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The Power Of Funnel Sites

Although you may have your hands full with your website, consider funnel sites as a strategy to attract traffic from specific searches that your main website may not appear under. Although you want to appear under all the search phrases that apply to your business, it’s not always possible to do so. If you target market for your products or services covers a broad range, a funnel site may be the best way to zero in on a specific market. It’s wise to focus on smaller or niche topics where competition is less, and with monthly search queries ranging around 1,000-5,000.

A funnel site is a site is  a website that is focused and set up to answer a specific search query, by provide the information or product/service the person is searching for. The site uses search engine optimization techniques such as a page title that mirrors the search phrase, content and headings that answer the search explicitly, and meta information that is designed to appear as the answer to the search on Google’s results – acting as an ad.

Google has outlined the best practices for running multiple sites here.

In it they say:

At times–particularly when it comes to rather commercial topics like foreign currency exchange or online gambling–we see that some webmasters try to compete for visibility in Google search results with a large number of sites on the same topic. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering a strategy like this for sites that you want to have listed in our search results.

Some less creative webmasters, or those short on time but with substantial resources on their hands, might be tempted to create a multitude of similar sites without necessarily adding unique information to any of these. From a user’s perspective, these sorts of repetitive sites can constitute a poor user experience when visible in search results. Luckily, over time our algorithms have gotten pretty good at recognizing similar content so as to serve users with a diverse range of information. We don’t recommend creating similar sites like that; it’s not a good use of your time and resources.

“If all of your sites offer essentially the same content, additional sites are not contributing much to the Internet.”

The important statement is that the content must be unique and compelling. Think of you funnel site as an online ad…with 4-5 pages. The funnel site should contain an about page, contact page and at least 2-3 pages of content specific to the target search phrase.

Having a domain that aligns with the search term is also an effective way to get your funnel site to rank on Google.

If you build a funnel website that only links to your site, and has no real unique content, it may rank initially, but will fall off over time.

If you’d like to discuss having Increase Visibility help you with creating funnel site, please give us a call or use the opt-in on the sidebar to have is contact you… you’ll also get our free guide on website strategies for better conversion.

SEO Services For Companies Marketing On The Internet. Here’s What To Look For.

When looking for SEO services it can be a confusing quest, given the thousands of Search Engine Optimization Companies that are competing for your business… so the best pace to start is to ask yourself – What is my objective.

We know that everyone wants to get more traffic, and organic SEO services are a good approach to getting this.

But, how do you gauge SEO services?

A SEO services company should provide you with a compete breakdown of what they will do, along with an explanation of why each SEO tactic is appropriate. There are no tricks when it comes to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization follows 2 principles: Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.

1. Onsite SEO – the work done on your website to optimize for specific search phrases. Look to phrases that have traffic and be aware that the more searches for a specific phrase the more competitive it will be. This fact is the most misunderstood element of SEO. Everyone wants to be #1 for the searches that have hundreds of thousands of searches each month… but remember that because so many people perform the search, Google’s results are critically important to their standing as the best search engine… so they websites that provide the best content for the answer are ranked highest. Which brings us to the importance of #2…

2. Offsite SEO – Links to your site. Almost half of equation of the website ranking for a term is based on links to your site. This tells Google that you are a good answer to the search, as others are linking to you for the term. How they establish what the link to you means is through the anchor text. When a link to your site uses the keywords, such as Seo Services for example, Google sees the words and the underlying link and scores it. The score’s based on the linking sites relevance and the site’s ranking. Getting links naturally can come from having great content others believe is of great value to their readers. Unfortunately for most companies marketing on the Internet, this is a long-term proposition. That’s why a good SEO services company works to get you links through article creation, blog commenting, forum posting and recruitment.

SEO services are an ongoing process – if you’d like to get a website SEO review, along with a custom SEO proposal, please fill out the form on our Free Website Marketing Strategy SEO Plan by clicking here.

We’re On the Hottest Southern California Companies List!

We are honored to have been included in “2011 Hottest Southern California Companies” by Lead411 for technology companies.

We are very proud of these awards. We have been tracking fast-moving companies for our customers for the past 10 years,” said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, “and we felt it was important to recognize these growing brands publicly.”

