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How to use Vine for Social Media Marketing


Last month, Twitter introduced a new video sharing service that lets you create short looping videos via a smartphone.  But here’s the catch, videos are limited to 6 seconds or less, encouraging users to be creative within a short time frame.  In addition, users can tweet the video on their feed, allowing the opportunity for the video to go viral; a goldmine for social media marketing.

Similar to Twitter and Instagram, Vines utilizes hashtags, allowing users to explore. Its simplicity and efficiency has gained the popularity among social media users.   In my opinion, it could become the next viral medium.  Give it some time and Vine will surpass Instagram in users.  Now more than ever, consumers thrive for visual content, especially videos; look at YouTube!

Some brands are beginning to catch on to the craze incorporating it as a social media tool, however many are still wondering how to it can benefit their social media marketing strategy.  Check out these simple ideas to integrate Vine into your social media strategy.

How to Showcase Your Brand with Vine:

1.    Show off new products
2.    Take snapshots of a recent company event
3.    Give users an inside look at your work environment
4.    Thank your customers and followers
5.    Introduce a new employee
6.    Give a teaser of a full length video
7.    Answer a question regarding an industry topic
8.    Ask followers/customers an industry question

Vine is a fun and creative way to communicate with customers and followers.  It is a great tactic for brands to steer away from traditional brand exposure and it sure is a lot cheaper!  With more and more consumers thriving off their smartphones, it is important for brands to take full advantage of such platforms and channels.

The question is how will you differentiate your brand from the competition?


-Mary Dagher, Digital Media Specialist

Why Do You Need SEM?

First of all, the Animon Live team knows exactly just how important it is to have an excellent site and amazing content for it, and how crucial visitors to this site truly are for any business. No matter what field you might be working in, if you are planning on making an online or offline business venture bloom, you will need to make your name, brand, products, or services known, talked about, and shared non-stop. Search engine marketing is one of the web marketing tools we Animon Live handles best. We can direct targeted traffic to your site and offer you all the assistance you need with your SEO and SEM practices.


Does Your Company Need SEM?

Unless you want your business not to grow and to stay in a cone of shadow for the rest of eternity, you definitely need SEM. Even though you might have some extremely relevant content on your site and your design might be top-notch, a well-built search engine marketing strategy can truly make you shine. Using the right kind of SEM will help you make your site ready to understand for search engine robots and real users you are trying to sell something to. If we are to get deeper into the details, we could say SEO needs to be regarded as an important investment with a very special ROI, and not like a simple cost. Plus, SEO is to be regarded as the genuine master of attracting prospects and increasing the number of conversions also. Of course that smart branding and successful social media practices in addition to other similar marketing strategies will create a synergy effect that will give your business a greater boost.  


How Does SEO Boost Sales?

Search engine optimization is also responsible for the growth of sales, but without increasing your marketing costs at the same time. In other words, your already established company or fresh, starting business will be able to boost profits on the long run and exponentially. While online marketing consist of a great deal of practices, SEO is one of the most powerful technique that could help you more easily reach your goals and improve your Return On Investment rates due to the better number of conversions and incremental cost sales.  


What Do We Have To Offer?

Animon Live offers one-time technical and internal SEO audit to determine the precise SEO needs of your business, regular (monthly) development of site content and keyword analysis, along with the analysis of your site’s usability and even off-site SEO and analysis of the success of your competitors’ SEO.

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Grammys: 2013’s Second-Biggest Social Media Event

In an era where consumers are hungry for content, major headlining events like the Super Bowl and Grammys are taking full advantage of social media channels to fuel that appetite. This past Grammys proved nothing less by claiming title as 2013’s Second-Biggest Social Media Event, with 15.4 million social interactions, according to  The Super Bowl topped first, with over 52 million interactions.

