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SEO Content Strategy: How To Increase Your Website Traffic By 200%

SEO has been going through a lot of changes. What worked a few months ago may not work today. However, some basic things are still valid. If you have been looking to double your website traffic, you have to have the right SEO content strategy in place. Read on to know more.

Basic Tactics And Strategies

  1. Make it a habit to post unique, high quality and compelling content.
  2. Make sure your content includes the keywords your audience may use to search for their desired information. Besides, this will help Google bots know what your site is about.
  3. For better ranking, social links, reviews and offsite references matter a lot. Inbound links are also important.
  4. Don’t forget to keep your content fresh and up to date.
  5. And of course, make sure you know your goals, business and audience.

Now, let’s find out how this SEO content strategy can help you drive a lot of traffic to your website.

1.) Research And Target Relevant Keywords

First off, you may want to decide on the main topics that you want to rank for. Once you have made a list of the topics, you should go ahead and look for the relevant keywords. The following tips can help you with this:

Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find a list of keywords related to your niche.Make a list of the top keywords related to your niche. Keywords with low competition are easy to rank so keep this in mind. Write your content around these keywords.Once you are done, head to the keyword research tool of SEMrush to find out how likely is it that your keywords are going to rise in popularity.

2.) Execute The Content Strategy

 Once you have got a list of relevant keywords, you can go ahead and execute your content strategy.

Start With Your Goals

You should get started with your goals. The goals should be growing traffic, increasing subscribers or followers and getting more customers.Some keywords can help you achieve your goals better. It’s better to focus on both niche and product keywords. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Prioritize the chosen keywords based on their importance for your business
  2. First, choose keywords with the highest monthly searchers but lower difficulty and competition level.

3.) Determine Your Content Types

For each keyword, you should decide on the best content type. It will help you rank for that keyword more easily. Ideally, you should consider keywords that your audience may search for. You can then write content around those terms.

4.) Execution Plan

For best execution of your plan, you should remember the following tips:

  • You should consider your resources, such as budget, tools and people. This will help you create best content.
  • Make it a routine to publish, say, two articles or blog posts per week.
  • If you have a large website, divide the work and assign each task to a different person based on their skill set.

5.) Create, Post, And Share Your Content

Before you create content for your site, make sure it’s going to be unique, high quality and compelling. People will share your content only if they find it interesting and valuable. Below are some tips for you to create, post and share your content:

  • Create long-form content. These posts can be as long as 3000 words.
  • Build internal links
  • Use all of the relevant keywords in each piece of content. The keywords should be in the headline, page title, URL, meta description, image name, and in the body of the content.
  • Know about the most recent semantic indexing
  • Once your content is published, share it. You can make your content shareable with social media buttons on your site. You can also share it through emails distribution.

So, if you follow this SEO content strategy, you will be able to increase your website traffic by 200%. Hope this helps.

How Experts Generate Leads Through Powerful Content Marketing


A lot of businesses are finding it hard to reach new customers in our modern and buzzing digital world.  It is quite easy to understand that so many companies find it hard to get the public to like social media pages and eventually convert to their website and commit to purchasing.  Just take a quick glance at just how much is going on online nowadays. 

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media site in the world presently has more than 2.07 billion active monthly users and many of these users are business social media pages. 

Now you would think that it would be easy to get a lot of engagement from customers with more than 2.07 billion active monthly users, but it is not.

Three Big Reasons Why It Is Hard To Reach Customers Online

The three main reasons why your business is having difficulties at navigating new customers to your site include the following;

  • Billions of internet users are constantly sharing ideas, images, jokes, videos, adverts, posts and other information online on almost a daily basis. That is a lot of content.  When an internet user scans through all of this information they only give about a second or even less to view the particular post or content before scrolling on.  This makes it hard enough for internet users to actually take note of your specific adverts.
  • The second reason is because of social media content and search engine filtering. Paid media and advertising gains a lot of favor and generic posts usually don’t get more than a handful of views even if you have a large fan base. 
  • Another big reason why you find it hard to lure new customers to your website is because they don’t know about you. If someone doesn’t know about your company then they won’t find you online. 

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Is It Still Worth The Effort To Advertise Online?

With the challenges involved in reaching your audience a lot of businesses and especially new businesses ask this question.  Is it still worth the effort to advertise online?  A few quick statistics might answer this question for you.

  • The possibilities for reaching potential clients on social media sites and online is endless because there are so many active online users. For example;

Facebook – 2.061 billion active users

YouTube – 1.5 billion active users 

Instagram – 700 million active users

Twitter – 368 million active users

These are just a few of the many online social media platforms.  With this many online users you can bet that this is the right place to advertise if you want to reach more customers.

  • For your company to be successful you should also modernize business methods in order to attract a younger and future generation. A study showed that 93% of adults between the age of 18 and 29 years are actively online and 72% of these young adults use social media sites. 
  • Digital advertising and content sharing makes it easier for customers to locate your business information.
  • It is easier for the public to invest in your company when they can shop online without leaving the comfort of home.

So what is the best way to reach potential customers?

Online customers are not going to accidentally come across your website or social media page. The only way to lure customers to your page or site is through advertising.  Businesses believe that content marketing is the best way to promote to the public by far for the following five reasons;

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1. Affordability

All marketing methods require capital investment but successful companies use content marketing because it is such a cost-effective way to reach prospective customers.  When you promote locally you print flyers, put up posters and advertise in local magazines and newspapers all of which are extremely expensive, short-lived and harmful to the environment. 

Digital advertising, on the other hand, does not pollute and the content stays available online for infinity.  Your online content can be used on different digital platforms, it can be shared a number of times through different marketing channels like social media, email and more and you can keep using the same content for as long as it remains effective. 

This more affordable advertising method is also a lot more effective because you can reach a lot more customers since there are so many active online users.

2. Boosted Website Visibility

Everyone is shopping online – almost literally.  It is estimated that 80% of the world population have purchased online and 70% says it saves time and money.  It makes sense that a digital appearance is critical but you also need to boost your online visibility so your target audience can find your company.  Content marketing does exactly this for you.  Marketing your content on different platforms and social sites enhances visibility because there is more keywords, backlinks and draw features to lure customers to your business.

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3. Improved Relationships

Content marketing boosts customer relationship because you can constantly engage with current or recurring customers in order to gain their trust, loyalty and to get them to invest in your business again. 

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 4. Great For Maintaining Engagement

With content marketing, you can start working on a customer database that includes information like names, surnames, email addresses, telephone numbers and more.  These databases are superb for maintaining customer engagement because you can keep customers in the loop of company news by sharing newsletters. 

Research has found that 44% of email recipients result in the purchase and about every $1 spent on email has a returns value of $44.25 in average.