“We are thankful to be once again recognized for our growth and progress.,” said James Lisi, President Increase Visibility, “as we enter 2011 our growth is continuing with an ever-expanding demand from companies wanting to focus their marketing expansion on the Internet. We have recently moved to new offices, and added additional service offerings to our core search engine optimization services. We will continue to add strategic Internet marketing services, as our customer base grows and evolves.”

Increase Visibility, is a technology-based firm. We work with companies to meet their internet marketing needs. In today’s highly competitive internet world, businesses need skilled internet marketing experts to help increase their website’s visibility. From SEO to social media and reputation management, we work to make your company shine. We deliver results.

Lead411 based their decision on data gathered from daily press releases, new office openings, articles and company openings. Originally, they began with a list of over 1000 potential companies. 64 out of the 1000 were chosen. The southern California nominees must have met one or more of these qualifications: 150% increase in revenues over the past 2 years with revenues over $2M or $9M+ in funding in the past 2 years.

We want to thank Lead411 for recognizing our fast growing, HOT company. We are very excited for our future and have many large goals and big dreams to fulfill!

List and Details:
The entire list including more details about the award and winners can be found here

Increase Visibility provides SEO, PPC, Social Media and Internet marketing services to a wide range of companies. Get our free Online Marketing Strategy Guide, as well as a free website review here.

3 Steps to your Online Marketing Success

1. The offer on your homepage that captures prospective customers.

Don’t let visitors on your site have to search for offers and incentives. Design your site with easy, viewable and accessible offers which are clear and enticing…and as always, the word “Free” is fail proof.

2. What you do with those prospects once they identify themselves to you.

Once your target audience is clear and when contact information from potential clients is captured, what you do with the gathered information is vital to your success. For example once an interested visitor leaves their info, the site should automatically take them a to a “Thank You” page where they would be made aware that someone would be in contract with them or that they would be receiving future offers etc.

3. Professional search engine optimization of your site to bring the right people to your finely tuned offer and conversion website.

Because generating quality leads is vital to the success of your business. Finding the right team to optimize your site and ultimately increase your visibility will bring valuable and targeted clients to you.

Website Conversion Strategies

Curious Where Most Websites Go Wrong?

Though there are a number of ways websites can turn off potential clients’ research shows that these are the mistakes made most often…

Not addressing the visitors need or problem.

Every successful and highly trafficked site is easy to navigate and speaks directly to the client. Many times the site talks about itself, its experienced staff, beautiful facility and other self- serving dialogue, which may build credibility- but doesn’t address the visitor’s problem or need. Those who wish to have a trafficked site should focus on their target audience’s needs. Highlighting your company’s accomplishments is important but should not be the focus of your site.

No opt-in box or way for visitors to leave their contact information before leaving.

Getting visitors to leave their information may be tricky but there are ways to make it more attractive. Free giveaways or downloadable samples in return for their information are effective offerings for a name and email address to be left in an opt- in box.

Roadblocks to “Buying Now”.

There’s nothing worse than deterring customers from purchasing because you’ve frustrated them enough to opt for a competitor’s site. For example, many sites ask you to create an account before purchasing, when buying something creates an account anyway. Why put a road block in front of consumers? Remember, websites should be easy and stress free places to buy from.

Apple Competes with Facebook for a Taste

Uploading photos to Facebook from your iPhone may not be freshest place to stream and share in the near future. Word has it Apple may be unveiling a competitor to Facebook’s stream and share albums. Apple’s new app would allow users to upload and share photos with friends, just as Facebook currently offers.

Though this new debut seems limiting, as this it will be strictly an iPhone app and would therefore isolate those who chose an alternative mobile device.

I want all my friends to be connected, not just those with iPhones!

What are your thoughts?

Can We Get You To Number 1?

This is a question we get asked a lot.. and this video by Matt Cutts of Google gives the answer right from Google’s perspective.

Also, find out why #1 isn’t always the best place to be on the search results.

[pb_videoshowcase group=”0″ theme=”light_rounded”]

[pb_videoshowcase group=”1″ align=”left” theme=”dark_rounded”]

Search engine optimization starts with setting your objectives, and establishing realistic expectations of what you are trying to accomplish. Page one is the goal, but for terms your site aligns with. There is a systematic method of becoming a good search result, and it doesn’t involve any tricks.

Let Increase Visibility help you with your SEO plan. Get Your FREE Website Review Now!

