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Countdown of 2013 Digital Marketing Resolutions

Happy New Year, from all of our digital marketing specialists at Increase Visibility! We’ve been doing a lot of forecasting over here on the top trends and tactics that businesses should implement in 2013. 2013 is sure to be more digital than 2012 so leave it to the experts for advice on your business’ digital marketing resolutions. Here is a countdown to the top-ten resolutions you should make for your business in 2013.

10. Evaluate your 2012 Social-Media initiative and reconstruct a 2013 one.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, social media is everywhere and pretty much everyone is on it. There are also several new medium that are reaching the forefront with users and conversations. Instagram, for example,  gained one new user every second in 2012 and one billion photos have been taken with the app. Most businesses wouldn’t give the app a second thought in October of 2010 with a mere .01 million participants. However, two years have brought over 40 million to download to app on their mobile device. Medias like this one have transformed the way people share experienced with one another. Be sure to re-evaluate your core audience and the best social-medias to reach them and implement a new 2013 social strategy for your business.

9. Hop on the mobile marketing with your business.

People are on their cellular devices constantly, which is causing everything to move to mobile. Social media and geographical search are just a few of the many uses for which people are utilizing their smart phones. 2013 is sure to bring a rise in HTML5 and Hybrid Apps by businesses. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust! Not to mention mobile coupons, but make sure that you jump on that marketing tactic as well. 70 million coupons are redeemed each Sunday – that’s a big pool for your business to dip its toes into.

8. Take advantage of a local SEO opportunity.

Geotargeting isn’t anything new, but few have mastered the art. 2013 will give marketers the ability to to push special offers to customers that drive by their stores. Marketers will also be using the platforms to build nurturing and meaningful relationships by encouraging in-store check-ins  or friendly competition amongst friends using a points-based rewards system according to FunMobility in an article here.

7. Just say “no” to useless content.

Instead of posting thin content across as many web portals as possible, focus on writing one great article a week and promoting the article versus higher quantity articles and promotions that sacrifice quality. Look at your niche group. Find high-authority sites and ask to do a guest post there, then promote it like crazy and hope it goes well. It may just turn into a series or a regular contribution. People go to certain sites because they are reputable. Jump on that bandwagon. Consumers are smarter and more internet savvy than ever before. Treat them that way.

6. Electronic Signatures are a must have.

Electronic signatures will go from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have.’ More and more companies are signing electronically to accelerate speed to results, reduce costs, and delight their customers and clients with an easy, convenient, and secure way of doing business.

5. Pay attention to how social media will morph to social searching.

Google+ is not exactly what everyone thought it would be, but you still need to be on it! Participation on this media is important for search engine optimization on the most successful search engine, Google. Social networking is looking to morph into social searching as more and more social medium create enhanced search options.

4. Use social media to find potential employees.

The graduating class of 2013 is one of the most peer and tech aware in the working world. Many are choosing employers based on the company’s demonstrated commitment to social-media engagement with customers and employees. This rate should pick up even more in the class of 2015, so don’t try to wait out this phase! Stay up to date on social channels as it may help you to get the most savvy employees.

3. Social Media will more-readily show ROI, start demanding it.

Key performance metrics are sure to be more important in 2013. It will put Social Media ROI to the test and everyone wants to know how social media is helping to contribute to the company’s bottom line. Be sure to visit a monitoring website monthly and see how you can show your employer how the social-media initiatives are paying off.

2. Brands will become thought leaders, jump on that bandwagon and be a voice in your industry.

Businesses are recognizing that posting regular high-quality information on their blog is more likely to be shared and read. In addition, it helps with search engine optimization and reaching a core audience easier. It allows companies to start and continue conversations with an audience and customers who engage with a brand are much more likely to recommend the brand.












1. Here is the big one. Customize!

Know your brand. Don’t focus on what the competition is doing. Find what competitive advantage your business has and look at the digital marketing possibilities. If there is nothing visual about your company, you probably don’t need a Pinterest or Instagram presence. If you mostly do business-to-business deals, individuals on Facebook probably aren’t your primary focus. But perhaps, thought leaders and business owners on Twitter are. If you’re a small business, redirect your efforts toward local optimization instead of a global one. If you have questions or need advice on the best efforts to expand your business’ digital presence, be sure to contact us for quality and customized services for your brand.


Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Specialist


New Year’s Resolutions: Digital Marketing Countdown to 2013

Even though the internet marketing specialist‘s work never stops, it’s that time of year again. A time for family, gift-giving, plenty of feasting and letting work go to the waist-side for a few days. Take the vacation, you deserve it – but don’t forget to jump on the opportunity wipe the slate clean and start fresh in 2013 with a new digital marketing plan!

So here is our gift to you. Starting today, our blog will be holding a countdown to 2013 filled with tips/tricks of the digital marketing trade. So here is our first tip for you.

If you aren’t already, start a social media marketing strategy for the holidays. We don’t just mean Christmas here, holidays are constantly the talk of social channels – don’t be left out!

Here are a few reasons why your marketing team needs to put their holiday thinking caps on:

  • 95 percent of consumers use at least one social media platform and regularly post about their shopping experiences and make recommendations to their friends and followers.
  • When coordinating with your business’ traditional marketing efforts, social media usage can expand your reach to a wider audience.
  • Content related to gift ideas, holiday destinations, discounts, and inspirational stories go viral in no time. Though it may not ensure sales, it will display your brand in a larger scope on social media sites.
  • In 2011, 64 percent of Amazon’s traffic came from Facebook. See the convenience factor here?

So keep your business brand going, but inject a little holiday spirit in your normal outreach. You can check out our Increase Visibility facebook page for some inspiration. Here are a few steps towards your holiday marketing.

