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Google + Announces GIFs Feature


Google + fans listen up!  The social network giant just got a step cooler by announcing this past week the option to create animated GIFs for profile photos.  For those who aren’t as familiar with the concept of a GIF, the social media network includes a section on “how to create a GIF.”  Now you can have the coolest Google + page on the block! The fun doesn’t end there, perhaps the best part is that the GIFs will animate on both mobile and desktop. Now this got us wondering, could GIFs ultimately come a unique part of social media marketing? Although GIFs are short on time, it could be an excellent way to tease or showcase a product or brand.


GIFs have been around for some time now, Google has recently jumped the GIFs bandwagon, adding the ability to search for GIF files via through itself.  The Google animated GIF filter will make finding GIFs easier and quicker. And because more people will be able to find GIFs easily, the number of searches for GIFs will increase, so having them on a site will bring in new visitors.  Take advantage now!


We’ve done our research and found an abundance of sites and apps which can be used to create GIFs, besides the Google Search for GIFs, our favorite is  For a mere $1.99, creates quality and eye catching videos all while being simple to use.


Go ahead and be creative!

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Weather Forecasting Debuts on Facebook

Inc Vis blog 3-22

Don’t you hate being caught in an unsuspected summer storm on during an outside event? Unpredictable weather is nothing out the norm and often catches us at the most inconvenient times.  Fortunately social media has come to the rescue, specifically Facebook.  Facebook is known for introducing unique tools for social media marketing, but ever imagined weather forecasts for Facebook events?


Yesterday Facebook introduced a weather feature for events, giving users the forecast is the event is 10 days away or less via mobile and web-based.  In addition, public pages, such a recreation parks, theme parks, etc. will include the feature.


Although a small addition to the social media giant, the automatically updated feature will be a useful tool for users, giving them information without ever having to leave Facebook.  The feature doesn’t entail a full weather forecast but rather a general glimpse, which includes high and low temperature and general conditions.


Facebook has already begun utilizing the feature, check it out coming to an event near you!

Why Digital Marketing Should be Integrated into an Overall Marketing Strategy


Before social media, video sharing and online shopping  exploded, digital marketing was just a miniscule part of a company’ s marketing campaign.  However, with the online landscape changing, marketing experts agree that digital marketing services should play a role in a brand’s overall marketing strategy.


According to Business Insider, eighty percent of U.S. Internet users participate in social networks; more than half of Americans have made online purchases, and more than 80 percent watch and share digital videos.  Now more than ever, brands are taking advantage of digital platforms in order to engage their audiences no matter where they are.  With technology advancing ever so quickly, marketers can analyze customer behavior, tailor their campaigns consequently and develop messages in real time.


With smartphone penetration on the rapid rise, marketers are also heading towards mobile integration.  Ads are increasingly becoming a part of the mobile experience, taking advantage of this rising medium is another way brands will become more successful creating customer engagement.


Perhaps the best method for a brand’s marketing campaign to be as successful as possible, is to combine traditional marketing and new media efforts in order to reach and engage as many consumers as possible.  With technology expanding throughout many different avenues, it is important to remember to stay up to date with the latest in the digital sphere.

What are the Latest Changes to the Facebook News Feed


Before you freak out, we all know that Facebook is a fan of redesigning and revamping their site ever so often.  Whenever Facebook throws a switcheroo on us, my news feed is flooded with “NOT AGAIN!!” or “Why does Facebook keep changing!!?!?,” I am sure you all know what I am talking about, but you have to admit that getting used to it happens quickly and it becomes like second nature, after all how could we give up one of our favorite guilty pleasures?

Today, the social media giant announced that its news feed will be getting a “new look and feel,” with the switch beginning today.  This is the first big change since the Timeline launched in 2011.  Working in social media, I immediately wondered if this change could affect social media management once fully converted.  Before I get too ahead of myself, check out what the changes entail.

What will change?

“The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve built,” Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the press event. Likening news feed to “the most personalized newspaper,” Zuckerberg added that “the stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text.”

According to Mashable, the news feed will include three major components:

1.    Bigger images

With a visual focus, photos now make up 50% of news feeds and are front and center.   Visual content is aesthetically pleasing and users are more likely to spend more time looking at photos rather than simple text.

2.    Multiple feeds

Users now have different feeds to choose from, narrowing it down based on their interests.   In other words, users can tailor their feed to only include updates on music or just photos.

3.    Mobile consistency

With more users accessing Facebook through mobile, Facebook focused on a consistent look throughout all platforms.  The revamp includes a new side navigation bar and more white space.

To join the waiting list check out:


How Facebook’s new Graph Search Can Impact Social Media Marketing

Facebook Social Media Services

Although not available to the public quite yet, Facebook Graph Search page, is creating quite the stir among social media marketing.  The highly anticipated development has created both positive and negative feedback by those who have already used it. Lucky me, I was actually able to test it out for a couple minutes on a friend’s Facebook page who already switched over.  Let me tell you, it took searching on Facebook to a whole new level.  I won’t get into the logistics behind it, but rather explain how your brand could possibly benefit from it in the social world.

Mr. Facebook himself, Zuckerberg, explains that Facebook Graph Search, still in its beta stage, provides users with an alternative search tool. Unlike Google and Bing, Facebook Graph Search’s yields results only through that user’s social connections.  Facebook says that this will produce more relevant results since information is coming from the accounts of like-minded individuals with similar interests and likes.

How can this affect your social media marketing strategy? The social media ninjas at Business 2 Community give you the technical version:

First, if Facebook Graph Search boomed and emerged as a total success, the number of “Likes” a Facebook Page has matters because the results are going to be ranked based on this data. Look at “Likes” as if they were inbound links – the more you have, the higher your rank (although post-Penguin, this is not necessarily true).

Social media marketers now need to think of ways on how to get more “Likes” for their pages and when it comes to this, one cannot help but bring up the possibility of businesses creating fake accounts or the possibility of marketers “buying Facebook Likes.”

On a more positive note, Facebook Graph Search can help marketers pin point and explore key demographics based on interests, marketers can use this to get a better insight into the interests and passion points of their key demographics (i.e. a restaurant can gain insight into what kind of music people who love the cuisine they serve like).

With the way that people consume information online, not just through search engines but through social media, it is important for all social media marketers to pay close attention and take advantage of where this development is going.

Have you tried Facebook Graph Search? What are your thoughts?


-Mary Dagher, Digital Media Specialist