With fans in mind, digital strategies and tactics implemented by the Recording Academy and CBS were in full force mode weeks before the show was held.   In addition to tweeting and Facebooking via the Grammys’ social channels, efforts to reach fans took a unique and clever approach; utilizing the artists themselves to push engagement.  What better way to excite the public than to have Hunter Hayes, Zack Brown Band and others participate in a “Grammy Cast” commentary session? It doesn’t end there! Three iPads were positioned backstage, which enabled performers, presenters and award recipients to tweet and post videos after exiting the stage.  These live stream efforts proved to be successful as mobile interaction produced 88% of messages, up from 57% in 2012.

Perhaps the biggest key element of fan engagement was the Gig of a Lifetime contest, which gave musicians the chance compete for a spot to perform at the Clive Davis Theater.  The contest which was held from Dec. 5-Jan. 10, garnered 1.5 million social media votes.

Whether it was LL Cool J reiterating the night’s official hashtag — #grammys — or active participation of the Grammys’ social platforms, “Music’s Biggest Night” lived up to its name thanks to their excellent social media campaign.

What can you take in from this? It is important to study the ever changing tactics and strategies of social media marketing.  Nourishing your fans and followers with active participation and latest information and content with a unique approach, like the Grammys, is the perfect recipe to create buzz.

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-Mary Dagher, Digital Media Specialist


Social Hiring: 6 Vital Skills of a Social Media Specialist

Attention aspiring social media marketing specialists! Increase Visibility is now hiring a new social media specialist to join this award winning team! Think you have what it takes? Here are the top 6 qualities that we look for within our social-media ninjas.

1.   Familiarity and experience with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ from a company perspective. We try to provide our clients with high-quality and personal social media engagement. Daily management of these channels ensures good reputation management for our clients on the digital sphere. If you have about six months running these kinds of social media accounts, we encourage you to apply.

2.     General computer skills. In this position, you will be on the computer quite a bit. Our social media specialists often have to compile documents that analyze social media content and outreach. Experience with standard Microsoft and Adobe programs are certainly a plus.

Good communication skills in speaking with clients. Above all of our other services, Increase Visibility values customer service. We talk to our clients regularly about what is happening with their digital marketing strategies. Our Social  Media Specialists must be able to engage and converse with our clientele on a regular basis.

4.     Work in a fast-paced and high-energy environment. In the quickly-changing world of internet marketing, people need to keep up with the industry. Our agency is certainly one that offers creativity and the ability to implement new and state-of-the-art tactics with our clients. If you eat, breathe, and live social media, we welcome your input.

5.     Plan and create blog content. Take this post as “Exhibit A.” Our social media strategists need to keep up with the conversations happening online and participate. We value our agency as a true thought leader in the internet marketing sphere. Help us put some of these thoughts into the written word.

6.     Possess interest in other digital marketing tactics (i.e. SEO, PPC). Though our social media specialists don’t deal with these services directly, we like all of our employees to be on the same page of what services our agency offers to assist in this communication to our current and potential clients.

“Looking around you, you can see that everything in the media is turning more digital by the day. Phone books have ceased to exist, and people are turning to their computers instead of libraries for information about any topic. Making the choice to work in this industry is a wise choice in making yourself a more marketable candidate for any future career. A Social Media Specialist position is definitely a role that looks great on a resume and provides and excellent skill-set for working in a fast-paced environment with different kinds of people and clients. There is plenty of room for growth and promotion for the right candidate that possesses the drive and the passion.

Having worked at Increase Visibility for quite some time now, I must say that I am far from disappointed with my experience. Besides working with high-quality and skilled individuals, you get to form close relationships with some amazing clients. If you’re looking to break into the digital marketing sphere, I really can’t think of a better agency to start your career path. Personally, I began at Increase Visibility as an Intern and have advanced to the head Social Media Specialist. You will learn a ton of skills in a very short amount of time working for this industry leading agency. If you possess the skills necessary to excel at a digital marketing firm with several digital marketing awards, then submit your resume. We look forward to hearing from you.”

Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Specialist