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5. Improved Credibility

Customers will learn to trust you as time goes by.  They can view several digital platforms to get more information about your product and service and other customer ratings and referrals are great for improving credibility.  Sharing useful information about your products and services is also a superb way to boost credibility because customers can learn more about you, your products, services, methods and your company goals and objectives.

With these key reasons, it is quite easy to see exactly why so many businesses use content marketing to reach new customers and to engage older customers.  If your business is struggling to make your mark out there and to get sales then it is definitely time to start leveraging content marketing so you can also reap some of the tremendous benefits of this marketing strategy?

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What Is The Hardest Part About Content Marketing?

If you think that reaching new customers is the hardest part of content marketing then you are making a huge mistake.  Sharing content that is suitable, engaging and appealing is also challenging but isn’t the biggest challenge associated with content marketing.  The hardest part of content marketing is to keep previous customers engage so they will use your product or service again instead of straying to competitors.  You need to constantly engage with customers and build a strong relationship with them through content.

A content marketing strategy is your key to customer relationship success. Content marketing is no simple task and without a good marketing strategy, you are basically lost because you have no direction, no motivation, and no goal.

With an effective content marketing strategy, your website will gain traffic because website ranking is boosted.  Here are a few tips to build a strong and trusted relationship with customers;

Establish Your Target Audience

This is the first step in content marketing.  If you don’t know whom and where your target audience is you can end up wasting a lot of money on ineffective marketing.  Identifying your target audience also gives you useful information like the following;

  • The right format of content
  • The best type of content to share that appeals to your specific audience
  • Frequency and publishing schedule
  • Optimization with regards to a specific location, ethic group or age group.

Quality Content Is A Must

Google doesn’t magically boost your website rating just because you are sharing something on your blog and the public isn’t going to engage with you if your content isn’t appealing or useful.  It is important to create good quality content that suits the following characteristics;

  • Informative to readers
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to access
  • Attractive visual design
  • Credible information
  • Engaging and useful
  • Call to action to inspire conversion
  • Actual engagement with people

Identify The Right Content Platform

Your content should be posted on the right platform where you are likely to reach the most customers.  Facebook, for example, is superb for buyer to customer advertising but Likened is better for business to business advertising.  Instagram, on the other hand, is better for conversion because visual images are the best draw feature.

Monitor And Improve

No one becomes a content master overnight.  It is going to take some time to find out what your target audience likes to see and to identify the best marketing channels.  It is also going to take some time for you to learn what the most effective content marketing methods are.  You should track the effectiveness of content by establishing growth with regards to engagement, post reach, conversion and commitment to purchase.  A marketing flannel will help you establish the processes that customers have to undergo in order to buy your product and also gives you valuable information on where and how to promote for enhanced effect.

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A good and successful business is built on trust and the best way to establish trust is by constantly engaging through content marketing. If you consider the above steps then you should be able to create a good content marketing strategy that is bound to improve your overall digital presence, boost your website ranking and drive more traffic to your site. 


These are the Best Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use In 2017


Are you new to digital marketing?

If so, read on and find how you’d scale your business amazingly fast using the best digital marketing tools you can use in 2017. You may be still using the traditional ways to promote your products. But, when once you encounter this new trend, you’d be surprised to see the direction where the modern technology takes us. These digital marketing tools are so effective and worthy to adopt.

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Why do you need digital marketing tools?

Modern customers prefer internet search. They read business blogs and customer reviews to find the best brand. Digital marketing tools can attract buyers and promote your sales thousand times quicker than the traditional TV and print ads do. They make your brands popular among a wider audience in a jiffy. Also, you can analyze traffic information and know what customers prefer. Video ads allow customers to interact directly online with your company. This improves customer relationships as well. Also, e-mails and social ads allow them to have a more personalized shopping experience. These strategies are affordable, effective and time saving too.  Boosting your overall sales is the ultimate benefit of using digital marketing tools.

So, you need to have them to stand out amidst a sea of other competitive business holders.

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These are the best digital marketing tools you can find in 2017.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free digital marketing tool meant for SEO. By using it, marketers can witness the popularity of a certain service, event or product. They can know the number of online searches done for a certain keyword. It’s revealed that about 50,000 people use Google Trends in every second.

What’s specific about Google Trends is its ability to perform 5 search queries at a time. Unlike in the traditional way, these search results are displayed in eye catching, easy to read graphs. Also, search data is broken down by area and time span. For instance, if you need to know the number of searches done for J 7 Prime mobile phones in the past hour, you just have to enter it in the search bar. You’ll get the results in colorful graphs. So, Google Trends makes it easy for the marketers to know the needs of their customers.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps you select the right keywords for your business blog or product description. That’s the most practical way to attract the attention of a large number of online customers. If you can make them reach your product before they go to anything else, you’ll be a successful marketer. Google Keyword Planner gives the correct choice of keywords to use in content marketing. It increases your visibility and promotes your sales at a great deal.

Google Ad Words

Google Ad Words is the best platform to launch your ad campaigns. When you use it your business is not confined to a small local area, but it is open to millions of customers over the globe. You can even sell your products in a specific area in the world as you wish.

When you use Google Ad Words you can directly see the number of clients who have visited your web and clicked on your ad. The amount of online sales you’ve done is also visible to you. Your CPC depends on the selected keywords and the type of your business. Marketers have to be careful in using keywords since the CPC is determined by the competitiveness of keywords. It’s quite cheaper to advertise in Google Ad Words.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is an effective tool to advertise your products and services. It’s a quicker and easier way to take your business to millions of viewers in a short time. And their response is also direct, immediate and genuine. So, marketers can know the latest trends of customers in purchasing.

Facebook Ads uses its limited space effectively. You can reach your target audience by location, age, sex and many other options like interests and behaviors. The cost for ads depends on many factors such as location, target audience and even the quality of your ads. For instance, getting access to the customers in a more competitive country like USA is costlier than reaching them in a country like Malaysia. Anyway, advertising has become cheaper, quicker, more attractive and effective with Facebook Ads.


Apart from the above ones, there are a number of other digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, AppAnnie, Serpstat, Bing Ads etc. that serve best in advertising your products.

However, all these digital marketing tools help you promote your business. They are so quick, effective and time saving. In order to keep up with the competitive market today, you need to seek the support of them. You’d boost your sales rapidly if you use these best digital marketing tools which are available in 2017.