Matt Cutts is with Google’s Search Quality and communicates search engine optimization issues to the public. Cutts shares how to increase your website’s visibility on Google.


And you thought YouTube was only for watching viral clips of Chimpanzees smoking cigarettes or homeless people with amazing talents…

Not only have people found success and exposure through YouTube, but it’s a platform where companies can promote and market for free.

Often times we would rather watch a quick clip on a product review than read one.  Viewers are not only able to hear your review but can see a demonstration and the actual product through video rather than a flat photo.

Not to mention, we’re lazy and sometimes listening to a quick clip is easier than reading…

If an online camera dealer made a video reviewing and showing the product and its features, they could simply add a link directly from the video to the item on their site.

Simple exposure and an easier sell.

Exposure is the key but sometimes it’s difficult set yourself apart from your competitors.  The pre-pubescent heart throb star, Justin Bieber was first spotted on YouTube and later picked up but the R&B artist Usher. If it wasn’t for Bieber’s exposure through YouTube, it’s likely he would still be a typical teen.

This free social network sometimes isn’t used but companies to its capacity…

Definitely a simple way to set your company apart from the rest.

10 Billion Downloads and Counting

IPhone’s App Store Sells its 10 Billionth App

Recently Apple began a countdown to the sale of their 10 billionth app. Yes you read that correctly, BILLIONTH.

The app world has literally taken over the way people use the mobile web on their gadgets, the way businesses reach customers and has promoted a new kind of creative entrepreneurship. Apple replaced the sometimes difficult to navigate sites on our smart phone’s browsers with user friendly and easy accessible apps.
It’s really not terribly surprising how incredibly successful apps have become in today’s tech savvy world. The overwhelming diversity and availability of apps is truly amazing and not to mention their spot-on price points.

Apps are created and sold for interests and needs of all kinds. From personal to pleasure to business, using apps in your day to day is truly a standard in every modern person’s life.

To celebrate the sale of their 10 billionth app, Apple held a contest. The lucky person who downloaded the10 billionth app would receive a $10,000 iTunes store gift card. Yay!

What’s Going On This Week In SOCIAL MEDIA?

K tweet > K pop:

This week Twitter launched a Korean version of their platform. Apparently the decision to move into the Korean market was decided when stats showed the number of Koreans tweeting was largely multiplied this year in comparison to last year.  The version is fully available and not only is it translated into Korean, but the iphone and android apps will also be.

Cheezzburger haz $$$$:

This week Cheezeburger made us swallow our LOL’s. Who would have thought an empire based on ridiculously witty-captioned photos would be worth 30 mil?….What’s even crazier is the fact that it’s company’s first institutional round of funding which will be used to become the largest humor network in the world.

Living Social proves themselves to Groupon:

Recently, the group coupon buying company, Living Social presented an offer over 1 million buyers couldn’t refuse. The $20 amazon voucher for $10 deal began on Wednesday. When the cards are cashed, Living Social will probably see the loss as a net gain and an intuitive marketing scheme.

Improve Google Visibility

Is revising your website’s source code enough to get you improved organic placement on Google?

No, but it is one of the first places to start. If you are not happy with your current organic placement on search engines, your website source code is the first place to give a careful review.

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that builds from a great starting point which is effective and careful review of your website’s source code. This typical first step for most websites helps to build the strong foundation upon which an effective SEO campaign is created.

Is SEO Enough to Get You Improved Organic Placement?

So what might be included or be considered when doing search engine optimization on a website other than source code changes? Each client will have different needs, but in addition to careful source code review an aggressive link building program may be in order. In some cases, additional content creation or new web pages is what is needed, and in other cases a website may benefit from the addition of a keyword focused blog writing program.

Some sites may even benefit from the “jumpstart” that sponsored advertising provides; driving targeted click traffic from platforms like Google AdWords or Yahoo Sponsored Search. In many cases pay per click advertising is used as the bridge built to improved traffic and performance while the search engine optimization project is in process. Sometimes where online competition is fierce, pay per click may be selected to work in tandem with search engine optimization and link building to keep a site highly visible on the Web or to give the bump in traffic that brings in more conversions and leads.

Increase Visibility is the firm with the experience to craft the individual program that targets the specific visibility needs that your website has. They do not provide a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach. Each client is evaluated for the appropriate program that is sure to generate organic and search visibility improvements while winning higher levels of traffic.

