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8 Tips on How To Grow Your Customer Base with Local Marketing

Local OptimizationBusinesses are seeing exponential results in Local Marketing.

Local marketing is key for any SMB, Enterprise level business or Multi-unit Franchise. As more and more of us turn to location based services to rely on directions and local reviews, it is imperative to align your brand and core message with a consistent and non-varied set of information. A successful Local Optimization campaign relies on absolute consistency and expertise in technology. Make sure you do it right the first time, or hire a firm like Increase Visibility to manage your local campaign with the professional results you expect from the nation’s premier Digital Marketing Agency.

1. Keep it Consistent
Consistency is important so the search engines can recognize your business accurately. Do you want to help the search engines, or confuse them? Obviously you want to help them, so you will want to review your core message and make sure every single detail, in every single listing, is the exact same. A minor detail such as Suite 100 vs. Ste 100 can make a huge difference. Google can, and many times will, recognize this as a different address. Don’t squander your opportunities with inconsistency.

2. Google Places
Create your Google Places listing. Wait at least a week after your listings have been fully completed, and then submit to Google Places. The reason for this is so Google has time to scrape all of the other
listings, thus giving it more authority right off the bat.

3. Build those Links
Include link building in your local search marketing optimization strategy. Use geo-specific keywords for the anchor text. It is best to acquire these links from other local businesses in the area, websites optimized with the same geo-specific location, or niche directories. Guest blog posting, creating social links, and placing content on article sites are useful tactics as well.

4. Optimize your Site
Optimize your site with geo-specific keywords. It is important to do this at the same time you begin your link building campaign. Be sure to have your address listed on every page, with a local phone number included.

5. Create Geo-specific Pages
Create location pages on site for multiple locations. If you have multiple locations, consider creating individual optimized pages on your website for each location. Not only does it help your customers find out information on the location closest to them, but it also clearly indicates to the search engines that you have multiple locations. Please note that you will want to create separate directory listings for each location as well.

6. Get Blogging
Use geo-specific keywords in your blog posts. If you’re not blogging yet, you should be. Blog posts containing your geo-specific anchor texts, or about your different locations in general can help boosts your rankings. Consider linking to your Google places listing as well. Be sure not to overdo this though, and only include it when it seems natural.

7. Be Social
Create a local business page on Facebook for each of your locations. But don’t just set it up and expect it to grow. Start by adding the Facebook button to your site and in your email signature to drive your website visitors to it. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to like your page to give it that initial boost. If you have the budget, consider adding local fans utilizing Facebook’s advertising pay per click or pay per impression options. There are endless ways to promote your local business, but we’ll save that for another blog post.

8. Encourage Feedback
Last but not least, customer reviews are a very important part of your strategy. Ever notice how your biggest competitors who are ranking well in Google Places have tons of reviews from customers? Reviews play a huge role in impacting search engine rankings, so you should encourage feedback from anyone you’ve felt has had a good experience. If by chance your business gets a negative review, be sure to address it professionally and in a way that’s going to convince that customer want to come back and give you a second try.

Let’s keep the list going. What suggestions do you have to increase visibility of a local business?

Linked OC and Increase Visibility Present THE BIG IDEA


Another great event is coming to the OC next Wednesday, July 25 at 6:30. “The Big Idea”  presented by Linked Orange County will be at the Incipio Brand Headquarters, 6001 Oak Caynon in Irvine. With an extensive panel of experts speaking, we’re expecting this event to top of the line, one you won’t want to miss. This is an opportunity to network with some great people and get solutions to those big business challenges. Below is a list of speakers that will be there, including our COO Mike Svetlic.

Click on a name below to check out their background on LinkedIn.

Mike Svetlic

Greg Szabo

Andy Fathollahi

Bob Witter

Patrick Rue 

Vic Memenas

Stephanie Chaparro

Dane Sanders

Neil Horowitz 

Ash Kumra