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Countdown of 2013 Digital Marketing Resolutions

Happy New Year, from all of our digital marketing specialists at Increase Visibility! We’ve been doing a lot of forecasting over here on the top trends and tactics that businesses should implement in 2013. 2013 is sure to be more digital than 2012 so leave it to the experts for advice on your business’ digital marketing resolutions. Here is a countdown to the top-ten resolutions you should make for your business in 2013.

10. Evaluate your 2012 Social-Media initiative and reconstruct a 2013 one.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, social media is everywhere and pretty much everyone is on it. There are also several new medium that are reaching the forefront with users and conversations. Instagram, for example,  gained one new user every second in 2012 and one billion photos have been taken with the app. Most businesses wouldn’t give the app a second thought in October of 2010 with a mere .01 million participants. However, two years have brought over 40 million to download to app on their mobile device. Medias like this one have transformed the way people share experienced with one another. Be sure to re-evaluate your core audience and the best social-medias to reach them and implement a new 2013 social strategy for your business.

9. Hop on the mobile marketing with your business.

People are on their cellular devices constantly, which is causing everything to move to mobile. Social media and geographical search are just a few of the many uses for which people are utilizing their smart phones. 2013 is sure to bring a rise in HTML5 and Hybrid Apps by businesses. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust! Not to mention mobile coupons, but make sure that you jump on that marketing tactic as well. 70 million coupons are redeemed each Sunday – that’s a big pool for your business to dip its toes into.

8. Take advantage of a local SEO opportunity.

Geotargeting isn’t anything new, but few have mastered the art. 2013 will give marketers the ability to to push special offers to customers that drive by their stores. Marketers will also be using the platforms to build nurturing and meaningful relationships by encouraging in-store check-ins  or friendly competition amongst friends using a points-based rewards system according to FunMobility in an article here.

7. Just say “no” to useless content.

Instead of posting thin content across as many web portals as possible, focus on writing one great article a week and promoting the article versus higher quantity articles and promotions that sacrifice quality. Look at your niche group. Find high-authority sites and ask to do a guest post there, then promote it like crazy and hope it goes well. It may just turn into a series or a regular contribution. People go to certain sites because they are reputable. Jump on that bandwagon. Consumers are smarter and more internet savvy than ever before. Treat them that way.

6. Electronic Signatures are a must have.

Electronic signatures will go from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have.’ More and more companies are signing electronically to accelerate speed to results, reduce costs, and delight their customers and clients with an easy, convenient, and secure way of doing business.

5. Pay attention to how social media will morph to social searching.

Google+ is not exactly what everyone thought it would be, but you still need to be on it! Participation on this media is important for search engine optimization on the most successful search engine, Google. Social networking is looking to morph into social searching as more and more social medium create enhanced search options.

4. Use social media to find potential employees.

The graduating class of 2013 is one of the most peer and tech aware in the working world. Many are choosing employers based on the company’s demonstrated commitment to social-media engagement with customers and employees. This rate should pick up even more in the class of 2015, so don’t try to wait out this phase! Stay up to date on social channels as it may help you to get the most savvy employees.

3. Social Media will more-readily show ROI, start demanding it.

Key performance metrics are sure to be more important in 2013. It will put Social Media ROI to the test and everyone wants to know how social media is helping to contribute to the company’s bottom line. Be sure to visit a monitoring website monthly and see how you can show your employer how the social-media initiatives are paying off.

2. Brands will become thought leaders, jump on that bandwagon and be a voice in your industry.

Businesses are recognizing that posting regular high-quality information on their blog is more likely to be shared and read. In addition, it helps with search engine optimization and reaching a core audience easier. It allows companies to start and continue conversations with an audience and customers who engage with a brand are much more likely to recommend the brand.












1. Here is the big one. Customize!

Know your brand. Don’t focus on what the competition is doing. Find what competitive advantage your business has and look at the digital marketing possibilities. If there is nothing visual about your company, you probably don’t need a Pinterest or Instagram presence. If you mostly do business-to-business deals, individuals on Facebook probably aren’t your primary focus. But perhaps, thought leaders and business owners on Twitter are. If you’re a small business, redirect your efforts toward local optimization instead of a global one. If you have questions or need advice on the best efforts to expand your business’ digital presence, be sure to contact us for quality and customized services for your brand.


Natalie Hamlin, Digital Media/PR Specialist


Increase Reviews Productivity with Targus Versavu iPad2 Keyboard and Case

This is a product review from Increase Visibility for Targus Versavu Keyboard and Case for Apple iPad 2, Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, THZ084US (Black/Gray).

Overall a fantastic option for a case and keyboard combination. Looks cool, very functional and great for work on-the-go. Also includes a sleeve to store a pen in the binder for the paper traditionalists.

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Mobile Ad Spending Surpases 2011 Expectations

Marketers constantly want to know, “What’s next?”

Answer: Mobile Advertising

US Mobile Ad Spend originally projected US mobile ad spend for 2011 to be over 1 billion dollars for the first time. The most recent results show 2011 US Mobile Ad spending exceeded those expectations at $1.45 billion dollars. Three giants competing in this field are Google’s AdMob, Apple’s iAd and Millennial Media. With an 89% growth from 2010, eMarketer estimates the industry to continue to grow just as fast in 2012.

ad spend share by medium“eMarketer forms its forecast for mobile advertising spending through a meta-analysis of estimates from research firms that track mobile ad spending and impressions, reported data from major mobile advertising publishers, and other sources. eMarketer also conducts interviews with executives at agencies, brands and mobile advertising publishers who provide perspective on the development of the mobile advertising business as a whole, as well as the revenues for individual companies.

Google’s mobile ad share is estimated to be 52% or approximately $750 million in 2011…As online advertising continues to grow, where do you plan to invest?

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