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6 Affordable SEO Strategies for Your New Start Up Business


Do you need to promote your business online?

For that, you need to place your products and services at a higher place in the Search Engine ranking. In other words, your product should be seen among the first few pages of the search results. But, without SEO, you’d fail at it. So, it’s SEO that increases your business visibility and attracts a wider audience to buy your products. And it creates a better ROI than radio, TV and print ads do. So, SEO plays a viable role in online marketing.

What does the phrase ‘affordable SEO’ really mean?

Well, affordability differs from person to person. It depends on the annual income you get from your business. Anyway, affordable SEO should go with your budget. And they should have the expected quality as well. That means, worthless SEO bought for a low price won’t do any good to you. That’s not affordability. And on the contrary, high quality, expensive SEO are also far beyond this concept. However, every business dealer hopes to make use of affordable SEO to boost the sales. So, every one of them needs to have a good knowledge of how to find SEO strategies which are both cheap and effective.

Anyway, affordable SEO is not something far away. It’s just next to you. Try to keep out your traditional thinking. Then, you’d be able to shape SEO strategies to make advertising more economical.

These are several suggestions for affordable SEO strategies. You can try them and find how useful they would be to scale your online marketing.

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Use Social Media Websites

Using social media is a common, affordable SEO strategy. Launching your ad campaigns in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a cheaper way. It’s one of the best ways to connect with your clients. You would get their comments and suggestions about your brands directly. It’s effective, because clients do not hesitate to extend their genuine remarks about your products. And marketers in turn, can see the reality of online marketing by reviewing the social media posts made by clients.

Create A Website Of Your Own And Write Your Business Blog

A user-friendly web site provides you an affordable platform to publish your ads. It’s a fine SEO strategy you can use in your business. At a later stage, you can launch some off page techniques such as forum posting and link building.

Maintaining a business blog saves your money, easy to do and practical. It’s an effective  way to promote your business. Since you are the owner of your industry, write the business blog all by yourself. When writing, you can try free keyword ranking tools that you can find online. Select the perfect keywords and write compelling content that attracts more buyers.

Also, sharing your blog posts in social media websites such as Facebook would be even more effective in making your products popular among your online customers. Further, you can make your blog more informative by linking the home page of your site with other important pages. Anyway, using a business blog to popularize your products is one of the most economical things one can do.

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Keep An Eye On SEO Trends And Google Ranking

From time to time Google makes changes to keep up with its quality of searches. You must be aware of them all. For that, you need to read blogs based on SEO such as Moz. You must know whether these changes made by Google affect your business.

Contact Websites That Provides SEO For Free

There are websites that provides SEO free of charge. Copywriter Today is such a web site. Google Trends is another digital marketing tool that helps you find the best SEO free of charge. You can get the required keywords for your blogs by using one of these sites to make this process affordable.

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Select An Affordable SEO Providing Service

Does your company aim at appearing in the first page of Google? And you need to save your money too.

If so, read on. Just a few clicks ahead you’d get a large number of affordable SEO services at your fingertips. SEO services like Rank Pay bill after the expected results are achieved by the buyer. That means, they bill you only if your company web site or your products have achieved a higher rank in SEO. Get the help of such a reliable service to find the best SEO for your business.

Look For The Proper Keywords

Looking for the proper keywords is also an affordable SEO strategy. But, mind you! Don’t use the name of your company as a keyword. The best keywords show your products to a greater number of clients and scale your sales.

However, if there’s a will there’s a way. So, try on. Don’t lose hope. You’ll be reaping the benefits of fine, economical SEO strategies that help you boost the sales.


8 Ways In Which Your Website’s Design Can Affect Business


When you are trying to create a great digital image for your business there is a lot of upkeep and maintenance to do.  Social media and blogging can take up a lot of time and money and can even distract you from one of the most critical business aspects of your digital appearance; your website.  A lot of business owners underestimate the power of a professional and superior functioning website because they rely on other marketing channels like social media for exposure.  While social media and blogs are superb for luring customers to your website these marketing options is not what inspires the customer to commit to purchasing.  With millions of companies available online you have a lot of competitors just a few clicks away and your website is the exact thing that is going to keep visitors from leaving your online shop to find an easier and better solution to get their hands on the product they need.  Here are 8 ways in which your website design can affect business;

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1. Easy Navigation Is Important

Potential customers have no patience with the internet.  If they find it hard to get the information they need when they can quickly give up on their search entirely.  Your website should be easy to navigate and it should be organized.  Too many adverts and popups can result in confusion and be using the wrong navigation labels can be disastrous if your client cannot find what he or she is looking for.

2. Visual Graphics Should Be Uniform

There is a huge difference between a graphic designer and a web designer and the conflicting service delivery of these different entities often results in business graphics being mismatched.  The graphics like a logo, adverts and more should match the design of your brochures, business cards and more in order to prevent confusion.

3. A User-Friendly Look

Your website should have an overall appealing look but shouldn’t be stuffed with graphics and information.  Too much information will result in information being missed and can annoy customers.  Use a simple, easy to understand layout for your website.

