5 Tips to Boost Your Organic Search Rankings – And Why It Is Important


For your online business to be successful in our modern and buzzing digital environment you need much more than just good products and a great looking website.  There are millions of businesses online and you can bet that plenty of these businesses are your competitors.  So what is going to make them buy your product instead of the products of your competitors?

Well, online sales work a lot like love at first sight.  Customers immediately fall in love with the first company they locate that has the product or service they need.

And to become the first website your customers view you need great website and search rankings. People use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more to find products they are looking for and to learn more about these specific products.  They will type in certain keywords that match your product niche the most and a very long list will result in the search engines results.  But here is where the catch comes in;

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How Your Search Ranking Affects Business

According to statistics your position on the search results list will affect the number of click-through traffic you receive.   Here is the likelihood of success based on how high your business is displayed;

1st – This is the golden spot because those featured first on the list receive 42.25% of all click-through traffic.

2nd – At second position you only receive 11% of click-through traffic

3rd – 8.47% of web users that search your niche keywords will access your site.

4th – You will get 6.05% of total click-through traffic

5th – From here on you will only get 5% and less of the number of web visitors than those listed.

The page your business is featured on also affects your business;

1st page – 89.71% of online users don’t venture beyond the first page of search results.

2nd page – Only 4.37% of web users are willing to click through to the next page.

3rd page – Only 2.42% of web users will venture to this point.

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What Exactly Is Organic Search Ranking?

The above figures are quite shocking especially when you consider that your competitors listed above you have such a huge advantage.  You probably want to get started on improving your search ranking as soon as possible but first, you need to understand the difference between organic search ranking and pay per click (PPC) optimization.

Organic search ranking – Search ranking is also referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It involves boosting your site through natural techniques like keyword implementation, on-page optimization, backlinking and much more. It takes a while to build a strong organic search rank but the result is longer lasting, affordable and provides a much more credible vibe for your website.

PPC – This method involves paying a search engine to boost your website.  It can be a good method to boost a startup company or to boost a company with poor web traffic but will be costly when your website starts populating.  Most companies use PPC as a short-term boosting option while they slowly build a stronger organic search ranking.

So Why Is Organic Search Ranking So Important?

You can go with PPC advertising but this will cost your business a lot in the long run, especially since each click-through you receive doesn’t necessarily result in a sale.  Organic search ranking optimization is much more affordable, the results are long lasting, you can do it yourself and your business will create a much more credible vibe in the long run.  Higher organic search ranking means more web visitors at a much more affordable rate and a much higher chance of commitment to purchase.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Organic Search Rankings

There are plenty of wonderful ways to boost your organic search rankings and the next 5 tips are the best possible steps you can take for great results;

1.) Keyword Identification

The first task is to see exactly what keywords to start using in content and on your website.  Keyword identification involves identifying the keywords that customers are most likely to type in when they are looking for your type of product.  Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are superb for identifying the right keywords to use and to especially identify the highest ranking keywords that will boost your organic rank.

2.) Perfect On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves making your website entirely SEO friendly.  Everything from your URL, page title, outbound links, multimedia and website speed can affect your on-page optimization and many SEO experts fail horribly when it comes to on-page optimization.  This topic will definitely require a lot of research on your hand.

3.) Create A Content Strategy

Add a blog to your site so you can constantly update and add fresh content that is loaded with engagement, information, useful tips, the latest news and especially keywords and backlinks.  You can also use your blog to share on other channels like social media and much more.  Your content strategy should also include a social media marketing strategy because social media content can be quite different from blog content.  With a good strategy that contains a number of weekly or monthly shares, information on content types, best times for sharing and more you are bound to boost interest in your business and there is nothing that promotes organic search ranking more than great blog content.

4.) Attract Quality Links

This is a tricky optimization tip because the wrong link will result in a penalty.  The right link will, however, boost your SEO.  Some of the best ways to create quality links to your website is through guest blogging and infographic distribution but the main key here is to focus on quality links on the right website that will attract the right kind of client.  For example, beauty products should be guest posted on beauty niche sites.  Health products on health and fitness niche blogs and so on.

5.) Keep Track Of Your Performance And Keep Up The Work

It is also important to constantly evaluate the success of your methods.  That way you can easily identify what works and what is wasting your time.  Data is a superb way to perfect your marketing strategy so you will be able to save more time and money.  It is also important to constantly work on maintaining your SEO so you won’t lose your ranking foothold.

If you give these five tips a good shot then you are bound to see some huge and positive website traffic results within just a few weeks.  The process can be slow and tedious but is definitely worth your time and effort because with great SEO comes great sales.