How To Get More Search Traffic To Your Blog – 10 Strategies

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It is important to get good blog traffic for various reasons.  With more blog traffic you promote brand recognition, you boost your overall product or service popularity, you boost your rankings and your blog is the golden lead that links back to your website which leads to sales.  But getting lots of blog traffic is easier said than done.  To boost your blog traffic you will have to invest some cash, a lot of hard work and a lot of time but in the end it will definitely be worth every penny you spend, every bit of research work you do and every moment you spend on developing your blog and content.

There is one incredibly important thing to remember about blog traffic; You get more than one kind of blog traffic namely organic traffic and paid traffic.

You get paid traffic by paying for advertisements, boosted posts, boosted shares and much more.  The best sources for paid traffic include the following;

  • Facebook advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Banner ads
  • Twitter ads

While paid traffic is absolutely fantastic to give your blog traffic a boost when you are starting out it is organic traffic that you need to be focusing on.

Organic traffic is blog visits you get naturally.  There can be several sources for organic traffic including the following;

  • Search traffic from browsers like Google
  • Referral traffic when someone clicks on a link on another website or blog that redirects them back to your site
  • Direct traffic when someone clicks on a URL that you included on your advertisements or in your emails

10 Strategies To Get More Search Traffic To Your Blog

Search traffic is generated when a visitor searches certain keywords in Google and then clicks on the link so they can access your blog. It is critical for your blog posts to reflect on Google’s first page since 91% of internet users don’t go to Google’s second page.  In fact, most people don’t check beyond the first three results on Google which mean that your blog needs to have a great ranking.   Luckily you only need two things to be ranked number 1 in Google;

  • You need the best content
  • You need the most relevant content

Here are the top 10 strategies to boost your online ranking and get the highest search traffic possible;

1. Use Pillar Articles

A lot of bloggers will stuff their pages with content just to make their pages seem busy.  This is a complete waste of time.  It is much better to have one pillar article that covers everything in that specific topic rather than ten other articles.  Take your time when creating blog articles and ensure that your content is great, relevant, interesting and useful.

2. Refresh Your Old Blogs And Information

Google loves new and fresh content and will rank you much higher if your content is always up to date and new.  Scan through old blogs and see where you can improve your content.  You can edit the content, add more information, add more images or graphics and incorporate more relevant keywords in your article.  When you publish your old article to a new date you won’t lose any of your previous client reaction, shares or comments.

3. Crosslink Between Articles

Blogs can sometimes be hard to navigate when there is a lot of content.  When you crosslink other relevant articles on your blog to your new blogs, clients can navigate easier, you will capture their attention for longer and you will get more action on your blog.

4. Boost Your New Posts

Spending a bit of cash is inevitable if you want good success. Boost all your new or refreshed posts by using successful tools like Facebook Ads and especially Google AdWords since you want to generate more search traffic.

5. Use The Right Keywords

When someone searches Google for information they will enter certain keywords and search based on those keywords.  You need to identify what these top used keywords are for your specific product or service and you need to start using these keywords in post headings and within your blogs.  This will boost the likelihood of getting links to your blog. LSI Keyword Generator is a terrific online tool that you can check out to find the most popular keywords for your specific business or blog.

6. Look For Content With High Rankings For Your Keywords

If you check out Google AdWords you will find their keyword planner tool.  This tool can be used to find popular content for the specific keywords you are planning on using.  The most popular content will give you a terrific idea of what clients want to read so you can create engaging, relevant and interesting content that is most likely to attract attention.

7. Be Consistent

It is important to regularly update your blog as well as social media accounts because this is the only way to keep your readers interested and will make your business or blog seem active and buzzing.

8. Use Better And More Images Or Multimedia

People are visually stimulated.  When you include better images in your posts everyone will like the content much more.  Add relevant multimedia like graphs and more to your blogs and you will also make the information much easier to process.  Images are also terrific for boosting search traffic since many internet users will use Google’s images section to find what they are looking for.

9. Blog A Lot

A lot of blog activity is always good for your business or blog.  This shows client’s good activity on your blog and Google loves the constant flow of new and fresh content for example generated by content specialists like the viral content lab.

10. Refresh Strategies Frequently

It is also important to frequently consider the success of your strategies.  If a certain strategy isn’t working for you or doesn’t have good success then you should look for an alternative method.

These ten strategies might not be 100% foolproof especially since marketing trends are constantly changing and improving but they are bound to give you terrific results for your blog and you are bound to see a positive change in your traffic within days.  Put these strategies up to the test and see how your business and blog grows and how your online ranking improves.