This Week In Digital: The Google Episode! Google’s Unatural Link Message, Google Search with Matt Cutts, Google’s Cloud Drive

Here is this week’s episode of This Week In Digital from Increase Visibility, where we bring you the best news and articles in the digital media and marketing industries. We even have a special guest today, so check it out and thanks for watching!

The Google shot heard around the world!

Some of our viewers who are up to date on their SEO news might have heard about the terrifying message that some sites received from Google this week siteing “Unnatural Links”. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Google this week sent out “Manually applied” messages to over 1 million sites siteing them for unnatural links…what does this mean you ask? Google, after analyzing these sites with a specific algorithm, was able to detect site pages that were using techniques not found in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Whether it be bogus content thrown together or participating in link schemes to created better page rank. We have one of our very own SEO professionals with us today, Taylor Toussaint, to talk about this latest action from Google.

Google Search explained by Matt Cutts 

Who wouldn’t want to learn Google Search from the big man himself? Well, maybe tthats what Google’s head of web spam, Matt Cutts was thinking with this video. Yup, ladies and gents, Matt Cutts gives you a play by play on how google search works, from discussing what Google search will do for you by indexing, crawling and ranking. All these things might be gibberish to you, but make sure to check out the video to get your overview of Google Search from he pro.

Google’s Cloud drive 

I think you can see… this is sort of a Google day. Lots of stuff happening with google these past couple of weeks, like that’s a big shocker, but we decided to make an episode of it. Our next story talks about Google Drive, Googles newest addition that just proves it is trying o take over the world! Google Drive has the best of two worlds. Like other cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive allows you to take your offline files to an online storage space so you can access them from anywhere. However, this service allows you to have access to Google Docs.


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