Yesterday’s Top 3: Google Analytics and Social Media, Blogging and Facebook, Technology and Travel

Happy Monday everyone! It’s another edition of Infographic Monday today on Yesterday’s Top 3! Check it out! :)

1. Google Analytics and Social Media

Google analytics Blog announced that they will be releasing new social media reporting tools in the next few weeks. These reports will allow you to see the value of your social sights and social performance at a glance. These reports allow you to see last interaction vs. social assist, difference in social platforms like Facebook vs. Pinterest. You have an audience and isn’t it time to see how they are reacting to your site? Check out the rest of the article for more.

2. 10 Reasons Blogging is better than Facebook

Today’s first infographic might be a little controversial based on where you stand with Facebook. Here at IV we are big fans of using Facebook but how can business blogging be more beneficial than just a Facebook and social media strategy?This infographic gives you the 10 best reasons why blogging is better than Facebook.  Wordview gives a hard slant on Facebook’s position, great infographic but they need to get over the fact that social is here to stay and also very valuable to those whom utilize strategy on the platform. Your blog should be a hub for all your digital channels but never a standalone solution.

3. Technology and Travel

T: Our last infographic is on how social media is affecting the way we travel. With spring vacations upon us, we thought it would be a fitting thing to discuss. These big travel websites can drive a lot of traffic but at what cost to your brand. Social media allows companies to directly communicate with their demographic. Maximize your marketing budget by giving away your product or service instead of paying with cold hard cash.

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