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Yesterday’s Top 3: Curating Content, Video for Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing Mistakes

Here is today’s episode of Yesterday’s Top 3 with Mike and Taylor! Increase Visibility discovers and filters the best internet marketing and digital media articles from yesterday and uploads a daily video for easier consumption.

1. Curation-ism

When coming up with a content marketing strartegy for your companies social media campaigns, it is not going to hurt your company to curate content from other mediums such as blogs, news sources and video. In fact, curtating content can ultimately help build your brand. Curating quality content shows the realiablity of your company and showcase it as a trusted source for industry news.

2. Video Best for Content Marketing

We here at Increase know very well how much video can effect a marketing campaign for your company. According to a study done my eMrketer, video is one of the fastest growing marketing  ad platforms for many companies in the US, making up almost 87% of online content created by ad and marketing firms. There are two types of videos out there: personal or informative like our YT3s and post production marketing videos, both have great affects to you inbound marketing strategy.

3. 7 Inbound Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to imbound marketing, all of the things that we once thought was appropriate has changed. This article from the Hubspot blog gives us the 7 examples of inbound marketing aspects that companies tend to screw up. This includes writing customer testimonials that are legitimate. Hubspot suggests embedding tweets into your website so customers can see what clients are really saying. Make sure to watch yesterdays episode of YT3 for more on embeddable tweets.