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Social Media Management: Tips for Staying Safe on Twitter

social media managementIt is obvious that keeping your personal information private online is crucial for your security.  With more and more companies jumping into social media management, it is important to remember that social media gives everyone a megaphone, anything you comment, tweet, +1, retweet, etc is amplified for all the world to see.  There are simple social media management steps to take that will help keep you out of harm’s way on Twitter.  In fact some of these steps you probably would have never thought could be a security risk!

1.    Avoid games that give away information

There are plenty of games out there that ask you to enter your street name or pet’s name as password-reset questions.

2.    Direct Messaging Can Be Just as Risky

In order to direct message someone on Twitter, you both must be following each other.  Be aware of who you are messaging and avoid giving away any personal information on Twitter or any social media in this case.

3.    The Less, The Better

Avoid checking into places.  This goes for Facebook and foursquare as well.  Sharing locations on social media is quite simple allowing everyone to see your exact location, often times sharing it to people you have no desire of sharing that type of information.

4.    Disable location services on your Smartphone

Real time access of your location is dangerous for stalkers, burglars and anyone else that shouldn’t know your current location.  To disable this feature, go to Twitter’s Account setting page, de-select “Add a location to my Tweets” under “Tweet location.”

5.    Switch Your Profile to Private

Setting your feed to private is an excellent way to keep your tweets accessible only to those who follow you.  From the settings page, select account, go to Twitter privacy and select protect my tweets.

Top 10 Mistakes and Myths of Social Media Management

social media managementWith the integration of social media into marketing and business strategies, it is important for companies and brands to understand how to correctly execute social media management and understand how the platforms work.  There are many misconceptions and myths on social media.  Check out this article that debunks these misconceptions/myths from Business 2 Community:

Mistake #1. Not Having a Plan

It is imperative that any business looking into social media services establishes a plan. Determine goals for yourself. Set objectives for each site. Are you trying to get 10% more followers each month? How many people would you like to interact with each week? There are so many aspects to a business social media marketing strategy, a plan is a must have advantage.


Mistake #2. Size Doesn’t Matter

Thinking that the size of your audience is most important. Totally wrong. Size doesn’t matter, activity does. You are better off having an intimate group of engaged followers that are constantly interacting with than having thousands of complacent followers that don’t. More followers and more traffic does not equal more money, you need the right people to engage with your business.

Mistake #3: Not Dedicating Time to All your Accounts

Each social media account should have a fair share of your business effort attention. Avoid biting off more than you can chew. If you only have time for Facebook or Twitter, it’s okay. Just be sure to do all you can with those sites. Don’t start a Pinterest, Foursquare, or Tumblr if you don’t have the resources to maintain them.


Mistake #4: Talking About Your Business in Every Post

Vary up your posts so you’re not always talking about your business! Sometimes you have to think of your business as if it were a real person. Don’t be like those people who constantly talk about how awesome they are. The more you force information in your audiences faces, the least likely they are to respond.


Mistake #5: Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

There is nothing attractive about spelling and grammar mistakes. (That sentence alone was painful for me to write.) Double check and proofread your material before you send things out to into the internet. Not only will you look silly, but you could also harm your credibility.


Mistake #6: Not Tracking your Stats

Statistics are important in every marketing campaign. More and more social media services offer analytics and reports to track your page views, post reads, shares, activities, and more. This is all valuable information because it tells you through data which posts your audiences respond best too so you can do more of them.

Mistake #7: Lacking an Online Personality

Social media gives your business the opportunity have a strong and unique voice. Let your hair down a little! Be open, insightful, funny – whatever you feel like your business should embody, do it!


Mistake #8: Not Engaging your Audience

Ask questions! Get Feedback! Start discussions! Outlets like Facebook and Twitter give you the chance that no other marketing channel offers: the opportunity to socialize and connect with your audience on a public and social level. Not only does this strengthen customer relationships, it also brings more activity to your business.


Mistake #9: Getting Defensive or Negative with Comments

Let’s face it, the internet is swimming with people. And unfortunately not all of them are going to be nice or agree with your business. Keep you cool and handle these comment gracefully. Remember, everything is public! It’s always better to be the bigger person in these situations.


