This Week In Digital: Don’t buy an SEO package, Obama vs. Romney, Optimize your Facebook contest, Lion tries to eat baby

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Don’t Buy an SEO Package

So, it might be a little weird for a digital marketing agency to tell you not to buy an SEO package, but here’s the deal. If a company is trying to sell you a “package”, then they probably cannot be trusted and might not know what they are really doing to boot. Yep, this article from Vovia online marketing shares the main reasons why SEO packages are just a waste of your time and money. The companies that are using packages that are “Only $299” are not taking the fact that your business is going to be different than everyone else’s. There is no set formula for this stuff, so make sure to check out the article.

Obama vs. Romney: The Social Showdown

Its official, Romney is the Republican candidate for this year’s presidential campaign, but there is an important point that we must talk about. His social presence compared to Obama’s. IMPORTANT STUFF! Yup, this article from Mashable compares Romney’s and Obama’s presence leading up to the months before November. Make sure to check out where each stand and maybe give your own insight into how each could do better!

How to Optimize your Facebook Contest

Looking to create a Facebook contest for your company, but don’t know how to optimize for it? Well, you are in luck my friends, because we have found an article that allows you to do just that. Yes, optimizing a Facebook contest can be tricky, but with these tips from Cygnis Media’s Social Blog, you will be ready to knock that contest out of the park! Check out the article and start planning your next big contest.

Lion Tries to Eat Baby

This week’s YouTube video involves a lion and a baby. We know this is a weird combo and it’s just as scary as it sounds. This little guy’s mom catches this lioness trying desperately to get through the glass to eat her child! Check it out, but don’t worry, she doesn’t get him…

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