8 Ways In Which Your Website’s Design Can Affect Business


When you are trying to create a great digital image for your business there is a lot of upkeep and maintenance to do.  Social media and blogging can take up a lot of time and money and can even distract you from one of the most critical business aspects of your digital appearance; your website.  A lot of business owners underestimate the power of a professional and superior functioning website because they rely on other marketing channels like social media for exposure.  While social media and blogs are superb for luring customers to your website these marketing options is not what inspires the customer to commit to purchasing.  With millions of companies available online you have a lot of competitors just a few clicks away and your website is the exact thing that is going to keep visitors from leaving your online shop to find an easier and better solution to get their hands on the product they need.  Here are 8 ways in which your website design can affect business;

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1. Easy Navigation Is Important

Potential customers have no patience with the internet.  If they find it hard to get the information they need when they can quickly give up on their search entirely.  Your website should be easy to navigate and it should be organized.  Too many adverts and popups can result in confusion and be using the wrong navigation labels can be disastrous if your client cannot find what he or she is looking for.

2. Visual Graphics Should Be Uniform

There is a huge difference between a graphic designer and a web designer and the conflicting service delivery of these different entities often results in business graphics being mismatched.  The graphics like a logo, adverts and more should match the design of your brochures, business cards and more in order to prevent confusion.

3. A User-Friendly Look

Your website should have an overall appealing look but shouldn’t be stuffed with graphics and information.  Too much information will result in information being missed and can annoy customers.  Use a simple, easy to understand layout for your website.

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4. The Website Should Target Your Audience

The look of your website will immediately give the customer the impression on whether the product is suited for them or not and can result in many customers leaving when they find your site inappropriate or unappealing.  The design of your site should match your target audience.  For example; a girl’s toy shop will focus on unicorns and princesses while a tattoo parlor will have a much more gothic appeal.

5. Generate Customer Trust

The biggest fear an online customer has is to be cheated out of their money and business owners should keep in mind that there are plenty of scamming sites out there.  To help generate trust in your customer you need to have a website that looks secure and professional. Spam and popup adverts for other companies can give the impression that your business isn’t secure.

6. Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is critical because this is exactly what is going to inspire the customer to use your particular company again.  If your site isn’t effectively branded the customer can easily forget about your company and can end up using a competitor the next time they want to order a particular product.

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7. Promote Long-Term Relationships

A good website that offers superb online assistance and good service delivery will result in a gained business value.  With greater value added to your particular company customers will be much more likely to use your particular service again…and again…and again.

8. Your Website Also Serves A Sales And Marketing Purpose

A website that is targeted driven, easy to navigate and that has the right promotional approach is great for marketing.  A customer can for example spot something else they would like to buy from your site.  Another way to use your website for marketing is by including useful information and tips from which a customer can also benefit.  This information can include tutorial videos or supplementary information that matches your customer’s general interests so they will return to your website for much more than just physical products.

When you consider all of these different ways in which your website design can affect customer interest it becomes transparent that your design can without a doubt affect sales.  Getting a professional and fully functional website is incredibly easy because expert designers can handle all of these challenging aspects for you in the wink of an eye.


10 Reasons To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy ASAP


Everyone seems to think that digital marketing is easy; all you have to do is create a website and post a few adverts on social media and you are all set to go.  There is no real need for a digital marketing strategy, right?  Well if you ever gave digital marketing a shot then you probably know just how wrong this statement truly is.  Digital marketing can be a nightmare!  Marketing online is time-consuming distracting, hard work and can even be fruitless if you don’t follow the right rules.  If you don’t know where you are heading with digital marketing then you can easily get lost.  A digital marketing strategy is can help you make a success of your online marketing for the following reasons;

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1. A Strategy Provides Direction

Without a digital marketing strategy, you have no idea what you want to achieve, which channels to use or where to market.  A marketing strategy gives you a clear guideline as to where you are heading, which goals you would like to reach and is superb for keeping you from wondering from your tasks – which can happen so easily when you are having fun online.

2. You Don’t Know The Importance Of Your Online Presence

Without researching the potential customers you can reach through digital marketing you have no idea what the possibilities for your business might be.  When you create a marketing strategy the first thing you will do is research on your target audience and potential customers.

3. Start-Up Competitors Gets A Flying Start

Failing to do effective online marketing gives your start-up competitors a head start over your business.

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4. Customer Value Proposition Is Underdeveloped

Identifying your online services can help you expand and perfect these services and will eventually encourage customers to stay loyal.

5. You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your customers is important because it gives you valuable information on the type of content they want to see, the type of posts that capture their attention, the type of visuals they find most appealing and it gives you valuable information on where to find your customers.  Identifying your target audience is a major part of developing a good marketing strategy.

6. You Are Not Incorporated

Yes, it is easier to continue online with no structure or goal but you are not incorporated because you don’t know how to integrate the right traditional media into the right response channels for optimized success.

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7. Insufficient Resources

The lack of e-marketing skills, people, and a budget makes it hard for you to plan and to stay devoted to your marketing endeavors and can greatly limit the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

8. You Are Wasting A Lot Of Money And Time

Digital marketing costs money because all social media channels are filtered in some way and require boosting to improve visibility.  When you have a marketing strategy you know how much money is available for marketing, you know where to locate your target audience, you know how to communicate your product for optimized efficiency all of which contributes to lower marketing cost with greater impact.

9. You Are Not Flexible Enough

A good marketing strategy involves a lot of experimenting, analyzing and research. You try something, evaluate the success and decide to either continue using that approach or not based on the success.  A strategy forces marketers to be flexible and to stay ahead of the latest trends and methods.

10. You Miss Out On Optimization

A strategy will help you get the basic marketing elements in place so you can expand effectively from that point.  Progress is then built based on data, research and monitoring and you will eventually optimize your marketing methods for supreme efficiency at minimal cost. 

A digital marketing strategy may seem like a lot of hard work but can save you a lot of hard work, a lot of time and a lot of money in the long run.  One of the best benefits of creating a strategy is the fact that your huge challenge of getting more traffic to your website, creating brand awareness and boosting sales is broken down into small steps that is easy to handle.  A structured outline of your tasks also helps you stay focused and dedicated to your purpose and will keep you from wasting money on ineffective marketing methods.  Business and marketing success is all about knowing where you are heading and what needs to be completed first and this is exactly what your strategy helps you identify.


Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Start-Up Business


The first six months of your business is the most challenging because the public doesn’t know your product or service yet, your social reach is very limited and you have to battle all types of odds to get your product out there.  It is critical to get a good marketing strategy for your start-up business so you can get the world to take note of your products and to spread your brand as wide as possible in as little time as possible.  Here are a few digital marketing strategies to help boost your startup business for maximum result in limited time


Product Before Marketing

Time is everything in the digital business world.  In fact, the delivery time of your product is so important that it even outmatches product quality which basically means your product doesn’t have to be 100% perfect before it is shipped.  But what it also means is that your product should be ready before you start marketing.  Slow product distribution or empty promises will without a doubt affect your brand and can even shatter your business before you even start.

