9 Digital Advertising Tips for Your Marketing Plan

In a 2016 survey, it was estimated that just about half of U.S. small businesses do in fact have a website.  This is without a doubt an inexcusable mistake because without a website, blog and social media presence you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities, the opportunity to brand your business successfully and a lot of marketing opportunities.  Facebook alone has more than 2 billion monthly active users and you can bet that many of these active users would be interested in buying your products or services.  But just because there are plenty of people on social media and the internet doesn’t mean that it is easy to market digitally.  All of your competitors are also marketing on the same channels and it is hard to get your adverts to stand out in our modern and buzzing digital world.  If you have been battling to get people to give you a like, engage with you or to simply take note of your business then you can definitely incorporate the following 9 digital advertising tips in your marketing plan;

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The digital world is just too vast for your business to go about advertising in an unstructured and unfocussed way.  Online marketing can be expensive, especially if you don’t have a specific target audience.  It is important to identify exactly who your clients are, what they like and what type of adverts appeal most to them and to identify their patterns so your boosted posts will have the maximum effect and best value for money.  You need to start speaking your buyer’s language and you need to start engaging with your exact audience.

2. Understand The Buyer Process

What journey will your buyers have to take to get their hands on your products?  Every second counts in the digital world and that is why you have to make it as easy as possible to get prospective buyers to commit.  Create a marketing funnel so you can see where you can cut steps and simplify services.

3. Audit Your Digital Advertising Plan

Now that you know who your audience is and know what they have to do to buy your products you can start evaluating your current digital marketing plan to see whether it is effective and to identify where you can improve.

Check your website SEO strategy – More than 61% of online buyers will research your products or services on Google before committing. This means your website rankings need to be on the spot or you could lose customers to competitors.  You should check your website to ensure that it functions well on all platforms, if the design is fresh and appealing and if your website is easy to navigate and understand.

Check your social media plan – Are you using the best social media channels?  Are you consistent with sharing?  Do you share content at the right times?  Are you using the right hashtags?

4. Audit Your Current Content

To enjoy high rankings on Google you need the best and most relevant content.  It is important to constantly evaluate your current content and to see where you can improve.

  • Identify the best keywords for your business and start using these keywords in content and in headings.
  • Consider your content’s overall appeal… is it time for an upgrade?
  • Is your content fresh, relevant and interesting? It might be good to check out the most popular content for your keywords on Google AdWords so you can get good inspiration for better content.

5. Establish A Marketing Blog

Organic reach is always the best type of web traffic but with all the online filtering used on social media these days it is nearly impossible to get a new or unpopular business promoted successfully.  Establish a monthly marketing budget and start using online marketing tools like Facebook ads, Twitter ads or Google AdWords to boost your best content.

6. Integrate Your Marketing Channels

Ensure that your adverts, content, and blogs are integrated correctly on all types of platforms.  Create a suitable, uniform and great looking vibe for your content that works well on all of your platforms and not just on computers.

7. Use GEO-Fencing Technology

GEO-fencing basically involves targeting your specific audience and marketing to that specific audience.  This makes your business much more profitable and saves you a lot of money on advertising.  Find out where your audience is located, what they like, when they prefer to buy, how they prefer information and start delivering on these tastes and you can boost your sales by up to 27%.

8. Refresh And Improve Content

After your content audit it is time for a bit of improving.  You need to start creating content that your specific audience would like to read or view.  You need to start improving the quality of your content, refresh and update old content and start using modern images and multimedia so your content will look fantastic and will stand out above all of your competitors.

9. Stick To Your Marketing Schedule

One of the most important advertising tips for your marketing plan is to stick to your marketing schedule.  If you decide to do weekly blog posts and daily social media posts then stick to it because clients need to see that you are an active business that is constantly upgrading, improving and reaching out.  Frequent activity also boosts your content and website rankings a lot on Google.

While these tips are fantastic to improve your digital advertising plan they are far from everything you can do.  There are so many wonderful techniques out there that you can give a try.  Trying new marketing techniques is terrific for various reasons; It gives you an opportunity to learn something new, you might just discover a very successful marketing plan or tool and using a new marketing strategy is terrific for improving your content and for making your business seem more dedicated, interested and active.  Start off with these 9 tips and continue seeking new and fresh ideas for your marketing strategy so you can continue shining bright in the buzzing digital world.

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