position for top online marketing service by

We have helped a number of our clients get the results they wanted through link building and other SEO techniques.

Increase Visibility Earns Top Honors from

As we mentioned earlier this week, Increase Visibility was selected for’s #1 position for top online marketing service . We are proud to have earned such a distinction and do not take it lightly. We know you want to work with the best, so why not sign on with us, a Number 1 SEO firm ?

Our key people average 10 years of experience. Increase Visibility’s President and Founder, James Lisi has more than a decade of experience in the field of SEO, as do the Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Technical Officer. When Lisi formed Increase Visibility in 2003, he made sure to bring on a number of well-known industry experts, making it one of the most accredited SEO companies around.

Perhaps some of you were not even using the internet in 2003 or if you were, you were not using it as much as you are using it now. A lot has changed even since then and when it comes to navigating search engine marketing , you want a team with experience on your side.

There are a lot of SEO services out there, but few have the kind of industry experience that Increase Visibility has. And we are focused on the growth of our clients.

Our daily mission is to use our expertise to achieve the highest positions possible on the major search engines for our clients using every available white hat SEO method within the industry, while following all the accepted rules set by search engines.

It is our knowledge, past experience and work ethic that has made us one of the most well respected and prominent firms in the SEO industry today.

Keeping Your Website in Good Shape

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and it is great time to look at the kind of shape you are in. Not just you as an individual, but also your company and your website. Many of us would rather not exercise, but we do it anyway because we know it is beneficial to us.

It is the same with your website—it would be nice if you could just put a website up on the web and leave it there, letting it update and improve itself as needed. However, we all know that the reality is that things do not work that way. Your website needs time and attention if it is going to be an asset for your business.

Do you have unneeded pages on your website that are just sort of languishing? Are some of the pages on your website outdated and no longer relevant? You may or may not be aware of the kinds of changes that you could make to trim the fat and get your website in prime condition if you are used to looking at it as it is.

This is where you need some outside assistance from a search engine optimization service like Increase Visibility. We recently made’s #1 position for top online marketing service .

We offer a free website analysis [], where we determine what needs to be done to improve the success and top positions of your website.

When you sign on for one of our SEO Plans, we can perform a keyword analysis to let you know what keywords are the most relevant. When you are aware of the words and phrases people use to find you, you can incorporate them into your online content.

We can act as a trainer, helping you keep your website on an SEO regimen that will benefit your online presence and your financial outlook.

Making a Good Impression Improves SEO

Some of the advice that is given to job-seekers also works well for companies that want to attract more customers online. You need to do your best to make a good impression because it is rough out there and there is a lot of competition.

There are many companies—both established ones and upstarts—who are out there trying to lure your loyal, longtime customers and get to new customers before you can.

Check your company out on search engines

What is the first link that appears when you search for your company name online? Is it something positive? Does it lead to your website or to someone else’s? When someone types your company name into a search engine, they want to see what is said about you and you want them to have accurate information that speaks to what is great about your organization.

This is why search engine marketing is so important: when you work to make sure that pages on your website attract the notice of Google and other search engines, you can be assured that content you’ve created is what will be seen first.

Check out potential customers

Job applicants have to research potential employers and you need to do some research about customers if you are “applying” to provide them with a service or a product.

Increase Visibility can help you with this with a keyword analysis that will tell you the words people are using when they go online to search for companies in your field.

We can also analyze your website to give you vital information about which pages are visited most frequently and how much time internet users spend on these pages. These are things you need to know if you want to improve search engine optimization and attract more customers.

SEO Myths to Forget

Search engine optimization is a comparatively new field when you consider that there have been some occupations, like farming, that have been around for thousands of years. But being relatively new on the scene doesn’t mean that there are not plenty of misconceptions out there about SEO.

For some it is a mysterious enterprise that they cannot quite understand. When you partner with Increase Visibility we will not keep you in the dark about what we are doing.  We find that it is much more productive that our clients understand how SEO works.

We would like to dispel a few myths–

1. If you are starting a new business, you just need to get your website up and then you can worry about SEO later.

While you can do this, it is much smarter to consider SEO in the design of a new website so you have fewer adjustments to make later. When you work SEO into the website design your plans for specs and content will look different.

2. If you already have a lot of links on your website, you are all set.

You need older links to show that you are an authority in your field, but if you have no recent links, you will not seem very innovative. Just as you need fresh content, you also need fresh links. Besides, some links and companies disappear, so you will want new links.

3. It’s either organic search or pay per click.

You really do not have to choose on of the other. You can use a combination of both to reach your website optimization goals. Although we have already designed SEO plans, Increase Visibility can work with you to design an SEO program that will suit your needs.

Website Optimization Helps You Reach Interested Customers

A recent survey of retailers (those that operate solely on the web and those who also have brick-and-mortar stores) found that for many of these businesses search engine optimization marketing really adds the bottom line. More than half of the more than 100 businesses surveyed reported that more than 35% of their web traffic is generated through organic search techniques. At the same time more than 25% said that they get over a quarter of their web traffic from pay-per-click ads.