Be Careful With Social Media

Effective social media marketing is a lot harder than it looks.  It is a huge time commitment and you need pretty good writing and communication skills to effectively engage with your audience.  The wrong type of posts, comments, and content can cause terrible damage to your business image and maintaining your social accounts should never interfere with product and service delivery.  If you don’t have the time to commit to frequent social media management then hiring a professional might be a great idea.

Adding A Blog Is A Must

Blogs give you two huge advantages on your website.  The first advantage is the opportunity to frequently supply your audience with new and fresh content.  The second advantage is that the content you share can boost your website popularity and ratings by implementing the right phrases and keywords within the blog articles and topics so your product will be easier to find.  Writing blog articles is however not the easiest of tasks but luckily you can find plenty of wonderful and skilled freelancers or marketing services to write your blog articles for you.


Stick To The KISS Principle (Keep-It-Simple-Stupid)

Don’t go too deep into your digital marketing.  The digital world is incredibly fast and you don’t have the time to ponder on the same topic for hours.  With that said; posts should also be target driven to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.  Keep marketing simple, short, sweet and easy and focus on call to actions and keywords instead of extravagant explanations.

Experiment, Analyze And Repeat

It is hard to figure out what content is effective and what doesn’t work as well and the only way to do this is through trial and error.  Experiment with content and marketing channels analyze the effects or engagement you receive on content and repeat these steps until you find a system that works for you and your product.


Choose The Right Tools For Trade

There are quite a few digital marketing channels to use for your marketing.  Email, social media, websites, blogs and guest posting are just a few of your options and it can be hard to figure out which ones to commit to.  Identifying the right target audience can help you establish the right trading tools.  For example; B2B business mostly uses Twitter and LinkedIn to connect to other businesses for services where engaging the public is much more effective on Facebook.

Learn To Prioritize

There just isn’t enough time to get to everything in your company.  For example; spending too much time on digital marketing can affect product development and customer service.  It is important to prioritize what is really important so you won’t lose customers or miss out on important deals.

Tackle Big Problems With Small Steps

It is easier to overcome huge obstacles by taking small steps than to try to force a problem resolution.  Let’s say you want to boost brand awareness by 50%. It just isn’t going to happen in one single night or with one single commitment. Take small steps by integrating your brand on all digital channels and give yourself enough time to complete these small steps.

Even The Smallest Company – Is A Brand

A lot of small businesses undervalue brand awareness.  Your tiny business is a brand and you need to do as much brand awareness as possible in order to reach the potential customer or to get the public to take note of your product and service.

There are plenty of other wonderful methods to boost your startup business but these few tips are a great start and good tips for developing a superb startup marketing strategy.


5 Tips to Boost Your Organic Search Rankings – And Why It Is Important


For your online business to be successful in our modern and buzzing digital environment you need much more than just good products and a great looking website.  There are millions of businesses online and you can bet that plenty of these businesses are your competitors.  So what is going to make them buy your product instead of the products of your competitors?

Well, online sales work a lot like love at first sight.  Customers immediately fall in love with the first company they locate that has the product or service they need.

And to become the first website your customers view you need great website and search rankings. People use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more to find products they are looking for and to learn more about these specific products.  They will type in certain keywords that match your product niche the most and a very long list will result in the search engines results.  But here is where the catch comes in;

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How Your Search Ranking Affects Business

According to statistics your position on the search results list will affect the number of click-through traffic you receive.   Here is the likelihood of success based on how high your business is displayed;

1st – This is the golden spot because those featured first on the list receive 42.25% of all click-through traffic.

2nd – At second position you only receive 11% of click-through traffic

3rd – 8.47% of web users that search your niche keywords will access your site.

4th – You will get 6.05% of total click-through traffic

5th – From here on you will only get 5% and less of the number of web visitors than those listed.

The page your business is featured on also affects your business;

1st page – 89.71% of online users don’t venture beyond the first page of search results.

2nd page – Only 4.37% of web users are willing to click through to the next page.

3rd page – Only 2.42% of web users will venture to this point.

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What Exactly Is Organic Search Ranking?

The above figures are quite shocking especially when you consider that your competitors listed above you have such a huge advantage.  You probably want to get started on improving your search ranking as soon as possible but first, you need to understand the difference between organic search ranking and pay per click (PPC) optimization.

Organic search ranking – Search ranking is also referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It involves boosting your site through natural techniques like keyword implementation, on-page optimization, backlinking and much more. It takes a while to build a strong organic search rank but the result is longer lasting, affordable and provides a much more credible vibe for your website.

PPC – This method involves paying a search engine to boost your website.  It can be a good method to boost a startup company or to boost a company with poor web traffic but will be costly when your website starts populating.  Most companies use PPC as a short-term boosting option while they slowly build a stronger organic search ranking.

So Why Is Organic Search Ranking So Important?

You can go with PPC advertising but this will cost your business a lot in the long run, especially since each click-through you receive doesn’t necessarily result in a sale.  Organic search ranking optimization is much more affordable, the results are long lasting, you can do it yourself and your business will create a much more credible vibe in the long run.  Higher organic search ranking means more web visitors at a much more affordable rate and a much higher chance of commitment to purchase.

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5 Tips to Boost Your Organic Search Rankings

There are plenty of wonderful ways to boost your organic search rankings and the next 5 tips are the best possible steps you can take for great results;

1.) Keyword Identification

The first task is to see exactly what keywords to start using in content and on your website.  Keyword identification involves identifying the keywords that customers are most likely to type in when they are looking for your type of product.  Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are superb for identifying the right keywords to use and to especially identify the highest ranking keywords that will boost your organic rank.

2.) Perfect On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves making your website entirely SEO friendly.  Everything from your URL, page title, outbound links, multimedia and website speed can affect your on-page optimization and many SEO experts fail horribly when it comes to on-page optimization.  This topic will definitely require a lot of research on your hand.

3.) Create A Content Strategy

Add a blog to your site so you can constantly update and add fresh content that is loaded with engagement, information, useful tips, the latest news and especially keywords and backlinks.  You can also use your blog to share on other channels like social media and much more.  Your content strategy should also include a social media marketing strategy because social media content can be quite different from blog content.  With a good strategy that contains a number of weekly or monthly shares, information on content types, best times for sharing and more you are bound to boost interest in your business and there is nothing that promotes organic search ranking more than great blog content.

4.) Attract Quality Links

This is a tricky optimization tip because the wrong link will result in a penalty.  The right link will, however, boost your SEO.  Some of the best ways to create quality links to your website is through guest blogging and infographic distribution but the main key here is to focus on quality links on the right website that will attract the right kind of client.  For example, beauty products should be guest posted on beauty niche sites.  Health products on health and fitness niche blogs and so on.

