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Look for a Reputable SEO Company

If you are going to have a company help you with search engine optimization, you want to be certain that they are reputable. SEO is not something that people get degrees in (yet) and you do not need to be licensed to offer help with search engine optimization. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. People who work in this field are doing hands-on work everyday and spend a great deal of time learning what does and does not work. Still, when you are choosing just who should help you as you try to make the most of your company’s website, it can be confusing.

You should be wary if a company offering SEO services-

-Has no examples of previous clients with whom they have worked in the past.

-Tells you there is just one method to getting better search engine rankings and they are the only ones who know what they method is.

-Insists that you purchase their software, CD or book in order for their SEO methods to work

-Cannot explain to you exactly how they help boost SEO because their methods are proprietary

Increase Visibility, which was received a number one search engine optimization company ranking from, has a staff of experienced SEO professionals. As you can see, from our website, we explain out methods, including pay per click programs and increasing popularity in detail.

We also provide our clients with regular reports so they are aware of what is happening with their website and our SEO efforts. This helps us be accountable and it gives the client concrete, measurable results they can use to demonstrate how boosting SEO and increasing the visibility of the website is good for the organization as a whole.

Make the Most of Keywords to Improve SEO

Search engines are built by humans and just as people can detect when a sales pitch is too intense, search engines do the same. So if the text on your website seems unnatural, the search engines will notice. Just as a person will be turned off by an overly eager salesperson, search engines will penalize you if your website is just stuffed with keywords.

While you certainly cannot just fill a page on your website with the keywords that will boost your SEO success, you can write copy for your website it such a way that you make the most of those keywords. It isn’t repetition of keywords that makes a difference, but good use of them that will improve search engine optimization.

Use your keywords as anchor text. The days when you would highlight the words “Click here” are gone. Instead, use those keywords as anchor text for links to other pages on your website. Well-places anchor text will do a lot more for website optimization than using a keyword for every three words on your website.

You can also make the most of the fact that the anchor text is a focal point by making the text surrounding the anchored keywords does a good job of describing the keywords.

Instead of saying “We have widgets on sale,” you can write “We have a selection of over 200 easy-to-install widgets on sale.” If the word “widgets” is your anchor text and the eye of an internet user is drawn there anyway, why not make the most of it?t

Of course, it will be difficult to figure out how to make the most of your keywords if you do not know what they are. If you do not know what words internet users plug into search engines to find you or your competition, Increase Visibility offers a competitive keyword analysis and other search engine marketing services.

Don’t Be Fooled By SEO Scams

We are all trying to maximize our time and dollars, but there are instances where we need to consult experts and take our time to do things the right way. When it comes to SEO, Organic Search Placement, and driving more customers to your website, don’t fall prey to any “get ranked quick” schemes.

There are a number of search engine optimization firms that are promising a lot and delivering very little. And even what they do deliver can end up costing their customers more in the long run.

Jim Lisi, President of Increase Visibility states, “Website owners put their website at risk by unknowingly implementing link schemes and other unethical practices offered by the growing number of SEO companies that utilize ‘black hat’ practices and scams.”

Some firms claim that they can get you to the #1 spot in Google search rankings and they say that they can make this all happen very quickly for little money. What you don’t realize is that their main concern is getting your money before you realize that they do not have the expertise to really help you.

Increase Visibility knows how to help clients attract website visitors the right way, and became concerned after hearing a number of cases where people were scammed by less than scrupulous SEO firms. Through research, Increase Visibility has discovered a number of scams used by illegitimate SEO companies.

Stay away if an SEO firm:

-Has an illegitimate or unprofessional looking website

-Offers to submit your website to a large number of search engines or directories for a small fee

-Promises you a #1 ranking for very long search term

-E-mails you promising that they can get you a #1 ranking on Google

In contrast to the scam artists out there, Increase Visibility really wants to help you grow your business using proven, ethical strategies. We do more than send out e-mail blasts; we work with you to tailor an SEO Optimization Plan to suit your needs and your business.

Increase Visibility has been rewarded with a #1 or #2 ranking for organic optimization during August – October 2008 by the prestigious TopSEO’, an independent authority on search engine marketing services companies. TopSEO’ did not look at ranking alone; they also survey a firm’s customers to get first-hand accounts of that firm’s commitment to service.

Increase Visibility was also recently voted the most highly ranked SEO firm on, the most respected online technology ranking site for consumers

Considering what they have achieved for themselves, you know that Increased Visibility is the one to turn to for ethical SEO.

