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How to Network on Twitter

Being a part of a digital marketing firm, I am constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways of using social-media tools. I try to be present on most of the popular social-media channels in order to have a good idea of how to utilize a profile for our clients’ social media marketing initiatives. One channel that I am particularly fond of is LinkedIn. I enjoy reading industry-relevant content and connecting with professionals in my field.

Despite my appreciation for the professional network, I find that I am constantly trying to build my connections and I am not very selective about who I add to my network. Why am I so desperate to connect with people that I have barely brushed shoulders with? I want to build my network to connect with some more established professionals. LinkedIn has a knack to limit me from connecting with professionals outside my network. Naturally, I find a way around LinkedIn’s rules. Instead of adding random professionals, I have reverted to Twitter and have had some awesome success. Below are 3 easy steps to using Twitter to network in your industry.

1. Establish yourself as a content lover. The more I use Twitter, the more I love the surplus of information and news in my industry. I’m not the only one either. Nearly 50 percent of Twitter users utilize it to get news. I know we are all individuals here in America, but jump on the information bandwagon for tweet’s sake.

2. Go beyond the RT. Yes, retweeting is easy, but who’s to know if you actually read the article? Did you enjoy the blog, Using Social Media For Your Business? Then give credit where credit is due. Find the author on Twitter. They’re there, I promise – and if they aren’t, is that really credible content you want to post? Probably not. Now you tell me which tweet looks more meaningful.




Your answer should be the second choice and I am willing to bet that SputtyLA, will respond with a “Thanks” or follow me.

3. Don’t be shy, but be clear. Communication is %60 non-verbal. When you send a text message, you lose voice tone, eye contact, and facial expression. That means you have to get your message across through text only and you already lost more than half of the message from it not being face-to-face. It’s got to be good and thorough. Take your %40 and be bold, avoid sarcasm, and be honest.

You know that rewarding feeling you get when you help someone? People remember “thank you,” “good job” and “you helped me.” Don’t you want them to remember it coming from you?  Take advantage of technology making it easier to acknowledge people.

So those are the steps to networking with your Twitter handle. With the magical “@,” you now have the power to connect with the thought leaders in your industry. So is Twitter becoming the new LinkedIn? Perhaps it is. We have always thought of LinkedIn as the outlet to put your professional foot forward and connect with like-wise industry leaders, but the tides are forever changing in the land of digital media. It is our job as practitioners to role with the waves of communication.

Natalie Hamlin

SmartyOC October Master Event to Increase Your Visibility

Thanks again to SmartyOC, a resource for entrepreneurial women, for coming to Increase Visibility last night for the October Master Event. I hope everyone was able to take away a couple tips and tricks to send traffic back to your website.

SmartyOC - Increase Your Visibility

1. Create a self hosted blog on your website ex) not
2. If you’re creating a new website, utilize and
3. Take time to listen in your industry, find where those conversations are happening online and engage
4. Determine which platforms your target demographic uses most and be active (80% sharing, 20% self promotion)

If you were able to write everything you wanted or see the slides, download the SmartyOC – Increase Your Visibility pdf and be sure to join SmartyOC on Facebook for more entrepreneurial tips to drive your business to success!

What is the Best Way to Use Social Media for your Business? We’re Hearing it Directly from the Experts.

Get Jealous, Social Lovers! One of our optimizers,  Taylor Toussaint, is going to a social media seminar to explore what is beyond social media in businesses. He will be hearing discussions from some of social media’s top dogs in the buzz stream. Some of you may be especially wondering about the ROI value of social media. We know it’s important, but what hands-on material can you bring to your CEO at the end of the day to show it is beneficial to your business? Needless to say, it can get a little political in the office.

Lucky for you, were going to the experts for some answers. One of the speakers will be Nichole Kelly of SME Digital, who authored How To Measure Social Media. Want to know how much revenue Facebook generated for your business this month? She’s your girl. Another speaker will be Michael Brito, of Edelman Digital. Edelman is one of the largest public relations firms in the world. Brito will discuss real examples of how social media can lead to better marketing, more relevant content, product innovation and more effective customer relationships. Another speaker that we are pretty excited about is Courtney Seiter, of Raven Tools (a tool that we use at IV). She will be discussing the best methods to connect with a community and enhance a brand’s personality online. There will also be an interview with Andrew Grill, the CEO of Kred – a leading measurement tool for social influence. The interview will discuss about the legitimacy of influence measurement and how the data should be used. The seminar will be brought together by the closing keynote speaker, Jason Falls, of Social Media Explorer, who will provide some final incite on where social fits within the marketing mix for any business. If you would like to read more about the speakers check out the full list here.

For immediate updates from our attendant at the conference, follow Taylor on Twitter @taylortoussaint.


Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Strategist

How to Effectively Run an Awesome Twitter Account

 “How the Top Brands use Twitter for Customer Service” is a rather self explaining blog title. This blog was written back in July to discuss the different ways companies utilize twitter to enhance customer service. It also had a persuasive side to it, my intention behind the blog was to inspire people to use twitter for their business and prove that it had so many great uses!

Well, it’s been brought to my attention that this inspiration leads to a bit of a dead end. As my friend kindly pointed out, “If I don’t know how to run a personal twitter account, how am I suppose to run a company page”? This was a very good question, if you find yourself wondering the same thing than this blog is for you.

Are you being followed?

How to Effectively Run an Awesome Twitter Account

So you’ve created a new account, you’re having a difficult time getting followers and can’t figure out why. The first step is to ask yourself, “why should people follow me?” and answer these questions:  Do I post interesting content? Do I use alluring titles with #hashtags? Do I respond to my audience when they reach out?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, this is going to be your starting point. Start following people that share your interest by searching keywords such as “running”, “SEO” or “marketing” in the twitter search box. You will be able to find people who want to hear what you want to say and have better chances of being followed back.

The next step is to get involved with Twitter. Everyday there is something new trending on twitter and typically, they are interesting and relevant to what is happening that day. My most recent favorite trend was simply #quote. I posted my favorite Airplane quote and many people retweeted the post. Another way to get involved is to join Twitter chats. Chats come in numerous forms; to give you an idea of a few examples, there are #blogchat, #SMchat and #leadgenchat, check them out!  For more information on chatting, click and read Twitter Chats: What are they and how to find them? by Tom Treanor.

Finally, my last snippet of advice in using Twitter is to stay active. Don’t work to get followers and then abandon them, keep up with the news and inform people of good and interesting things. Social media has become all about sharing so you should do just that, perhaps not every second of everyday, but enough to keep your name in the news feed.

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