Social Media in Emergency Situations

Tornado Damage

Tornado DamageWith the tornadoes that hit the Midwest and Southern areas of the US this last week, we wanted to touch on how social media impacts communication during emergency and¬†disastrous¬†situations. Ranking online for specific emergencies or disasters can help to funnel a lot of traffic to anyone’s site or service.

Social Media is becoming increasingly important in the reporting and spreading of news when disaster hits communities. We have found 4 articles that explain how Social Media works in these situations and how it connects us to the people in the middle of it.

1. Integrating Social Media into Emergency Preparedness Efforts

This article from The New England Journal of Medicine gives some examples of how Social Media has clearly been the source of news during certain crisis situations and how the public are a big part in the response to relief efforts after an emergency situation.

2. View From The Backseat

This article from Social Media 4 Emergency Management discusses an agencies responsibility while reporting an incident or crisis as well as what our role as individuals are. It gives the right advice so as to improve failures while reporting on disasters. Quality reporting is key.

3. How We Use Social Media During Emergencies [INFOGRAPHIC]

4. FEMA Blog: Social Media and Emergency Management

Administrator Craig Fugate shares what he learned from some professionals in the Digital Media field and how it is important to keep the facts straight and providing good customer service during emergency or crisis situations.

UPDATE on 3-8-12

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