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4. The Website Should Target Your Audience

The look of your website will immediately give the customer the impression on whether the product is suited for them or not and can result in many customers leaving when they find your site inappropriate or unappealing.  The design of your site should match your target audience.  For example; a girl’s toy shop will focus on unicorns and princesses while a tattoo parlor will have a much more gothic appeal.

5. Generate Customer Trust

The biggest fear an online customer has is to be cheated out of their money and business owners should keep in mind that there are plenty of scamming sites out there.  To help generate trust in your customer you need to have a website that looks secure and professional. Spam and popup adverts for other companies can give the impression that your business isn’t secure.

6. Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is critical because this is exactly what is going to inspire the customer to use your particular company again.  If your site isn’t effectively branded the customer can easily forget about your company and can end up using a competitor the next time they want to order a particular product.

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7. Promote Long-Term Relationships

A good website that offers superb online assistance and good service delivery will result in a gained business value.  With greater value added to your particular company customers will be much more likely to use your particular service again…and again…and again.

8. Your Website Also Serves A Sales And Marketing Purpose

A website that is targeted driven, easy to navigate and that has the right promotional approach is great for marketing.  A customer can for example spot something else they would like to buy from your site.  Another way to use your website for marketing is by including useful information and tips from which a customer can also benefit.  This information can include tutorial videos or supplementary information that matches your customer’s general interests so they will return to your website for much more than just physical products.

When you consider all of these different ways in which your website design can affect customer interest it becomes transparent that your design can without a doubt affect sales.  Getting a professional and fully functional website is incredibly easy because expert designers can handle all of these challenging aspects for you in the wink of an eye.


Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Start-Up Business


The first six months of your business is the most challenging because the public doesn’t know your product or service yet, your social reach is very limited and you have to battle all types of odds to get your product out there.  It is critical to get a good marketing strategy for your start-up business so you can get the world to take note of your products and to spread your brand as wide as possible in as little time as possible.  Here are a few digital marketing strategies to help boost your startup business for maximum result in limited time


Product Before Marketing

Time is everything in the digital business world.  In fact, the delivery time of your product is so important that it even outmatches product quality which basically means your product doesn’t have to be 100% perfect before it is shipped.  But what it also means is that your product should be ready before you start marketing.  Slow product distribution or empty promises will without a doubt affect your brand and can even shatter your business before you even start.

Be Careful With Social Media

Effective social media marketing is a lot harder than it looks.  It is a huge time commitment and you need pretty good writing and communication skills to effectively engage with your audience.  The wrong type of posts, comments, and content can cause terrible damage to your business image and maintaining your social accounts should never interfere with product and service delivery.  If you don’t have the time to commit to frequent social media management then hiring a professional might be a great idea.

Adding A Blog Is A Must

Blogs give you two huge advantages on your website.  The first advantage is the opportunity to frequently supply your audience with new and fresh content.  The second advantage is that the content you share can boost your website popularity and ratings by implementing the right phrases and keywords within the blog articles and topics so your product will be easier to find.  Writing blog articles is however not the easiest of tasks but luckily you can find plenty of wonderful and skilled freelancers or marketing services to write your blog articles for you.


Stick To The KISS Principle (Keep-It-Simple-Stupid)

Don’t go too deep into your digital marketing.  The digital world is incredibly fast and you don’t have the time to ponder on the same topic for hours.  With that said; posts should also be target driven to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.  Keep marketing simple, short, sweet and easy and focus on call to actions and keywords instead of extravagant explanations.

Experiment, Analyze And Repeat

It is hard to figure out what content is effective and what doesn’t work as well and the only way to do this is through trial and error.  Experiment with content and marketing channels analyze the effects or engagement you receive on content and repeat these steps until you find a system that works for you and your product.


Choose The Right Tools For Trade

There are quite a few digital marketing channels to use for your marketing.  Email, social media, websites, blogs and guest posting are just a few of your options and it can be hard to figure out which ones to commit to.  Identifying the right target audience can help you establish the right trading tools.  For example; B2B business mostly uses Twitter and LinkedIn to connect to other businesses for services where engaging the public is much more effective on Facebook.

Learn To Prioritize

There just isn’t enough time to get to everything in your company.  For example; spending too much time on digital marketing can affect product development and customer service.  It is important to prioritize what is really important so you won’t lose customers or miss out on important deals.

Tackle Big Problems With Small Steps

It is easier to overcome huge obstacles by taking small steps than to try to force a problem resolution.  Let’s say you want to boost brand awareness by 50%. It just isn’t going to happen in one single night or with one single commitment. Take small steps by integrating your brand on all digital channels and give yourself enough time to complete these small steps.

Even The Smallest Company – Is A Brand

A lot of small businesses undervalue brand awareness.  Your tiny business is a brand and you need to do as much brand awareness as possible in order to reach the potential customer or to get the public to take note of your product and service.

There are plenty of other wonderful methods to boost your startup business but these few tips are a great start and good tips for developing a superb startup marketing strategy.