When you need savvy experts on your side to move your website to the next level, you’ll want to call the creative professionals at Increase Visibility. For more information about us, we invite you to get a free website analysis at

Increase Visibility moves to expanded offices

We’re please to announce the opening of our new office at 15 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA. If you’re in the area, drop in and say hi!. Our new office allows for our expansion into Search Marketing Services, Social media marketing, as well as room for our growing staff.

What’s HOT in the Social Media Scene this week?

Social Media Weekly Wrap-up for January 14th:

1. MySpace confirms it’s likely sale to News Corp. Yesterday nearly half of the failing social media network’s employees were let go and even with a new design recently launched, the network seems a loss. We’ll see if News Corp finds any value in acquiring the once booming site.

2. Facebook users will now be able to receive Amber Alerts on their cell phones. Not only will you be able to connect, chat and network but possibly saving a missing child’s life? Facebook seems to have everything covered for people in all walks of life.

3. The widely used network, Foursquare has partnered with Examiner for the sole benefit of content for exposure. For example, now when someone “checks in “while in Chicago, they will receive reviews and recommendations on surrounding venues.

Using a blog as a search engine optimization tool

Adding a blog is a great way to increase your SEO reach.

It lets you expand on your target keyphrases, and is an easy way to add relevant content to your website that quickly gets indexed on Google. It’s a great way to share your perspective on your industry, as well as communicating news and ideas to readers. In fact, a well optimized blog post can show up in Google in minutes.

We like to use blogging to not only expand the ‘long tail’ search terms for a site, but also as a way to engage readers that find the post in the search results.

The frequency of blog posts depends on how competitive your market is – ultimately, quality wins over quantity when it comes to traffic.

Here’s some interesting (and aspirational) stats from Google’s blog:

It’s time for us to reflect on the past year of Google blogging. This year (2010), we published 454 posts on the Official Google Blog—7 percent more than 2009. Those posts had an astonishing number of readers: 24,768,052 unique visitors stopped by this year, more than 70 percent more than last year. (The huge increase is mostly due to this year’s April Fools’ post, which benefited from a link in a prominent location.) People come to the blog from all around the world; the top countries sending visitors in 2010 were the U.S., U.K., Canada, India and Germany, but readers came from dozens of other places as well.

You can see what it takes to attract 24+ million visitors, and how important timeliness is (see April Fools numbers above). A well-written blog post not only will attract visitors, it can also bring in business. We receive over 50% of our opt-ins from this blog because it shows up in so many search results.

From a search engine optimization perspective, companies usually struggle with coming up with webpage content. A blog is an easy way to overcome this, and a way to be consistently adding content to a site.

And, in the competitive world of Search Engine Optimization, content is becoming more important than ever.

Search Engine Optimization – Where Does Website Conversion Fit In?

When you are choosing a search engine optimization company to look after your SEO…

Ask how they plan to help with your website’s conversion?

It’s a simple question. Watch how it divides the prospective SEO companies into those that “get it” and those that don’t.

I find that focusing on the conversion aspects of a website forces you to consider what you are offering, and who you are offering it to. If you aren’t stating those two aspects on you home page, odds are your conversion is less than 1 or 2%.

The purpose of a website is to engage prospects and clients, and to make an offer that aligns with a problem or need they have. When you do, the search terms someone would use to find what you are offering becomes obvious. This is the phrase to build your SEO around.

Here are typical conversion points and where most go wrong:

1) Opt-in box. The opt-in should build a case for someone to give your their name and email address. Free is the best offer here, and you need to list 3-4 benefits they’ll receive when they opt-in. “Sign up for our newsletter” has been dead for a few years.

2) Buy Now! Look at the path you are taken on when you select to buy now. Is it the shortest path possible. There’s nothing worse than having to register for an account before you can buy something… buying creates the account. The simpler the buying process is the higher you’ll convert sales.

3) The number of products or offers on your home page. Three is maximum, I prefer 1. You’re far better to have one product – your most-likely product a first time buyer would purchase – than to load up your home page with everything you have to offer. The rule is when you offer too many choices, visitors will make NONE.

Try cleaning up your home page – answer the search – and remember that no one is interested in you, your equipment or facility, your company’s history, or anything other than the solution to their problem. Keep this information where it belongs… on the about us page.

Then watch your conversion rise.