SEO vs PPC : Which Provides You The Best Value?

If you are checking the internet for some advice or tips to improve your online marketing strategy then you will probably find plenty of articles boasting that SEO is the best way to get more traffic and also plenty of articles that say PPC is the best way to get more traffic.  This can be confusing.  Does it mean that both of these online tools are good for improving your web traffic? Is one perhaps better than the other?  Well, perhaps this article will shed some light on your present situation and help you determine which solution will give you the most monthly visitors to your website and in the end; the most sales.

Understand The Main Goal

When an internet user is looking for information online, he or she will enter certain keywords into a search engine and will then redirect back to different websites listed on the results. The main goal of SEO and PPE marketing tools is to get listed under the top three of a search engine’s results because very few online users venture beyond this point.  Google is the most popular search engine by far and most businesses invest quite a lot of money, time and effort to be number one on Google’s search engine results because it improves their traffic and boosts the likelihood of getting sales.

What Exactly Is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategy that marketers use to optimize a website, a website’s ranking and their organic reach.  There are over 100 different techniques that you or an SEO expert can use to boost your SEO ratings.  Some of the methods include the following strategies;

  • Keyword analysis and usage
  • Backlinks on other websites and blogs
  • Optimization for mobile searching and browsing
  • Internal link building
  • Optimization for voice search
  • Guest posting
  • Website design improvement
  • Website navigation improvement

What Exactly Is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) involves paying for advertising space on other websites and bidding on certain keywords on search engines so your website will be listed higher on the results.  Google AdWords is one of the most popular and commonly used PPE service providers.

What Is The Difference?

There are quite a few differences between SEO and PPC and you need to understand these differences when you choose the right option at the right stage to get optimized results for your business.

Difference In GEO position – SEO involves boosting your website, visibility, popularity and brand naturally by getting plenty of widespread coverage on different websites, blogs, social media sites and more.  PPE is much more targeted since you have budget limitations.  When someone searches a keyword on a search engine a website with good SEO rankings will appear high despite the location where your PPE ranking might be limited to certain geographical areas and might not even show up in a different place.

Difference In Result – SEO takes a while to build (at least three months) but often has much longer lasting result.  PPE is quick which is especially useful for a new startup business.

Difference In Overview – SEO rated websites are often higher rated or more valued much more by the public because they generate their popularity by providing good services for a long time and by sticking to good marketing strategies for a long time.  PPE sites can often be seen as cheap and unreliable since their ratings are paid for.

Difference In Price – Both can cost you a lot of money if you are using an SEO expert to improve your website rankings for you.  SEO can however be more affordable if you can do some of the work yourself and SEO has much longer lasting results.  PPE can also be great value for money because it is much easier to reach your precise target audience quickly which boosts your chances of getting instant sales.

Which One Is Best?

Both of these techniques have some pretty fantastic benefits which make it pretty hard to say that you should be avoiding one.

PPE is the best way to give a new business a head start because you can rely on immediate traffic to your site which boosts the chances of getting good sales a lot faster.  Google AdWords also offers an online training course for PPE that will help you maximize your traffic result and cut back on cost as far as possible but if digital marketing simply isn’t your cup of tea then there are plenty of virtual assistants or professional marketers that can do everything for you.

SEO is also important for your business and might even be more important than PPE since it provides a more credible vibe and longer lasting result.  SEO is also fantastic for improving your general service delivery, your general client interaction and the overall efficiency and functionality of your service delivery and website.  Proper SEO might take a lot longer to accomplish but will be a lot more rewarding in the end.  You can also consider an SEO expert to boost your website rankings faster and more efficiently.

Could The Two Be Combined For Maximum Effect?

A combination of PPE and SEO is the best thing any business can do when it comes to boosting your website rankings.  PPE is fantastic for starting up a new business because it puts you first and helps you get good traffic right from the beginning. This solution is also fantastic for businesses that are looking for a boost in traffic and especially for special occasions like celebrations, sales and much more. SEO however shouldn’t be neglected.  It is always good to build a strong website and online presence and to get as much organic reach as possible, especially since PPE can end up being a bit expensive in the long run.  By combining PPE and SEO you get a good boost for a new business and you are building a credible and sustainable marketing campaign for an ultimately secure website and a positive high ranking for a long time to come.

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