With this in mind, what are you waiting for? It is not enough to have a website. Website optimization means that you are making the most of your online presence and not simply leaving the web traffic you get up to chance. Web traffic translates into dollars.

But we want to caution those of you who think that we are saying the sales is simply a numbers game and that the more people who stop by, the more likely someone is to buy from you. This is not necessarily true.

If a million people stop at your site and none of them stay more than a few seconds and none of them make a purchase or leave a question or comment on one of your pages, did you really benefit? Sure, you can boast of a great number of page views, but your bottom line will not see any increase.

What you want is qualified leads, the kind that you can get when you opt for the SEO services of an industry expert like Increase Visibility. We can help you zero in on the keywords that interested customers use when they are searching for businesses like yours.

Optimizing your website so it can be found by the internet users who are actually looking for you will make a difference.

Increase Visibility Takes a Comprehensive Approach to SEO

At SEO firm Increase Visibility our mission is part of our name: we really do want to help you increase your online visibility which translates into more business for you.

While some SEO firms will promise to get you high search engine rankings, what are you really getting? Even if they manage to raise your ranking with search engines, they may not help you to implement practices that will allow you to continually reach out to new and existing customers.

Some companies know how to play the game well enough to get you the promised results, but they do very little help you maintain those results.

Besides, you need a comprehensive approach for Your Site search engine optimization; not just a one time fix or boost in your search engine ranking. Just so you know, our client retention rate is 96%. This means that 24 out of every 25 companies that hire us continue to use our services.

An ongoing relationship with the company that works to increase your online visibility means that company really gets to know you, your business and has a deep knowledge of the kind of web traffic you generate.

We can assist you with search engine optimization, setting up a pay per click advertising program, writing press releases and increasing link popularity.

Increase Visibility has SEO plans and while all of our search marketing programs include full website optimization, we are happy to work with you to tailor a plan to suit your needs.

User Generated Content Can be Helpful for SEO

Does your website or blog have a place for comments and/or user-generated reviews? Whether or not you have products for people to purchase, you are selling something, even if it is ideas. Research has shown the consumers are more trusting of reviews from fellow consumers than they are of advertisements.

Some people comb company websites and the websites that allow people to rate goods and services to read about other people’s experiences and opinions before they make a purchase. And getting input from your customers is not only helpful for your business; it can also be helpful for Your Site search engine optimization.

You may be a little hesitant to let user comments appear on your website–after all, what if they say something negative? Well, there is nothing that says you need to make your online forum a free-for-all.

You do not have to allow every single comment to be published. On the other hand, if you require commenters to leave an e-mail address, you can respond directly to someone who leave a negative comment and offer them the opportunity to try your products again.

Experts have found that having user-generated content that is embedded as HTML can be beneficial for your website since those pages will attract the attention of web crawlers.

This is not something to do in the hopes that this alone will send your search engine rankings through the roof; rather it is one of the many things you can do to improve your SEO and increase overall online visibility. Plus, you may actually be surprised at how often commenters use the very keywords that you have been trying to use to get search engines to notice your site.

Unsure of what your keywords are? Our SEO firm Increase Visibility can help.

5 Attention Getters to Include in Your Internet Marketing Plan

Opportunities in Internet marketing exploded  and have set an innovative path. Social networking created the biggest noise amidst a cacophony of new products vying for attention. The five biggest attention getters in the internet marketing arsenal emphasize the importance of search engine optimization and interconnectedness in formulating your Internet marketing plan. If there’s a keyword that will describe successful Internet marketing efforts, it’s collaboration.

  • Facebook is still growing at the unbelievable rate of more than half a million users a day. Facebook now reports more than 500 million active users and millions more “friends” who regularly access Facebook sites. Widgets in the Facebook sidebar herald the Internet’s next big trend: open social networking. Facebook widgets and Google’s Friend Connect allow friends to stay connected while visiting other websites and blogs. Enabling visitors to communicate with each other while visiting your website will position you to take full advantage of open social networking and its customer referral potential.
  • iPhone is transforming the way we communicate. Communication experts at last fall’s Web 2.0 Summit predicted that the iPhone will be the most popular phone in the U.S. and that more people will access the Internet via their phones than with computers. Quickly multiplying iPhone apps already allow users to search the Internet, access GPS directions, ID and download music, play games, read books, play an instrument, snap a picture, send live video, and much, much more.
  • Twitter marries the immediacy of cell phone technology with the power of the Internet. Twitter allows you to post short-burst alerts to customers. Use Twitter to provide immediate answers to customers’ questions, direct them to useful site pages or offsite info sources, and alert them to special offers.
  • Podcasts have many of the same advantages as face-to-face communication, allowing you to connect to and interact with customers on a direct personal level. Podcasts allow you to show your products in action, provide valuable training seminars in product use, sponsor vibrant interactive sessions between customers and staff specialists, and introduce customers to innovative new products and services.
  • Blogging allows you to develop a rapport with potential customers. Linking to other blogs and websites also creates important search engine links that can significantly boost your rankings. Blogs are a proven method of maintaining a connection with established customers and attracting new customers. An informative, interesting and well-written blog will keep people coming back to see what’s new.