5.) Keep Track Of Your Performance And Keep Up The Work

It is also important to constantly evaluate the success of your methods.  That way you can easily identify what works and what is wasting your time.  Data is a superb way to perfect your marketing strategy so you will be able to save more time and money.  It is also important to constantly work on maintaining your SEO so you won’t lose your ranking foothold.

If you give these five tips a good shot then you are bound to see some huge and positive website traffic results within just a few weeks.  The process can be slow and tedious but is definitely worth your time and effort because with great SEO comes great sales.


The Ultimate Guide To Strategically Invest In Your Digital Marketing Campaign


digital marketing campaign, digital marketing budget, digital marketing funnel, full service digital marketing agency, local digital marketing company,

Digital marketing isn’t the happy and cozy advertising platform that most businesses imagine it to be.  It is an ultimate war zone where every single business has to compete to get the most attention, the most likes, the most follows, the most web visits, he most interaction and the most positive feedback.

Just about every business has an online presence in our modern digital age which is a good thing on the one hand because it makes it so much easier for clients to get access to good service and products and it is absolutely fantastic for B2B deals.  A buzzing digital world also means that there is a great possibility to reach more clients, make more sales and create a strong brand for your business.  The downside to this buzzing digital business world is that your competitors are also out there giving it their all to attract the attention of your customers and all of the information sharing is making it quite challenging for people to really take note of your specific content.

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There is no question about the importance of a good digital marketing campaign.  If you want a successful business, good sales, great brand awareness and good interaction with clients then you need to build a sound digital marketing infrastructure and you absolutely need to maintain and manage your marketing campaigns as well as possible.

The First Step To Creating A Marketing Campaign

It is quite hard to know where to start when it comes to digital marketing.  Social media and a website is just the tip of the iceberg to a successful marketing campaign.  To truly compete online you need to understand all of the following;

  • You need to understand the different marketing channels at your disposal
  • You need to be able to identify the most successful or profitable digital marketing channels
  • You need to know which marketing channels are best suited for your business
  • Be able to create a marketing plan for your chosen marketing channels
  • Learn to identify your target audience and target your marketing towards that specific audience
  • Identify the latest trends and stay on top of the latest marketing strategies and methods
  • You need good analytical skills so you can analyze the success of different marketing strategies
  • And finally, you need to be able to adapt your marketing plan and stick to the techniques and channels with the highest success rate.

So What Are The Different Marketing Channels?

There are quite a lot of marketing channels at your disposal today and simply not enough time to market your business on all of them.  To be frank, many of these marketing channels won’t be successful for your particular business.  It is important to identify the channels that will result in the best conversion rates for your unique product or service.  Here are the top marketing channels to consider;

Email Marketing

This marketing channel simply involves sending messages like newsletters and promotions to your existing client base. Email marketing is incredibly important for staying in touch with all of your previous clients so they will continue using your products or services.

PPC Advertising

Paid Per Click advertising involves paying to boost your website ranking.   Basically, you pay Google AdWords to boost your web page ratings so your website will appear higher on Google’s search engine results and stand a higher chance of getting traffic.  With this method, you only pay for every customer that visit’s your website after searching certain keywords online.  Because you only pay per click this marketing channel provides customers with great marketing value for money.


Search Engine Optimization involves using several techniques and methods to boost your website ratings and organic traffic naturally.  With SEO you focus on your website design, layout, efficiency, load speed and the ability to function on multiple devices.  SEO also involves building strong backlinks to your website through guest posting and interlinking, using the right keywords in content and content headings and it involves posting regular and top rated blog posts in order to boost your website performance and organic traffic.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a must for any business.  There are over 200 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone which makes this one of the most effective marketing channels. Organic social media marketing involves getting followers, likes and eventually website traffic without spending extra cash on your social media marketing.  To achieve this you really need to engage with your audience and post captivating content.

Paid Social Media Marketing

It is hard to get effective coverage by just using organic social media marketing and that is where paid social media marketing comes in. By boosting certain posts or by using Facebook Ad’s you pay to promote your business and thus for likes, follows, re-shares and eventually website views. There are quite a few paid social media marketing channels like Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads and much more that businesses can use to boost product popularity.

Influencer Marketing

This is a relatively new but very effective marketing channel depending on your type of business.  The cosmetic industry, for example, benefits a lot from this type of marketing strategy.  Influencer marketing basically involves contacting and interacting with popular influencers.  This interaction boosts flow to your social media site and can be extremely beneficial if you can actually get an influencer to promote or rate one of your products or services on their social media sites.

The Steps to Creating A Digital Marketing Campaign

Now that you understand the basic essentials of a digital marketing campaign it is time to start creating your own campaign.  You can check out the following steps to develop a campaign that suits your unique business;

Step 1 – Understand Your Own Business

The first step to creating an effective digital marketing campaign is to understand your own business, your business goals, your audience, your marketing needs, your budget, the resources you have at your disposal and the time you have at your disposal.

Know Your Business Marketing Goals

What are your business goals when it comes to marketing?  How many monthly web visits would you like to see in the next week, month or year?  How many new followers would you like to gain on social media?  It is important to be realistic about these marketing goals but don’t set the bar too low because you want to be working towards improvement.

Identify Your Target Audience

It is important to know exactly who your clients are so you can market more efficiently and use paid digital marketing channels much more effectively.  Find out where most of your clients likely live, what their general age is, what their likes are and research what these people would be interested in viewing.

Understand the Buyer Process

Every client needs to take certain steps to get access to your product.  It is important for a business to know what these steps are so they can ease the entire process and line these steps with information that will encourage clients to commit along the way.  A digital marketing funnel is invaluable for understanding this process because the funnel makes everything easier and help businesses discover their exact marketing process.

Identify Your Marketing Requirements

How much time do you have at your disposal for daily digital marketing?  How many marketing channels do you want to use?  How much time do you want to spend on each individual marketing channel?  If time is not on your side then it might be wise to get a local digital marketing company to handle your digital marketing for you.

Establish a Marketing Budget

It is critical to establish a digital marketing budget.  It can be easy to get carried away with PPE and paid social media advertising, especially if you like to launch a lot of ongoing promotions.  With a marketing budget you will know exactly how much you can spend on a monthly basis so you won’t go overboard with the expenses.  A marketing budget is also terrific for reminding you to also focus on organic marketing which will benefit you much more in the long run.

Identify your Current Resources

It is important to identify the resources at your disposal.  Resources like your marketing channels, your influencers and more is important and resources like design skills or a good creative side is invaluable if you are looking for ways to save up some cash on digital marketing.