Improve SEO to Reach Internet Users on the Go

Slate, an online magazine, recently published an article declaring that desktop computers are obsolete. The author says that no longer will people have a large, clunky desktop computer as their “personal computer.” Instead, we will use laptops as our main computers, while also maintaining an array of tablets and netbooks as well. People who oppose this idea point out that at the moment, it is not easy to transfer data and settings to different laptops and tablets, even with the benefits of WiFi.
Even if you do not see a future with no desktops, you have to admit that we are spending
more and more time online. Even people who have no PC at home may spend a lot of time
accessing the internet using a cell phone, which is in a sense, a kind of personal computer.
When we are thinking about website optimization we sometimes forget about all of the ways to reach people. Cell phones with internet capability are an added tool that people use to find what they want. Often, if the are on the go, they will need to access and process this info fairly quickly, so seeing a link to your business might help them make a split-second decision.
With all of these people online all the time, you have a captive audience. Even if they
do not spend a lot of time viewing websites on their cell phones, a lot of people do use search engines on the phones to get information. A pay per click ad campaign could help make sure that links to your business are among the first people see. It can also help your site’s search engine ranking, which will also push you to the top of the list. Someone viewing search results on a cell phone may not have the time or inclination to scroll through all that they see, you you want to be among the first, if not number one.
And at Increase Visibility, we know something about being at the top of the list, since we were recently named Number 1 seo company by TopTen Call us at. We’d be happy to talk with you about how we can help you with SEO.

How To Get More Inbound Links

When it comes to  inbound links, you may be wondering just how to get them.

After all, if they are kind of like a gift, how can you get lots of the right people to give you these gifts. Do you demand them? Do you make friends and send out invites to your birthday party, hoping they will give the gift that you really, really want? What do you do?

There was a time when anyone asked everyone to link to their site. But now that we as an internet-crazed society have become a little more sophisticated, it is less acceptable to make these requests without some consideration.

It doesn’t hurt to ask (the right people)

Ask someone to link to your site after you have done your homework and know that they have a quality website. You may not want to link to a direct competitor, but rather someone whose site is related to yours, although maybe not directly. If you already are friendly, ask. If you do not know the people behind the website, then maybe it is time to pick up the phone. Yes, we are all very tech-savvy, but as one internet marketing guru advises, you probably need to state your case first. After all, the other company’s reputation is on the line. And inbound link is in many ways, an endorsement. People are not likely to endorse you if you and your company are unknown to them.

A little flattery never hurt either

Another strategy for getting inbound links is to use flattery. When you have researched certain sites and know that you might benefit from being linked to them, link to those site yourself. Mention them in a blog post you are doing or highlight an article about them in a Twitter update. To give is to receive and they will often be so flattered (and grateful) for the publicity that they will link right back to you. Now this is not guaranteed to work. Even if the company does not return the favor, you still look generous because you are willing to share the spotlight.

These tactics work for garnering a few inbound links here and there, but if you are looking for volume, you will likely need to get some backup. Let Increase Visibility do some of this heavy lifting for you. We are a happy to research websites that are complementary to yours. Our experienced team may find companies in fields or areas that you never even considered.

Increased Visibility is Interested in Your Continued SEO Success

At Increase Visibility, we use the expertise and knowledge of our experienced staff to help our clients get the highest search engine ranking possible. And we believe that it is important to do this using accepted standards and practices. We do not try to “trick” search engines into boosting our clients’ SEO ranking.
While it is important that one of the results of an SEO campaign is higher search engine rankings, that is not the only result that you want. It is possible for an SEO firm that is not interested in your success to do things that will increase your search engine ranking, but do very little to increase your bottom line or ensure that your website gets the attention of those who are truly interested in your organization. You want to make connections using organic search techniques and use the right keywords to attract those who are searching for businesses like yours.
We are interested in seeing our customers succeed and we know that success looks different for every organization. For that reason, although we offer SEO plans, we are also willing to work with you to customize a plan that fits your needs and goals.
We were recently given the honor of being named number one search engine optimization company by The criteria for this distinction included search engine optimization, pay per click, link building and social media optimization. We want to do more than take over your search engine optimization efforts, push until you get high rankings and then leave you to figure out how to maintain those results. We work with our clients to maximize their search engine marketing through changes to their business and changes to the SEO landscape.

