How is Bing Different from Google?

This year Microsoft launched Bing, a search engine that as far as anyone can see, was designed to compete with Google. Don’t let a California SEO service or anyone else scare you into thinking that you need to give them a lot of money so that they can show you the secret formula to “crack the code” to success with Bing or any other particular search engine.

Bing does not use the same algorithms that Google does, and some experts think that Bing does not deliver the same kind of results that Google does. Since it is still very new, only time will tell how Bing will change the landscape of California SEO.

Here are some of the differences that internet users will experience with Bing:

  • Bing will eliminate a number of duplicate results. The likely consequence of this is that pages that have lower rank will be shown in some categories.
  • When someone does a keyword search, results are shown as they are associated with general keywords. If your website has certain keyword combinations, your site will show up higher in the results. The likely consequence of this is that sites with good, quality content will do better in Bing searches.
  • Bing seems to favor results for general terms and shows more results per page.
    If this remains true, then your chances of showing up at the top of Bing or Google or any other search engine will not be altered dramatically as long as you are keeping your website updated, using useful links and keeping up with relevant keywords.

Bing is different from SEO’s biggest player, Google, but there is no need for worry. Sound SEO practices carry over to all search engines because these practices keep internet users and search engines interested. For example, if Bing’s algorithms highlight the need for fresh, quality content. A website would need this to stay competitive no matter what.

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