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4 Ways to Improve SEO with Google+

It’s safe to say that Google is the number one search engine utilized by Internet users and SEO specialists. With Google’s popularity, comes the new social media Google+ that can actually increase your website’s SEO rankings using a few simple tactics.

1. Have a Google+ company page.

We know that this is pretty simple, but we can’t stress enough how much business will suffer by not having one. Even if you do nothing with it at first, being present on this social media with keep your company up to date with technological and social advances.  The process is very simple and you can add multiple administrators to your page. So hop to it!

2. Get in as many circles as possible.

This is probably the trickiest one – getting people to invest in seeing your company page. The quickest way to get the ball rolling is to put as many people in your circles as possible and hope that they will return the favor. For obvious reasons, concentrate on individuals that are in the industry of your business.  Many may not even know that your company’s Google+ exists and adding them to your circle will help with the outreach process.

3. Stuff your page with organic keywords.

Don’t just go through the page and blast it with keywords for your company – this will make the SEO rankings worse. Instead, write high-quality comments and posts and integrate your keywords in them. It is also a good idea time your posts. For example, you could frame your posts around the holidays since that is a topic that a lot of people are searching right now.

4. Use your +1 button.

The +1 button is a main competitor to the Facebook Like button. One huge difference between the two is, if you +1 a lot of posts, particularly ones in your industry, your image and logo will increase visibility as well.

We understand that you may be hesitant about joining yet another social media and you may not like the fact that Google+ is being forced on your business in this way. However, in order to implement a great digital marketing strategy you must consider Google, and to do that efficiently, your business has to join Google+. For more information on these Google+ tactics, check out this excellent article by Todd Wasserman on here.

Natalie Hamlin

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Company Facebook Page


Working at a digital marketing service provider allows exposure to all kinds of data, clients, and changes in technology and communications. For example, did you know that 88% of all businesses are present on social media sites, but most of them aren’t receiving any benefit? The reason is because of how they are using them. Social media is a gold-mine for connecting with potential customers so it is important to recognize mistakes, and improve your business’ connections with the fans. Below, are five mistakes that companies are making in the social media sphere and how to best avoid them for enhanced customer connections.

1. Lacking a Social Media Marketing Plan

Many business are simply “getting on Facebook” without any clear direction. Here’s a clue, simply posting stuff and having people like it, won’t necessarily lead to business value. To be successful at achieving your business goals, you need to have a clear objective for being on social medium. Are you trying to generate leads? Are you creating a more convenient customer-service system? Study your customers and realize your best method of connecting with them on Facebook.

2. Failure to Optimize Social Content

People have gotten really excited about social programs that allow you to post the same content across several different channels. You post it once, select all of the social channels, and press “enter.” This is pure laziness, people! It is okay, to use these programs to make your life a little easier, but if you do, it is important to optimize your social content with the social media you are using. There is a different format and etiquette for Twitter than there is for Facebook, so don’t automatically link the two. Potential followers are smart: they will notice and they will ignore your future quality posts.

3. “Willy Nilly” Posts

My grandmother would describe me as “acting Willy Nilly” when I was hyped up on too much caffeine and speaking nonsense as a child. Please do not post random nonsense on a business’ social platform (unless your corporation actually manufactures such a thing). Most people decide what to write and then type away into the correct format. I promise you, this will get lost in the social-sphere. Before pressing “post,” ask yourself if it can be more interesting, more timely, can you make it funny? Spend a little thought on what your fans may be interested in, and a picture goes a long way.

 4. Telling instead of showing: Failure to give a reason for a fan to connect with your business.

Don’t simply tell people what you want them to know about your business, show them. Instead of saying “we are giving back to the community this year, check out this blog,” try including your audience in the post, “SHARE this status and join the cause. We’ll donate $5 to our philanthropy on your behalf. Check out this blog on how $5 will impact the charity.”

Not only are you providing information to your audience about your business, but you are also including them, and showing them that you are serious about investing in an online connection with them. Social-media users are not drones, they are real people having  real conversations with real beings. Act like a real being, not a loud speaker recording.

5. Trying to Reach Everyone

Yes, I know there are millions of people on Facebook. It doesn’t mean we need to reach every individual. If you try to talk to everyone you will end up talking to no one. Do a little research, find what your loyal followers are talking about and be a thought leader in that category. It will truly help your company’s reputation management in that niche online community.

If you want more information on social media mistakes and the best ways to avoid them, Kirsta Neher wrote an article that helped to fuel this post and additionally provides some insight on these topics. Check out her words of wisdom here.

Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Specialist

Did Social Media Predict the Outcome of the Presidential Election?

The presidential candidates obviously put some resources toward social media marketing during this campaign. Barack Obama was without a doubt the first “social president” in 2008; 2012 was certainly the first “social election” where Mitt Romney jumped on the bandwagon.  Overall, social medium have become more and more apparent in the political sphere. According to an article by, 9 out of 10 Senators now have Twitter handles and spread the news of political happenings.  But we have to wonder, is social media becoming less of a reporter and more of a predictor of political races? In Senate races, the candidate with more Facebook friends than his or her opponent achieved their position 81% of the time. This infographic illustrates how politics and social media are affecting each other.

Social Media Election

If you’re curious, President Obama has 33,104,320 Facebook likes and 23,018,076 Twitter followers. Mitt Romney has 12,080,181 Facebook likes and 1,778,280 Twitter followers. About a month ago, a member of the Romney campaign said “The number of people knocking on doors is bound to beat the number tapping on their iPhones.” Perhaps not in this case. What are your thoughts on how the social-media movement is affecting politics? Is there a correlation?

For more information, check out this Biz Journal article, here.

-Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Specialist


Infographic credit: Upstart.BizJournals.Com