Internet Entrepreneur Finds Success with Link Popularity

If you are someone who doubts the importance and power of increasing link popularity, look no further than the internet phenomenon that is the Cheezburger Network. If you have ever laughed at a LOLcats image or sent someone a forward from the Fail blog, then you have become a part of an internet business empire that grew from a link.

The man who took a picture of a cat with the caption “I Can Has Cheeseburger” and ran with it was a thirty-something blogger who knew a good idea when he saw it. When the “I Can Has Cheeseburger” blogged linked to Ben Huh’s pet blog a few years ago, Huh’s blog crashed from the hordes of visitors. Huh was not the originator of the “I Can Has Cheeseburger” blog, but he was the one to grow it and the related blogs it has spawned into a profitable business. He worked to get funding and put up his own money to buy the blog from its creators and the rest is internet history. Huh notes that the business has been profitable since it started.

Huh’s story illustrates why it is vital to increase your online visibility He doesn’t say whether or not he knew of the Cheeseburger blog before they linked to his blog. It would seem that at the time, his blog was not as well known, but that doesn’t matter. A better known blog linked to his and he found a great business opportunity.

Do you need help with increasing the number of quality, relevant websites that link to your website?

If so, online marketing seo service  Increase Visibility would like to be of assistance. Increasing linking popularity helps more people to see you online and can improve your search engine ranking. And of course an improved search engine ranking will allow even more people to see your website and learn about your business.

Offer a White Paper to Demonstrate Your Expertise and Attract Internet Users

Not too long ago, we recommended that you give away a free item/service to attract internet users’ attention. We noted that some people balk at the idea of giving away something for free. However, if you really think about it, all businesses at least give away bits of advice at no cost. Why not promote what you are doing and try to use it as a way to open up further dialogue with current and potential customers?

If your personal inclination is not to give away free samples or to provide a free service, there are still many ways to give away something to let consumers get an idea of who you are and what you do.

One way to reach out to customers, the media and researchers to demonstrate your expertise is to give them access to a white paper. A white paper is basically a report with expert coverage. While government entities may commission white papers on specific topics to fill a need, a business can compose a white paper on the topic of its choice. Of course you would want that topic to be relevant to your internet audience, but you are at liberty to choose the topic you feel will best represent you.

Since we are a search engine optimization service, Increase Visibility offers a free white paper on Maximizing Your SEO Efforts. It can be downloaded from our website. Those who read the paper will learn about:

  • Why High Ranking on Keywords Does Not Guarantee High Traffic
  • Vertical Online Market Analysis (Including Themes!)
  • Keyword Research Data Contradictions
  • Perpetual Keyword Money Cycle

As you can see, all of these topics relate to what we do and would be of interest to someone who is seeking help with website optimization.

What You Should Expect From Your SEO Company – Jim Lisi

1. Keyword Analysis / Competitive Summary
We have experts with over 10 years of experience in the SEO world (before Google, when people were searching through AltaVista!) to help you better understand the landscape of your industry online. Report includes a listing of the most profitable keywords, a detailed report on your site’s content, and competitive analysis summary.

2. Content Enhancement
The content enhancement process involves the modification of the webpage content to ensure the proper balance of keyword density and keyword frequency.

In addition, we have the ability to create quality new content for blogs or articles utilizing our own in house team of copywriters.

3. Code Enhancement
Code enhancement is the process of enhancing your website’s underlying code to be more in compliant with search engine “spiders”. Our optimization includes updating the HTML/CSS on your site by bringing it to search-engine-spider preferred W3C standards.

4. Link Building
One of the (if not the) critical factors to ensuring an effective SEO campaign is having high quality links to your site from as many relevant sites as possible. This can be achieved quickly through a smart combination of both organic and paid text links.

5. Ongoing Maintenance
When you’re site’s number one for your niche’s keyword, rest assured your competition is busying copying, and maybe even improving on your site. Maintaining your fully optimized site is the best way to keep your competition on page two.

1) Backlinks need to be maintained and expanded.
2) Fresh, keyword relevant content should be posted several times a month.
3) Analytics and web reports should be generated to track spending, ROI, potential navigation problems and uncover additionally opportunities to increase user conversion and gain market share.

Jim Lisi, Increase Visibility

Try Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising, like any other kind of advertising you may do, is not all or nothing. It is possible to try it on a small scale first. If you think that you would like to give pay per click advertising a try, you do not have to launch a major campaign all at once.

