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This is Why You Should Blog

Blogging, a dreaded duty for some and a most-welcome task for others. Many companies see blogging as an option, but we are here to tell you that company blogs have become a necessity.  Here are what blogs can do for you:

Blog for SEO

While you could drive the point that people may not be searching for your industry blog, consider this: creating a variety of content on your site will increase your online visibility by making it easy for search engines to find and index your written material.

The better the content is, the more attention your blog will get and you can make great content by using high quality keywords and back links. It is an organic and steady form of SEO. This content strategy also gives you the opportunity of getting some positive buzz around your industry. The more people that share your content, the more advertising you will receive.

Blog for Branding

Another great reason to blog is branding, this is the perfect opportunity to shape your brand image into what you want your consumers to perceive. Once you know what personality you want associated with your company, blog consistently to promote that reputation in a creative and differentiating way.

Blog for Education

The final convincing point of why you should blog is for the sake of education. If there are any complexities in your industry, blogging is an excellent way to educate your consumers on how products or services work or why they need it. You could even take the opportunity to learn something new in your industry, just like writing a research paper only it’s for everyone to learn from.

So, if you are one of our blog-dreading friends, we hope this blog helped eased the stress of writing and convinced you how important blogging is. Just remember, each blog is an opportunity to optimize, brand and educate in a creative way.

Let us know what you think of blogging at any of our social sites (you know, like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) and we’ll share of few of your stories on our networks!



Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow the Olympics


With the Olympics happening right in the middle of everyday life, it’s hard to keep up with all the excitement going on. That’s why we decided to provide you with Increase Visibility’s Top 10 picks of accounts to follow on twitter so you can keep up with the latest buzz. Each name in our count down is linked straight to the account, scroll over and click to join the conversation.

10. Kevin Love

Professional Basketball Player, Love has been keeping up with the Olympics and constantly posting great Instagram photos for his followers to view.

9. NBC Delayed

A Parody account of NBC, this twitter channel is filled with humorous commentaries covering multiply topics happening in London.

8. Jordyn Wieber

Olympic Team Gold Medalist, Weiber doesn’t miss a beat. Her twitter account is interactive and full of great content.

7. NBC Olympics

The real NBC Olympics page provides full coverage and is titled as the exclusive US home to the 2012 London Olympics.

6. Serena Williams

Serena tweets all about personal experiences and brings a different light to what is happening with the Olympics Athletes.

5. Hope Solo

Solo brings a fresh perspective of the London events in her tweets, she is an American Soccer goalkeeper with lots to say (or tweet).

4. Steve Wilson

AP European sports editor, Wilson has been covering the Olympics for 20 years. A must follow for the more serious fact chasers.

3. Ryan Seacrest

Everyone knows Seacrest, he is constantly posting great Instagram photos and sharing his experience in London with his followers.

2. Michael Phelps

Olympic Swimmer and 14 time Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps is a voice to be heard when it comes to keeping up with the Olympics.

1. Samuel L Jackson

For a humorous and wacky attitude, we present to you Samuel L Jackson as our number 1 on twitter account to follow. You can’t help but to hear his voice when you read his comments, follow along and get ready to laugh.

There you have it folks, Increase Visibility’s top 10 picks for twitter accounts in following the Olympics. Be sure to follow us as well for your latest in digital media and fun content. Oh, and check us out on Facebook too!