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Why Having a LinkedIn Presence is Important for Social Media Marketing

social media managementWith over 2 million companies on LinkedIn, this social media avenue acts as a great source of information for potential job candidates and recruiters.  However, many company’s LinkedIn pages are not up to par.  It is important for companies to invest time and effort into the social media management of their LinkedIn pages.  Not only is it free but it’s expanding presence and popularity among the professional community makes it an almost must have for any social media marketing strategy.

How can your company get the most out of LinkedIn?

  • Did you know that anyone can add your company name to their profile? Make sure to check regularly that people adding your company accurately reflects your staff.
  • Maintain the Products and Services –Don’t be too promotional.  Focus more on the outcomes and causes of your company.  Mention news about your business, this can include company happenings, charitable causes and any “feel good” aspects of your business.  After all, the purpose of social media is to create a humanistic approach.
  • Company updates – Don’t use LinkedIn as a job board! Be creative and focus on your company’s specialties, mission, goals and objectives.  Remember that most people visiting your page aren’t solely seeking jobs.

Keep in mind that your company’s page and proper social media marketing practices is a true reflection of your business.  Attracting talent and clients with a positive approach is the first step towards creating engagement.  Understanding your target audience is an important foundation block when it comes to reaching the appropriate spectrum and maximizing your information as effectively as possible.

Yahoo! Steps up Their Social Media Marketing Game

social media marketingTwitter has become an important social media marketing tool and an excellent source of news with direct updates from celebrities, politicians, news outlets, and brands.  With Smartphone penetration continuing, Twitter is an excellent avenue for those on the go to receive up to date news and happenings.  Recently Yahoo! announced their partnership with Twitter, which will bring Tweets straight onto the Yahoo! newsfeed.

According to a blog from Yahoo! the new addition will allow “users explore our nearly endless stream of content, we will seamlessly include relevant and personalized Tweets alongside stories from Yahoo! and our other sources. With this greater breadth of compelling content, we’re excited to give our users even more opportunities to learn and connect. This feature now gives users an even better social media marketing experience, allowing an easy way to discover relevant and interesting people and publishers to follow on Twitter, personalized to their interests and preferences. From music to sports, news to entertainment, we’re committed to delivering our users the very best of the web, and our continued partnership with Twitter is an exciting leap forward in our endeavors.”

The search engine giant is known for their commitment to bring the very best in news and delivering content.  The social media marketing integration will begin throughout the next few days coming soon to a desktop or mobile device near you.

Google Glass in its First Stages of Integrating with Social Media Management

social media managementEven though Google Glass is not available commercially, it already has a second update out.  The first version of Google Glass experienced a number of difficulties and issues.  The latest update fixes a significant amount of previous issues and is on its way to becoming almost flawless before its public debut.  Being the social media nerds we are, what we found most interesting, in particular, are the social media management tools now available pertaining to Google Plus.


According to an article from Phandroid the Google Glass Explorer Edition latest XE5 features include:


  • Change to sync policy: require power + wifi for background uploads
  • Crash reporting
  • Incoming notifications on social media network Google + such as, direct shares, comments, +mentions, including ability to comment and +1
  • Incoming Hangout notifications
  • Transcription of queries & messages is now wicked-fast
  • Long-press to search from anywhere in the UI (no longer just from off)
  • International number dialing + SMS
  • Hop animation on disallowed swipes in the UI
  • New On-Head Detection calibration flow
  • Show device Serial Number on Device Info card
  • More reliable estimation of battery charge remaining
  • New recipient-list mosaic


If you’re still clueless on what Google Glass is, it is a prototype, titanium-framed wearable computer.  With a price tag of $1,500, the item has been a hot item with more than 10,000 units now being shipped to beat testers.  With the ability to carry out tasks otherwise done on a computer, this now sparks the question, could the future of social media management be easily carried out through Google Glass? Could we say goodbye to computers and desks?

Fun With Social Media Marketing: Twitter Abbreviations

social media marketing servicesIn a world of ever-expanding technology and the popularity of social media, abbreviations have been spreading like a wildfire.  LOL, BRB, ROLF, we’re sure by now you have heard of these abbrevs (or should we say abbreviations).  However with social media marketing and networking sites popping up left and right, each channel now has their own form of abbreviation “dictionary.”  Some of these abbreviations have become important enough to integrate with social media marketing strategies such as “DM”.  “DM” is direct message, many brands “DM” users who tweet them with concerns or questions; essentially has the same function as private messaging.


Check out these common Twitter abbreviations.  Are you a fan of using abbreviations?


• B4 = Before

• BFN = Bye for now

• BGD = Background

• BH = Blockhead

• BR = Best regards

• BTW = By the way

• LOL = Laugh out loud

• MM = Music Monday

• MIRL = Meet in real life

• NBD = No big deal

• NCT = Nobody cares, though

• OOMF = One of my friends/followers

• ORLY = Oh, really?

• PLMK = Please let me know

• RTQ = Read the question

• SFW = Safe for work

• SMH = Shaking my head

• TYVW = Thank you very much

• W or W/ = With

• W/E or WE = Whatever or weekend

• WTV = Whatever

• YGTR = You got that right

• YOLO = You only live once

• YOYO = You’re on your own

• YW = You’re welcome

• ZOMG = OMG to the max



Social Media Marketing: How to Organize a Successful “Tweetup”

social media marketingAs if social media marketing  wasn’t cool enough; ever heard of tweetups? A tweetup is like a gathering for those who Twitter. Normally we connect with friends online after we meet them, however, Tweetups is similar to online dating, you converse with someone before even knowing them. Tweetups are great for networking, learning social media management and marketing as well as meeting those with similar professions, interests and more.

Check out thesetips from Mashable on throwing the #coolest Tweetup on the block:


1. Utilize your Twitter network as a way to drum up support, help and ideas. The number of PR and marketing people on Twitter now is astounding. Use their collective wisdom and networks to create buzz and support for your event.


2. Actually visit the venue. Seems incredibly simple right? But not everyone takes the time and effort to actually visit the bar, conference room, or park where the Tweetup will happen. I’ve never heard of anyone making a great business connection at a dark dive bar.


3. Plan for more people to show up than you think. It’s Twitter. These people do know how to spread the word better than anyone.


4. Ensure a few core people/speakers are at the event.


5. Use Email. Even though it supposedly has fallen out of favor, having the contact information for a variety of individuals is beneficial for all involved. You can keep this core group informed of developments.


6. Use a service like Eventbrite, Amiando or to organize your guests, collect donations and otherwise provide shareable content. It takes all the legwork out of the administrative work that a large Tweetup entails. If you are planning on a smaller gathering…this may not be necessary and you can use Facebook or your blog to organize.


Tweetups, like mixers, are great to bounce social media management ideas off of each other.  What better way to learn about social media!