In fact, you can start your pay per click ad program with just a few of your most relevant keywords, if you wish. If you like the results, then you can branch out further and include more keywords and then move on to keyword phrases.

Another option for those who are learning the ropes of a pay per click advertising program is to test more than one pay per click ad to see which one is the most effective. You can do this with an A/B split test. Really, this technique is not just for those who are starting to experiment with pay per click ads; anyone who wants try a new direction in search engine marketing can use this method, even if they already have a pay per click ad program.

For those of you who want to try pay per click advertising, but do not think that you can devote time to managing it, search engine optimization service Increase Visibility is here to help. We have three different Pay Per Click Ad packages that offer different levels of service. The difference in our pay per click ad programs relates to the number of keywords used in the program. Each of our pay per click packages included daily bid maintenance and monthly click-thru reports, so you can be in the know about how your pay per click ad program is progressing.

Call today to speak with an Internet Consultant and find out if Pay Per Click Advertising is right for you 877 SEO ADVICE (877) 736-2384

Increase Visibility welcomes Mexico division

(PRWEB) June 8, 2010 – Increase Visibility, a search engine optimization and marketing firm arrived last week in Mexico to celebrate the announcement of their partnership with Mexico’s Internet marketing services company Virket. The launch party celebration took place on May 20, 2010, at the distinguished Stadia Suites Hotel in Mexico City.

Some of the most influential business executives from Mexico were in attendance and a variety of Mexico’s elite press attended the announcement event. The collaboration between of one of the top US SEO firms and one of Mexico’s leading web marketing services companies was a reason to celebrate. The search engine marketing advancements and knowledge shared between the two companies has created valued and unique search engine optimization offerings that are much stronger and more effective in the world marketplace.

US based company Increase Visibility continues to expand their reach to make alliances with worldwide companies. The company continues to improve their services to clients and is beginning to get noticed by more businesses in the US and internationally.

Go Back to Basics for Effective Search Engine Optimization Marketing

As we mentioned in a previous post (SEO Myths to Forget), if you are just starting to build your website, you cannot afford to think about SEO later; you need to find ways to build good SEO practices into your site before it becomes fully functional.

On the other hand, if your website already exists, you can still take some time to go back to basics and make sure that the fundamental things you need to ensure SEO success are there.

Meta tags: When you read up on search engine optimization marketing, you have probably seen this phrase. But do you really know what it means?

Although meta tags are HTML instructions that cannot be seen, they are extremely important. Think of them as hidden codes that are necessary to get your message across. Meta tags contain information like site descriptions, page titles and keywords. This is not something to take lightly because search engines rely on this information.

Keywords: These words are both hidden and seen in meta tags and as part of the website content. It is important to remember that keywords are not the words that you think will lead people to your website; they are the kinds of words that actual users employ when they try to find your site and your competitors’ sites.

If you have do not know what keywords people are using to find you, online marketing seo service Increase Visibility can help.

Internal links: You may be able to find things on your website because you already know where everything is…but what about visitors. You want your site to be easy to navigate because frustrated internet users will move on to the competition. If you have a site map, this will go along way towards helping internet users and search engine spiders go through your website.

Don’t Forget – Video Can Boost Search Engine Optimization

Recently, someone on our team sent an article to a family member. When the family member replied that the video was great, our team member wrote back–what video? She was so text-focused; she hadn’t even noticed a video on the page. If you tend to ignore video as an online communication tool, it’s time to think again.

One important and often overlooked way to improve search engine optimization is to include video.

Why is video a great way to improve SEO? Because everyone is not doing it. Google and its rival search engines are committed to having a variety of results show up when an internet user types in a search query. However, since most of the content that is on the internet is text, they have to give higher priority to the video that are out there to ensure that they are delivering on the promise of providing variety in their results.

The other reason that video is such a great way to boost search engine positioning is that many organizations do not know how to properly submit their video to search engines. They may have videos visible on their site, but if the search engines are not aware of it; they will not get the attention they seek. It is enough to submit the page where the video appears, you must also submit the video itself. And once you have submitted the video, you must also index the page.

If you’re determined to improve your Search engine optimization and reach out to more and more potential customers, you need to do all you can to gain the attention of search engines. When we say content is king, we are not simply referring to words and text–video content can also be important way to improve your SEO.

And if you need help with this, don’t hesitate to turn to Increase Visibility, your award-winning Orange County SEO consultants.