Step 2 – Time for Evaluations

With this new knowledge in place you probably have a lot of creative ideas for improving your general digital marketing campaign.  But before you dive in and start promoting you should evaluate the current health of your marketing strategy.

Determine Your Current Fan Base

It is important to know exactly what your monthly website traffic is, how many followers and likes you have on all different social media sites and to determine your website ranking.

Document Your Evaluations

Create a simple spreadsheet and capture the result of your current marketing strategy.  You should document your number of signups, users, paying customers, social media traffic and more.

Identify the Best Marketing Channels

Your existing result and traffic will help you find out exactly which marketing channels are best suited for your unique business.  Check out what the conversion rate is for each social media site or marketing channel so you can determine the most successful possible strategy.

By evaluating and documenting your current business health you can quickly determine whether or not your new digital marketing campaign is working or not and you can easily keep track of your goals.

Step 3 – Create Your Digital Marketing Plan

It is time to start putting all of this new information that you have gathered to action by creating a new and revolutionized digital marketing plan.  You can do this in four simple steps;

Decide On The Number Of Channels

Successful digital marketing takes a lot of time, especially if you are using a lot of different marketing channels.  It is important to determine just how many marketing channels you can afford in terms of both time and cash so you won’t end up neglecting some of your marketing channels.

Choose the Best Channels

What works for one business doesn’t always work for another.  It is important to choose the channels with the best result and to stick to these channels.

Create a Content Plan

Decide on the number of weekly posts you will be sharing on your marketing channels, draw up a content list for the type of content or promotional content you will be sharing and establish the best times to share on these different channels.

Create a Unique Look for Content

Brand recognition is one of the best uses or benefits of digital marketing.  Your customers quickly become used to a certain way of doing things, a certain design and a certain look for your business.  It is important to create a unique look for your content so customers can easily spot your adverts, recognize your business and find you easier online when they are looking to commit.

Step 4 – Implement, Analyze And Improve

Now it is time to put your new digital marketing campaign into action.  Start using the channels on which you have decided, stick to your content plan and start spending on social ads.   This new way of doing things has three major benefits to your business;

  • You will be improving your content and the general appeal of your business
  • Your digital presence will improve
  • The new information and content give your audience something interesting and captivating to see.

Implement your new digital marketing campaign for a good while and give it your all during this time.  Once you reached your time limit, start evaluating again.  Identify what type of channels has the best result, what content your readers most likely want to view and what designs are visually more appealing.  Use the successful marketing strategies.

You should also improve or replace marketing strategies that are not working and try to develop these ineffective strategies into a marketing strategy that has the result to match your goals.

A full service digital marketing agency will use all of these techniques and more for you and might just be a much better long term solution for your business rather than risk losing customers by doing all of your marketing yourself.


9 Digital Advertising Tips for Your Marketing Plan


In a 2016 survey, it was estimated that just about half of U.S. small businesses do in fact have a website.  This is without a doubt an inexcusable mistake because without a website, blog and social media presence you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities, the opportunity to brand your business successfully and a lot of marketing opportunities.  Facebook alone has more than 2 billion monthly active users and you can bet that many of these active users would be interested in buying your products or services.  But just because there are plenty of people on social media and the internet doesn’t mean that it is easy to market digitally.  All of your competitors are also marketing on the same channels and it is hard to get your adverts to stand out in our modern and buzzing digital world.  If you have been battling to get people to give you a like, engage with you or to simply take note of your business then you can definitely incorporate the following 9 digital advertising tips in your marketing plan;

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The digital world is just too vast for your business to go about advertising in an unstructured and unfocussed way.  Online marketing can be expensive, especially if you don’t have a specific target audience.  It is important to identify exactly who your clients are, what they like and what type of adverts appeal most to them and to identify their patterns so your boosted posts will have the maximum effect and best value for money.  You need to start speaking your buyer’s language and you need to start engaging with your exact audience.

2. Understand The Buyer Process

What journey will your buyers have to take to get their hands on your products?  Every second counts in the digital world and that is why you have to make it as easy as possible to get prospective buyers to commit.  Create a marketing funnel so you can see where you can cut steps and simplify services.

3. Audit Your Digital Advertising Plan

Now that you know who your audience is and know what they have to do to buy your products you can start evaluating your current digital marketing plan to see whether it is effective and to identify where you can improve.

Check your website SEO strategy – More than 61% of online buyers will research your products or services on Google before committing. This means your website rankings need to be on the spot or you could lose customers to competitors.  You should check your website to ensure that it functions well on all platforms, if the design is fresh and appealing and if your website is easy to navigate and understand.

Check your social media plan – Are you using the best social media channels?  Are you consistent with sharing?  Do you share content at the right times?  Are you using the right hashtags?

4. Audit Your Current Content

To enjoy high rankings on Google you need the best and most relevant content.  It is important to constantly evaluate your current content and to see where you can improve.

  • Identify the best keywords for your business and start using these keywords in content and in headings.
  • Consider your content’s overall appeal… is it time for an upgrade?
  • Is your content fresh, relevant and interesting? It might be good to check out the most popular content for your keywords on Google AdWords so you can get good inspiration for better content.

5. Establish A Marketing Blog

Organic reach is always the best type of web traffic but with all the online filtering used on social media these days it is nearly impossible to get a new or unpopular business promoted successfully.  Establish a monthly marketing budget and start using online marketing tools like Facebook ads, Twitter ads or Google AdWords to boost your best content.

6. Integrate Your Marketing Channels

Ensure that your adverts, content, and blogs are integrated correctly on all types of platforms.  Create a suitable, uniform and great looking vibe for your content that works well on all of your platforms and not just on computers.

7. Use GEO-Fencing Technology

GEO-fencing basically involves targeting your specific audience and marketing to that specific audience.  This makes your business much more profitable and saves you a lot of money on advertising.  Find out where your audience is located, what they like, when they prefer to buy, how they prefer information and start delivering on these tastes and you can boost your sales by up to 27%.

8. Refresh And Improve Content

After your content audit it is time for a bit of improving.  You need to start creating content that your specific audience would like to read or view.  You need to start improving the quality of your content, refresh and update old content and start using modern images and multimedia so your content will look fantastic and will stand out above all of your competitors.

9. Stick To Your Marketing Schedule

One of the most important advertising tips for your marketing plan is to stick to your marketing schedule.  If you decide to do weekly blog posts and daily social media posts then stick to it because clients need to see that you are an active business that is constantly upgrading, improving and reaching out.  Frequent activity also boosts your content and website rankings a lot on Google.