Mistake #10: Giving up!

Building your social media up takes some time! Don’t give up. Stay Active. Be patient. Your efforts will pay off, just give it some time! Mistakes are part of the learning process. If you find that you’re sheepishly guilty of a few of these, don’t sweat it! Just take this information and learn from it. Get out there and conquer the social media marketing world!

Why Using a Humanized Approach is Important for Social Media Marketing

social media marketingAs more and more brands begin to indulge in the wonderful world of social media marketing, it is important that they grasp the unique concept of social media “etiquette”: humanizing.  Creating this persona is important for brands to be able to connect with consumers on a one-to one basis.


According to Mashable, “as marketers, we need to embrace this fundamental nature of user behavior; namely, that people act, engage, and respond not solely as professionals, but as nuanced human beings. Users are not simply — and absolutely cannot be solely treated as — potential sales. Our campaigns, programming and offers must be built to connect with users on that human level — which encompasses, but is not wholly defined by — their professional status.”


It is hard for brands to be able to engage effectively through social media marketing with their consumers if they take on a “professional” approach, thus resulting in limited engagement.  When we are thrown into a serious environment, we take on a serious approach towards interaction.  When we are out with friends, our interaction standpoint takes a complete 180, for the most part.


Being humanized creates a friendly approach to a brand.  For example, many brands take it to Twitter to interact with their consumers (ie. Customer service issues, etc.).  This is an excellent social media marketing tactic that shows consumers that brands are not treating you solely as sales potentials.


Mashable states that, “every corporation, no matter how buttoned-up, no matter its product or service, has a unique personality. Being human in social media, then, involves identifying all aspects of that personality — even the less obvious or less corporate ones — and embracing them as a whole. From there, the surface symptoms we referenced at the beginning of the column — tone, language, aesthetics — will be easier to define.”

Pinterest is Excellent for Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization ServicesWith over 12 million users and counting, Pinterest has made its mark in the social media world with full force.  Not only are scrapbooking lovers and Do it Yourself fans the only ones taking advantage of Pinterest, but more and more brands are jumping the wagon.


You may not realize, Pinterest is growing to become an excellent medium for Business to Consumer brands, specifically with search engine optimization services.


Here are a few tricks and tips on optimizing pins:


  • Personalize the pin with specific geographic location or gender.  Choosing your keywords wisely is key to for any SEO strategy, utilizing “long tail” keywords is especially beneficial


  • Yes, hashtags are applicable on Pinterest too! Just like Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus, it creates greater visibility for the pin, making it more discoverable.


  • According to Social Media Today, “backlinks form the core of any search engine optimization campaign. It is very important that your site get a link back from the pin. While those links from Pinterest are ‘nofollow’ meaning you may not get the SEO juice, but you cannot discount the traffic that can be generated by backlinks. You should even consider adding the URL in the description, so each time the pin gets shared, you have stand a chance to add multiple visitors.”


  • The “pin it” button works wonders! Having that button on your site will make it easier for site visitors to pin images from your site, in return sending more traffic back to your site.


Happy Pinning!

As if Social Media Wasn’t Cool Enough: Facebook is Testing out Emoticons ;)

I am sure you’ve noticed that lately I have been on a streak of writing blogs relating to Facebook, but the social media phenom is on a roll with introducing all these awesome features , how could I not share them? This week we found out that Facebook is looking into incorporating emoticons in status updates.  This has totally got me excited, considering I am obsessed with “emojis” (all you iPhone users know what I am talking about).


The social network has begun the feature with select profiles offering a variety of categories.  According to Mashable, “listed next to the small icons for adding a picture or a graphic location, a smiley face image now resides with the following prompt: ‘news: share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.’

social media management services

Enjoying ice cream with friends? At the movies enjoying popcorn and Coke? Search for the title of the movie and it will add a film board image. According to Mashable, this connects your conversation to a show, movie, artist and so on, and possibly opens up the door for more ad revenue for the company in the future.  Could the future of social media marketing lie in emoticons? If emojis are all the rage with iPhone, having that feature for all Facebook users could only mean one thing #EmoticonTakeOver.