1. Plan: Start your holiday marketing plan about a month ahead of time.

2. Customize: Customize your brand’s logo with holiday graphics.







3. Gifts: If it is a gift holiday (like Christmas) start thinking about gift ideas. Give general but useful content to make your brand relevant. Outreach to bloggers to be included in their gift guides. This can include coupons. But make sure to have a sense of urgency, the holidays don’t last forever!

4. Staff photos: This is your chance to show the faces behind your company. And when you think about it, your employees are the closest relationship to your company’s brand. Let your social followers/fans in to see what your culture is like.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with these people? They look pretty fun.







4. Donate to a charity: Partner with a local charity and invite others to join your page and participate in the initiative. Total Network Consulting does a great job of this initiative.






5. Schedule your posts: Most importantly, you need to enjoy the holidays too. Utilize social media tools like Hootsuite and make sure your holiday is filled with joy and relaxation.

Want more information on Social Media, SEO, and other marketing services to better your business’ 2013? Be sure to check back as the Digital Marketing Countdown to 2013 continues.

Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Specialist


Something fun on your to-do list


Everyone likes lists and rankings, in both our personal and professional lives. We have to-do lists, shopping lists, bullet lists in memos and presentations. Bird-watchers have life lists. Nowadays everyone seems to want a bucket list. Then there are rankings. How many top 10s are there? Before a sports season starts, all sorts of rankings and power ratings are conjured up. They don’t mean much since a single game is yet to be played, but it seems we have to have them. Sports radio host Colin Cowherd once did a fast-food batting order; guy could give you each sandwich and the reason for its position in a metaphorical baseball lineup.
In today’s internet world, the meaning of lists and rankings gains even more significance. The importance of the search engine has been with us for a long time. Now we have the verb “Google,” and when someone Googles, everyone wants their business or website to be at the top of that screen. That’s why we have SEO companies, whose whole existence and function is to help other companies get their names at the top of the internet search lists. All of these lists and rankings bring structure to our lives, which is why the – well – list of lists goes on and on.

On the shopping list


A lot of industries have grasped the notion of listing and made it work. Take the online-casino industry, for instance. With the surge in popularity of these gambling sites has naturally led to a surge in the number of sites out there. And that, in turn, has led to entire sites devoted to making the experience of navigating the maze of online casino sites easier. Go to one of these sites and you can find reviews, articles, tips on playing and more. And of course there are lists – of sites, of operating systems to match your PC or mobile device, and of payment and withdrawal methods. Some of the items on these lists have lists all of their own. has a page devoted to the mobile casino. Go to the page, and what do you find? You find a bullet list that caters to people who have smartphones and tablets. It gives those users all sorts of information on using a mobile casino. The page is honest enough to even provide the disadvantages of using a mobile casino. They also have a page for people who choose to play casino for real money, which includes things you should consider in money management – payment systems, the types of bets you might make, and the bonuses offered. Bonuses are a big deal if you decide to play casino for real money. Many sites have really lucrative bonus offers, and a wide variety of them too. There are sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and bonuses for recruiting others to play.

Just play for the fun of it


But you don’t have to play for real money. In fact, some places – including much of the United States – prohibit online gambling. It seems legislatures haven’t quite caught up to the huge trend in internet gambling. They’re getting there; Nevada is in the game, and New Jersey and Delaware have seats reserved at the table. Other states are considering the issue. But those who live in places where online gambling is illegal, or those who simply choose not to play for real money, have the play-for-free option available at most sites. It’s a good way to familiarize yourself with the games, and a good way to practice your strategy for when you do get a chance to play casino for real money. With all of these options at your fingertips, it might be a good idea to rank online casinos up there in your list of fun things to do today.

5 Tips to Keep Your Business Pinterest Savvy

Have you heard the buzz about Pinterest? Thought about signing up? Seek out some advice from some of our digital marketing specialists to see if this is the right move for your company’s social media. If you are already on Pinterest, check out our tips to keep your business as “Pinteresting” as possible.

1.       Add a Pinterest “Follow” button.

Think of your website as your home base for every other media where your business exists. You probably already have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn images located on your website. The great thing about Pinterest, is that the pins have a longer lifespan than say, tweets, and pins have SEO value.

2.       Crowd source.

One social media guru suggests asking fans to pin a picture of themselves and their favorite product and asked them to tag you in the post to be repined onto a VIP board. Get creative! You can also add guest pinners to certain boards. Brainstorm with your marketing team and think of fun and creative ways to involve your followers.

3.       Have some etiquette.

Be mindful of other Pinterest users and don’t only pin your items. It is important to credit your sources and keep your profile community-based. This means join in on the pinning fun. Don’t just info-vomit your website’s images everywhere. Find some good images that your pinners will like and re-pin them.

4.       Know your pinning community.

Take a look at the people that follow your brand. What do they pin? Pinterest is great because you can visually see what people want to see more of i.e. baby animals in a lot of cases. Also take a look at your most popular pins. This will give you a good idea of what works and what does not. Like all social media, it is important to study your audience and get an idea of their wants. Pinterest is no different.

5.       Make sure your social media manager has the “Pin It” Bookmarklet added to their browser.

It honestly makes lives easier. This button enables you to grab an image from any website and add it to a pinboard quickly. As opposed to saving the image, logging into Pinterest, and upload the image. It also helps you to be the original pinner of some cool content.

Pinterest is making some serious moves for businesses. According to the Shareaholic Referral Traffic report, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined! That is a pretty apparent statistic in the social media marketing world.  Did we miss any tips? Leave us some comments!

Natalie Hamlin