While these tips are fantastic to improve your digital advertising plan they are far from everything you can do.  There are so many wonderful techniques out there that you can give a try.  Trying new marketing techniques is terrific for various reasons; It gives you an opportunity to learn something new, you might just discover a very successful marketing plan or tool and using a new marketing strategy is terrific for improving your content and for making your business seem more dedicated, interested and active.  Start off with these 9 tips and continue seeking new and fresh ideas for your marketing strategy so you can continue shining bright in the buzzing digital world.


10 Simple Experiments for Improving The SEO Health


Improving your SEO health is all about trial and error.  You try something, you wait and you check the results.  A lot of bloggers – and I do really mean a lot – will put a lot of emphasis on certain SEO techniques and will swear that these techniques are the absolute best.  But how do you know something works if you don’t test it?  How do you know to start using a different technique if you are not 100% sure of the effect of the previous technique?  No two businesses are the same which means that there is no way an SEO technique can possibly have the same promising result for your business as it had for another.  So how can these claiming SEO experts tell you that this technique will work for you if they didn’t test the effect on your business?

It is relatively easy to employ SEO techniques. Testing the success rate of these techniques is, however, a whole different story.  But it is not impossible.  Testing an SEO technique simply involves experimenting and a bit of research work.

Here are 10 simple experiments that you can try to boost the SEO health of your website;

1. Keyword Blog Title Test

Everyone is raving about the importance of keywords but do keywords work in blog titles? Here is a simple test you can do.

  • Take a blog article that doesn’t have a keyword title and measure the traffic over the last ten days.
  • Change the title and include keywords in your blog title. Repost the article, let it sit for 10 days and see what the traffic is like now.

If you want a good answer for your keyword efficiency you can do this test on a few different blogs and measure the effectiveness.

2. Keyword Content Test

Next you can do a test to establish the effectiveness of your keywords within content.  You can do this test with another blog article or even your website content.

  • Monitor the traffic of your website without keywords or a blog without keywords for about 10 days.
  • Edit the content and include keywords in your website or blog and monitor for ten days.

Again, it might be wise to do a few experiments on different articles or web pages and to monitor the effect a few times but in the end you will either be able to tell a difference – or you won’t.

3. Keyword Website Test

Here we are going to test the effectiveness of using keywords on your website.  Check your web traffic – continue doing what you normally do – and then change your meta descriptions, page info, image descriptions and more to include keywords.  Is there any difference?

4. Influencer Effect Test

Establish what you are doing right now to market your business online and check your online ranking on Google’s cached page as well as your web traffic.  Now start spending a certain amount of time every week on contacting influencers.  Is there any change?

5. Test Link Building

Link building involves guest posting on other websites and blogs with a referral link that redirects back to your website.  For this test you can establish your web traffic and start guest posting on other blogs with backlinks.  Did you see any change?

6. Test Using More Images And Multimedia

Is your blog and website mostly image free?  Well, go bold and try using more images, relevant multi media and graphs on your blog articles and website.  Remember to also incorporate your keywords in your image description.  Is there perhaps a positive change?

7. Try Using Number On Headlines

You can do this test on an older blog article as well.  Check the success of the article, switch the title, repost and see if there is any positive change.

8. Switch To Another Content Type

Are you used to focusing on a certain type of content?  Then perhaps switching to another type of content could be a great idea.  If you usually only use adverts and blog articles then try switching to infographics and videos and monitor the result.  This test is not just great for establishing the success of your SEO strategy it is also great for giving your clients something new and fresh to see.

9. Test Frequent Posting

If you only post about once a week try posting on a daily basis for about a month. Are you getting more client engagement?  Is your social media site populating?  Does your website enjoy more traffic?

10. Give A Different Type Of Blog Article A Try

Most businesses create blog articles to explain their products and services or the benefits of their products and services.  A different approach towards your blog information could be useful for boosting your website rankings.  Instead of the usual blog article why don’t you give a different article type like the following a try;

  • How to or tutorial articles that provide useful information to the reader
  • Articles that list things
  • Articles with plenty of resources or links to other sites
  • To do list articles or check list articles
  • Review articles on products relevant to your business
  • Interviews with interesting people related to your business

You can choose to view this experiment in two different ways; as hard work or as an exciting way to improve your business and to expand your marketing skills.

In the end the information you generate from these experiments will be invaluable to both you and your business.  These experiments are easy to execute, they only involve a bit of time and effort and will without a doubt provide you with good information on your current SEO health.  The experiments will also be fantastic for improving your general website and blog content and will give your clients something different and exciting to look forward to the next time they visit your blog or site.  Research always pays off and these experiments are bound to give you great SEO results without costing you much more than time.


Seeing Diminishing Returns? Here Are 7 Advanced Optimization Tactics

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It can be quite devastating to see your website traffic and conversions diminish after putting in a lot of hard work, time and effort in your marketing strategy.  But the problem doesn’t necessarily lie with your marketing content or your marketing methods.

Your website’s ranking might be to blame for the drop in interest in your business.

Every person that wants to find information, buy a product or find a service will use a search engine like Google to get ahold of the information they need.  They will type in certain keywords in the search engine and link back to websites listed on the results.  Only about 9% of internet users will check out a second page on a search engine’s results and most people don’t venture beyond the first three websites listed on the results. This means that if a client enters a certain keyword (related to your business, product or service) they will only visit your website if you are listed amongst the top three results.  And it is no easy task to get this type of high ranking.

Give These 7 Advanced Optimization Tactics A Try

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are used to boost your website’s general rank on Google so your business will be number one on the search results and be most likely to get clients.  There are over 100 SEO techniques that you can apply to boost your website rankings but these 7 advanced tactics are the easiest and most effective;

1. Do An SEO Audit On Your Website

You cannot expect to get an accurate prescription of medication for a disease if you don’t have a doctor to identify exactly what is wrong with you.  The same principle applies to your website.  How can you fix a problem if you don’t know where the problem is?  The best thing you can do for your website is to do an SEO audit on your site so you can identify problem areas and learn where you can improve.  Here is a quick audit checklist that you can do right now;

  1. Does your website have SEO titles and descriptions?
  2. DO all of your pages have SEO keywords?
  3. Are you using the right keywords?
  4. Is your web URL short, sweet and relevant?
  5. Are your pages and blog posts correct complete with headings, subheadings, paragraphs and a call to action?
  6. Is your design modern and good looking?
  7. Did you use enough images and multimedia in your content and articles?
  8. Did you use keywords on images and graphics?
  9. Is there links in your content

2. Stay Ahead Of Trends

Google ranks websites with fresh, engaging and relevant content much higher.  This means that your content should be better, more interesting, more informative and more appealing than the content of your competitors.  Find out what your customers want to know, what they like to see and start using this type of content.  It might be good to check your biggest competitor’s content or to scout Google AdWords for the most popular content for your keywords so you can learn to identify what content your readers actually like.

3. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your landing page or pages are the pages that clients will immediately view when they click on a referral link on another website, blog, email, advert or banner ad.  If your landing page isn’t captivating, engaging and interesting then all of your SEO techniques will be to no avail because your client won’t commit.  Ensure that the landing page contains the content that your client most likely want to see and put some effort into your design and content so your landing page will be more captivating.

4. Your Website Needs To Function Well On All Platforms

A great variety of devices like tabs, laptops, desktops and even smartphones are used to access the internet.  Your website needs to function well on all of these platforms so users can navigate, engage, shop or read your information without a hassle.

5. Start Using Infographics & Videos

Infographics and videos are currently incredibly trendy because customers get more information much easier.  Start investing in informative infographics and videos and use these on your website.  The great thing about these types of marketing content is that it is reusable since you can also use your infographics on email, social media and even during business deals to help clients enjoy an easier shopping experience.

6. Identify And Use Keywords

Keywords are an absolute must for SEO.  It is important to identify the best keywords for your specific business or blog.  Use Google AdWords so you can find out what keywords are most relevant to your product and service and start using your keywords in all content.  Your keywords should appear in headings, inside blog articles, in advertisements, as description on social media sites, as description on images and basically anywhere else you can stuff them in.

7. Use Deep Linking

Deep linking is another terrific SEO tool that will boost your individual page rankings.  With deep linking you set up links within blogs and web pages that link back to your other web pages.  This way you are navigating clients to more of your business information, products or services and you are boosting your other pages’ rankings at the very same time.

Another important tip is to keep trying.  Trends change, marketing strategies develop and you need to constantly switch up your game so you can stay ahead of competitors.  These seven advanced optimization tactics are without a doubt the best tactics that you can try right now but they are not the only tactics that you can use by far.  It is predicted that social media post rankings will soon also affect your SEO rankings for the better and might just generate traffic to your webpage through search engine results as well.  This means that you probably should try to incorporate your SEO tactics on your website and on your social media sites as well so your business can have the best chance of getting the most clients possible.


The 10 Essential Skills Every Marketing Professional Must Have

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One of the perks of our fast developing digital world is all of the fantastic online job opportunities that are now available.  After all, who doesn’t want to work in their slippers and bunny pajamas?  There are quite a few virtual professions to consider these days but digital marketing is probably one of the most lucrative industries to consider if you really want to work on a freelance basis.

All you need to earn a great income is a computer and a good internet connection right?

Well, perhaps it isn’t quite as easy.  If it where that easy then everyone would probably be doing it. To be a successful marketing professional you need some serious digital marketing skills and it is going to take quite a while to build yourself a strong and credible reputation.

Being a successful marketer is all about your experience and the numbers that you can show. Businesses don’t care about your charming personality or your great look.  They care about two things; high conversion rates and lots of website traffic.

Here is a quick list of essential skills that you need to have before considering going into virtual marketing;

1. SEO Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills is one of the basic skills that a marketing professional simply must have to be successful.  93% of online users will use a search engine to locate the business, service or product that they are seeking for and since hardly anyone ever scrolls past the first page of a search engine’s results the competition for high rankings is still quite steep.  SEO skills involve much more than just keyword optimization.  There are over 100 different SEO techniques that you can apply to boost a website’s ranking and it is the marketing experts job to identify the top techniques, to apply them and to test their result.

2. PPE Skills

Pay Per Click (PPE) skills is also incredibly high in demand.  Everyone knows that organic leads are incredibly hard to generate and most people realize the importance of using advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to boost your business popularity and ratings.  PPE marketing also gives you great value for money if you really know what you are doing because you get great results and you can target your audience easier.

3. Social Media Management Skills

Billions of people spend a lot of time on social media on a daily basis and practically all businesses today has a social media account that they use for brand recognition, product sales, advertising, promoting and much more.  Needless to say; you really do need serious social media management skills along with other skills like the following;

  • Time management skills (You know how easy it is to lose track of time when you are having fun on Social Media)
  • Analytical skills so you can monitor and evaluate your success
  • Sales and customer service skills since you will be interacting with many online clients
  • Creativity skills because you will be responsible for advert designs
  • Organization skills since you will be dealing with a lot of different client profiles

4. Email Marketing Skills

Email marketing isn’t quite as popular as it used to be but it is still one very handy marketing tool, especially since it is so important to interact with recurring clients so you can keep their interest.  For email marketing you will also require quite a vast range of skills including creativity or design skills because you will be creating a lot of email content, data processing skills, organization skills, analytical skills and much more.

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is definitely a great job to consider since there is less competition and a high demand for mobile marketers.  The total mobile marketing estimate is about $10.46 billion. For mobile marketing you do need fantastic communication skills, great people skills and a terrific understanding of your sales products.

6. Analytical Skills

Being a marketer is about much more than just following instructions.  You need to be able to analyze the results of all of the marketing techniques you apply.  Very few marketers know how to measure the effect of their marketing techniques especially in the case of SEO marketing where there is no precise way to monitor your success.

7. Content Marketing Skills

This is a rare but critical skill.  It is hard to get people to stay interested in a business, product or service.  You need to constantly come up with new, fresh and innovative ideas, you need to engage with the public and you need to be able to create new and fresh content on a daily basis.

8. Automated Marketing Skills

Online marketing tools make it a lot easier to schedule marketing posts so they will appear at the right time, on the right pages and for the right clients.  It is however quite hard to get the same software application to cooperate with different types of sites and social networks and that is exactly why automated marketing is a skill set that all good marketing experts need, especially if they are dealing with more than one client

9. People Skills

Marketing involves a lot more interaction than you might think.  The ideal of working virtual is to sit there in your little comfort zone without having to dress up or put yourself out there to but the reality is very different.  You need people skills to get clients, to maintain your clients and especially to successfully market and manage social media accounts

10. Creativity & Design Skills

Sure, you can probably hire a professional graphic designer to do all of your ad designs, web improvements and more for you but in the end you will be spending a lot more on designing than what you are actually making.  You need good design skills to be a marketing professional because you will be responsible for creating most of the content that goes online on especially social media channels.

This is quite a handful of skills that you probably never even thought of when you considered becoming a digital marketer right?  Well, the good news is that these skills, like all other skills, can be learned. You simply have to have a keen interest in marketing, stay ahead of all the latest marketing trends and changes and start developing these skills by taking some online classes.  The hardest part about becoming a marketing professional will be to gain experience and to make your mark out there in an already buzzing digital world that is stuffed with online workers.